Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day And Free Graphics

Good morning to you all!

Today is a holiday for many, and not a holiday for many, many! If you're lucky enough to be off today, and looking for free graphics ... let me direct you to a good place to pick some up.

The picture this morning is a sampling of today's offerings. There are more there. Just run over and check them out. Pick out the ones you like ... or pick them all up.

Build a collection of accessories. That's what I like to make: accessories.

On some pages are cartoon characters ... and more.

If you've been following this blog, I'll update you on my current status since my accident.

I finally found a family doctor. She's basically treating my back and my neck. As you may have remembered, I fell ... flat on my face ... back in June of 08 (6/10, to be exact). I still have injuries from that accident, but am tied in up "red tape" trying to get that fixed.

I had no back or neck injuries prior to this accident. I've just completed 8 physical therapy sessions for my lower back, and am now on maintenance.

Unfortunately, my lower back went out again on last Thurs. I saw another doctor that my family doctor sent me to for possible surgery ... and luckily, I won't be needing that. But while I undressed for the exam, my back went out even more. It definitely felt like a pinched nerve, and it was excruiating. Through tears, I got through my exam, and left the office. It was a tear-filled ride home.

I took some meds for pain when I got home, and went to bed. I took meds the following day. While it is no longer excruiating pain, my back is very tender and fragile. I am hoping that it does not go out again. (It has gone out a total of 5 times now.)

Needless to say, I am taking every day one by one. This has been costly to me in many ways.

I hope you have your health ... because when you don't, everything becomes a road mine.

My art is still one way for me escape my afflictions right now. So, I hope you'll use what you like from my collections.

You can find them at:

Take care. And I pray you or those you love ... never fall through the cracks of medical help.


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