Saturday, March 31, 2007

I love Saturdays

Saturday's are a great time to play in my psp. I absolutely love it.

This gif here was easy and thrown together quickly.

With PSP and Animation Shop, it's very easy to turn any creation you make into an animation.

This gif is only 3 frames.

I've made gifs that have many, many more frames.

Sometimes they are very complicated.

When I really want a challenge, I will place 2 or 3 animations within one. The timing has to be just right to get it to do what I want, but it's a great learning process when I get the exact results I want.

These creations below were all made from the first pink creation. The first one is 2 layers. The flower is on the background. The one to the right was changed slightly and swirled.

The third, lower left was made from the one above it, while the 4th, lower right was made from the one just above it. I just love how flexible the program is.

If you're mind's eye can see what you want, I think you can create it. Sometimes, it just happens by chance!

Now what can you do with these? They make great accents for other creations you're making. They make great accents for stationary, cards, or envelopes. There's just no end to their uses.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow!

Partial try at Animae

This started out to be animae. Big dark eyes are one of the features of it, usually making the eyes almost black.

You often also see two eye hi-lights, one larger, one smaller.

I used shading to create the nose, and followed it up with 2 black dots that I blurred slightly.

I put a hi-light on the tip of her nose.

I decided not to add shine to her hair, but left it totally flat black.

This could be a young girl in high school.

Being Saturday, I thought I'd do another post.

I just have so much fun doing different creations, so I'll do a double post today.

See you in a moment.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Peasant Girl

This peasant girl is a creation using vectors.

When I start a project, I don't always know exactly what I'm going to come up with. But any project helps you learn new things.

Creating is just fun.

Have a happy Friday, wherever you may be, and ... I'll see you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wild Experimentation

This was a wild experiment with hair.

I find hair to be the most challenging part of my people creations.

Noses probably are second.

Some of more more recent tubes/drawings using an art program show improvement.

I've learned it's easier to just use shading for the nose, and hair is broken down more into individual layers while working.

I will do the face first. Then the hair behind the head, working my way to the hair in front and on the sides.

Everything we take up is about practice.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alexa Doing Yoga

This is another vector creation

Also an experiment with a whole-body creation.

I call her Alexa doing yoga.

I didn't do a lot of detail on her. And I'm constantly playing around with different ways to do hair.

She took awhile also, but I enjoyed the process anyway.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This was fun!

This girl was made using vectors. It took me a fair amount of time to do.

She was not my first try. With each try, it got easier.

Vectors are hard when you first try them, but there are some marvelous tutorials online.

Since I use version 9 of PSP, I concentrated on tutorials that had tutorials for it initially. I found it too hard to try to figure out how my version operated as opposed to vs. 7 or 8.

Since version 9 was a bigger change, trying to follow the tutorials for 7 and 8 were not always do-able. After playing around with tutorials for 9, I found out how my version worked. Once I understood it, I now can use other older tutorials.

After time, working in my version was fantastic. I just had to focus on what I could do in 9. Once I did that, I knew how to make it do the final result.

Sometimes, you try something, and you get a good/great result. Other times, eh! But with the un-do button, you just "back up".

Also saving often helps. I could always go back to a stage I liked, and start again.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tube Magic

I created the first tube, and then used it to make additional tubes.

That's the PSP tube magic.

The first was just some colored lines, red and black, of varying thicknesses that I kaleidoscoped. I came up with 2 that fit well together to get the first image used. So the first item is actually 2 tubes merged together.

I then removed the outside of the item and reduced it for the flower in the middle. I colored the middle and outside petals, added a stem and leaves and added a little color to the leaves. Viola! A flower.

For the third, I removed one item from my first creation to make a top border on my Thank You card. I duplicated the item 2 times and merged them together. I then duplicated and flipped that item for the other side. I created the paper, added color, borders, and reduced the flower and added a center of one color for the larger flower, and then simply duplicated the center and chose a new color. I duplicated and flipped the larger flower, shrunk it down and added the new colored center to it. Add a few lines here and there, and I have my card.

PSP is magical. It makes tubes, and tubes are the best kind of magic, in my book.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Testing, Testing

Good morning. Nothing like trying to figure out how things work.

I am trying to see how 2 pictures work in this blog.

So. This is just for fun!

Tools of the Trade

I have pencils, pens, erasers, and paper laying on my desk. I like to "doodle".

I also keep a large makeup brush in my right hand drawer for brushing off eraser crumbs.

But my favorite tool is Paint Shop Pro (PSP). Using vectors, you can create anything.

I started using version 9 about 2 years ago. When I first started, it seemed "impossible".

Over time, I experimented with all the different tools. I am amazed how easy and satisfying it is to put together what I want to draw.

Tubes are individual items of art. If you're into PSP, you know that there are many, many tubes available. Using tubes, you can compose a scene from your imagination.

PSP, version 9, also comes with Animation Shop. AS is for doing gifs, and it's also exciting.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi there!

WOW! Do I smell spring in the air? Why ... yes I do!

Check back every day to see my latest graphic. Soon, you'll be able to get me and lots of others on an old website that is being updated!

Until then, I'm grabbing my trusty pencil and paper so I'll have something new for you tomorrow!

If you like to draw, don't forget to take a daily peek!

Book mark me now so you don't lose out!

See you tomorrow! Toodles!