Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The final free graphics of March 2011-Grab them NOW

Good morning,

It is almost the end of March, and the final graphics are all up at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. At least until Friday. So grab what you want today or no later than tomorrow.

These are some of the items from each day from the 25th to the 31st.

It's been a busy weekend and week. My granddaughter is having spring break in TN with her dad, and we all miss her, as usual, when she's gone.

My weight watcher's life change is going well. I am continuing to drop the pounds. Ahhh! This is so nice -- and easy, too!

My newest granddaughter is learning new things. She loves Cheerio's now, mostly for texture, but loves it when she gets one in her mouth, too. My daughter texted me yesterday that she is experimenting with standing and clapping. Whoa! That is fantastic.

She also is playing around with going from sitting to laying, rolling over, and back up. She gets in the crawl position, but has not yet figured out what to do with this new position. She'll get it.

It's so exciting, getting these texts.

I will visit on Friday, as I usually do. I will miss seeing my oldest granddaughter this week. But, I'm sure she's having some fun times, and hopefully, she's not too homesick.

I hope you all have a good rest of the month! Remember to grab March's free graphics!

Take care.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blip, blip; Meet my BIG Blip!

One last post for today!

I realized that I published baby blip, but I didn't publish my Big Blip. Oh how I love fantasy.

You can find Big Blip in 3/13's Daily Kit.


3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png kit downloads

Free Paper Downloads -- Yeah! A broccoli recipe, too!


Two days of papers. These are very pretty, and I hope you'll find a great use for them. Each kit has 5 graphics, but there is a bonus paper in each day's download -- so enjoy!

Well ... there you have it. I am AHEAD for the week. I already have creations for additional days.

I love the creating part. I just sit down ... and do it. The hardest part is making the png kits. The psp download is fine, as it's done in layers and if opened in your graphics program ... everything is there.

Yesterday was a broccoli day for me.

Have you ever just craved something (food)? A good, low-calorie way to enjoy fresh broccoli is this. Cut flowerets from stalk, and chopped most of the stalk as well. Add enough water to cover the bottom of your pan with about 1/2 t of dried chicken bouillon. (You can use prepared also). Bring to a low boil, cover and simmer just till tender and that bright green color. Remove from heat.

Squirt some lemon juice over it ... to taste ... salt gently and pepper. Mix and eat! Oh yum! This is my favorite way to eat fresh broccoli. Give it a try! It's heavenly.

Have a great day, and check back often to see what's being put up. Remember to go grab the graphic kits from my website.

March is up all month. Come April, the March graphics go bye-bye, and new graphics are put up!

Have a great week this week. (Spring is coming!!!!)

3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png kit downloads

Shhhh! I Framed My Husband!

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, the picture is a FUZZY one. But I like it.

We were at my daughters many months ago when I snapped this picture. I took 2, but the second is even fuzzier!

I love the frame.

Just thought I'd share it!

Have a great day!

3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png graphic kit downloads

March graphics -- more!


Even though this is for 3/22, it is up now! Since I'm usually behind, I thought I'd do a reversal ... and be EARLY! Here are 3 frames offered for this day!

If you haven't visited Easy As Pie Daily Graphics yet ... here is a quick peek of the top portion of my webpage. Hurray over ... and pick up the free graphics!

This wrapped up this kit. I broke it up over three days.

And here it is again.
Special note! Do you know what color scientists believe gazing at has an effect similar to taking a mild tranquilizer???


And there is a pink flower in this kit above. Doesn't it make you feel more serene?

Have a great day!

3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png graphic kit downloads

Framing Flowers - Free Frames and Beautiful Elements

Hi there!

I just love this kit.

Recently, I've been working on my lap top, which is great, but then I have to get it to my main computer. Thank heavens for memory sticks.

Lots of decos to grab.

Off the subject of art ... but on the subject of shopping ... do you know the least busy day at the grocery store? It's Wednesday!

And speaking of least busy; there are times I need a quick meal. I'm following Weight Watchers, as I've posted previously. I've lost almost 10 pounds (and a great deal in inches); although it's been very, very slow.

A good quick, tasty treat for a fast meal:

1 tortillas wrap (I used La Banderita Flour tortillas: 3 pts; 1/4 c low-moisture, part-skim Mozzarella cheese; 2 pts, and 1 T of Picante sauce; 0 pts. For 5 points; quite a tasty meal. And if I am not full; add a salad or an apple for 0 points! Yeah!

More in a minute.

Cj 3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, free png kit downloads

Do you SCRAP? Need FREE graphics, elements, tubes? Here they are!

Just gonna post these ... so you can see what each day is like. My challenge to you is to take a partial element ... like the one featured in the above kit ... and use it in such a way as to create something absolutely new. Copy, paste, rotate ... try it all!

Get creative! Go - go -- go!

This one was so much fun to create!!! I just love the little funny faces red box!

And here's an example ... for pulling things all together! A place setting that marks where each guest sits. Grab 'em today!
More to come.

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Ah ha! More Graphics for the month of March 2011: ALL FREE to you!

Good afternoon!

Another week down, and lots of downloads at This one shows how much I love "fantasy" (hint: the rabbithead border)! Ah! Such fun.

My love for fantasty continues in Blips. This is a baby blip. And he is just so cute! Can't you find a use for him in your creations???

Using my Valentine's Day gift ... I created this set.

And here is Baby blip! Ahhhh! C'm here, baby blip!

Don't go away ... coming right back.

And if you check my website, I am currently ahead ... instead of behind. You'll find items through Thursday 3/24/10.


Cj -- free graphics, 3 new free graphics each day, psp tubes, and free png kit downloads

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a busy graphics week ... and other things! Free graphics!!!

