Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Checklist: Tool For Your Use

Ah ... March 14th: a beautiful Saturday, ... I hope!


Today, I'm offering you this little tool for scheduling and organizing your doctor visits ... and your families doctor visits.

You can pick this up on my website, as well. You'll find a blank there ... if you wish to use another deco. And lots of decos to choose from to insert.

You know that how often you need this information. I get "brain strain" every time I have to come up with all this information at a new doctor's visit.

And remembering what I want to cover at each visit is hard. I am easily thrown off track at times, usually at the doctors, so this little tool has made it much easier for me. I do well with some meds, and not too well with others. And now, I have a handy tracking tool to help me remember. Turn the card over, which is just a blank white side, and scrible anything you wish to remember from the visit. Add new meds there, and how they affected you ... and your treatment.

Store them in an organizer box. Put tabs on them for easy reference. Find what you're looking for in a flash this way. How easy!

And this little item was supposed to posted in February. I am ashamed to say I didn't get around to it. Shame, shame.

I just love that flower. So delicate and almost porcelain-looking to me.

I just had to make a little logo design out of it.

As always, there's lots to choose from at my website.

Many of the items are to take ... and add additional things to them to make them your own, or just use them as scapbooking accessories. A very pretty way to accessorize your creations -- and FUN!

On my contact page, you can fill in a small ... I do mean small ... form, and be redirected to a "thank you page" full of exciting new graphics. This was updated on 3/14, and the page is really, really full. Absolutely NO WAITING to grab them. I've tested it, and it's working well. Run over and grab your items today. Most of the items that are posted here are NOT used elsewhere, although occasionally one of two might be.

Have a terrific day. And I'll see you back here very soon.


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