Peek a boo!

I see you. Just more fun download graphic kits: psp tubes, 3 free graphics each day, and pngs. So much fun ... so easy to use.

Check them out.

Not caught up yet ... but bear with me ... I will get there. There's plenty of new stuff to get started on your own creating!

More tomorrow!!

3 new free graphics each day, png downloadable kits, psp tubes

Downloadable kits --- March 2011

Good afternoon!

Goodness ... I have fallen behind on my website, but am trying to get caught up. Hang in there with me. Above and below: the new kits. Go check them out!

3 new free kits a day -- psp tubes -- png graphic kit downloads

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank You, Kenney! I love it!

Good morning!

And thank you -- Kenney -- for doing this fantastic gift for me! This touched my heart more than you'll ever know!

I went to work yesterday ... and sitting on my desk was this adorable little CD clock! It sits in it's own little black frame holder and is just so elegant looking.

I knew who did it! Kenney!

Kenney is always doing something special for someone. Taking a photo and printing it out large and giving it to the appropriate person!

At work, he took one of my flower designs from my website -- many years ago, and made a CD clock that hangs on my bulletin board. I was always saying I couldn't see the clock for our room, and he fixed it for me: he made me one; using my artwork! Now ... that is thoughtful!

On Friday, he had asked me for a copy of my Empathy Fairie, and I sent it to him Sunday morning. Lo and behold ... HIS ARTISTY took my creation and turned it into the most marvelous gift. (He does gorgeous work!)

He said this clock is for my desk at home. I almost hated to bring them home as I couldn't show the gifts off to all our co-workers ... but I do love them! I had several people come to my desk so I could show them ... and stopped Mary on the way out to show her. She thought they were beautiful. (Of course they are. Kenney made them!)

Together, he and I have worked on projects for several people in our division. We make a pretty awesome team!

This picture is done very large. I estimate it to be 11 x 14, and he framed it. This picture does not do it justice ... as I took it early, early this morning and I just didn't have enough light. I had to edit it as best I could for now, but when I get better light ... I will repost it!

This is the first time, I've ever had my artwork hanging in my home. It is hanging on the wall as you come up our stairs into our living area. As my husband says, "It's the first thing you see upon entering our home." He loved it, too!

I have a little surprise for you this morning, as well, Kenney.

Thank you ... for making something for me that I will treasure all my life! I know it took time and cost ... but I appreciate your talents and thoughtfulness so much!

God bless.

Your co-conspiratory IN ART!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 1st-4th: Free Png Graphics/PSP tubes-Kit Downloads

Good morning,

We are into March! Here are the kits for the first 4 days.

This kit has 3 quick frames and plenty of room to accessorize or journal. Also lots of small borders to play with.

This kit has frames.

I like to do some unusual things, and this frame is one of those. But I like it.

I am posting more days at one time which fits my schedule a little better.

I wanted to post this morning, since it is Sunday morning, that I've reached my first goal in Weight Watchers. Actually I lost an additional pound than my goal was set for. It has been 6 weeks of slow, slow, slow loss, but I've been okay with that. And I'm watching the inches go, go, go down!

I actually love the program. I don't mind writing everything down, as it really helps keep your mind on what is going inside. Even my hands look longer, thinner, and taper nicely. I never realized how pretty they are.

Am I happy? Oh yes!

I was reading my newest Woman's World, and was fascinated to find there is still free TV. Many are going back to the new attennas (rabbit ears) that cost about $24 and picking up the over-the air high-defintion channels... and getting as many as 80 different selections in some areas.

That's nice to know, since I'll retire within the next decade.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I should be back to post today's kit in a little while. I have the graphics already, but need to put the kit together.

You'll notice there's a change at my website. The kit pages just have the kits on them now. I gave my granddaughter a page to put her artwork on, one for my little furry hamster, Betzy, and my credits and tou are now on their own page, as well. This leave more room for just the kits, and I like it. What are your thoughts?

See you soon!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 27 - 28: Last of February FREE graphics

Good morning,

This first item above is a birthday card. We had a lot of birthdays at work this last week, and had a party to celebrate them all. This is one of the cards I did for a belated birthday. I like to put together a sandwich baggie with a card in it, do a little sculpey item, and a minature candy bar. I had been out shopping, and picked up some trinket party toys for kids parties, thinking they would add amusement to the baggies. They did.

All the trinkets came in sets of 4: a skateboard with rider, balls filled with a gel and colored glitters, some tiny little colorful notebooks, some little maze toys, and little foam airplanes. Everyone was very happy with their little baggies.

Many of the cards featured FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, so each person would know who else shared their birthday. These went over in a big way. They loved them.

Here's a bigger picture of the first birthday card. It was so much fun to make. And Rebecca loved it.

This item is something I made from a kit featured in the previous post. This is the colored bold lined flower.

And the flower ... one more time.

Hope you enjoyed the graphics.

See you soon.

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free png kit downloads, psp tubes

February 25 to 27: Free Kit Downloads: Graphics

Good morning,

I really like doing outlines ... for you to color in. I did color in the solid bold flower in the kit. Just some fun little items for you.

Again ... just posting the remaining kits from February.

Grab 'em while you can.


Cj ( 3 free new graphics each day, png kit downloads, psp tubes

February 20 to 24: Lots to See

Good morning!

I am really late on my postings this time.

The whole last week of February got by me, but I wanted to at least post the kits, so you could see them. Even though it is 3/5, they are still up, but will be going down today.

So here they are! Enjoy, and I hope you picked them up.

See you shortly with the next batch!

3 free new graphics; posting 2-3 a week
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