Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Toddler's Thanksgiving

Good evening,

This is the first time I've posted at night. I went to bed very early today, and the pain in my neck and arm - from my accident back on 6/10 - are kicking up. Woke me up, and just can't get comfortable, so I decided to do a little artwork. Keeping the mind busy helps.

I created this little toddler this morning. There is also an animated version of him on my website at Run over and check him out. He's on Sat. 11/22, and you can use my updated graphics list to help you find items.

My daughter's wedding took place last weekend. It made for a very busy weekend, and I'm glad it is over now.

My daughter is trying her hand at Thanksgiving this year in her new home. Can't wait. She'll give me an item to bring.

My husband cooked a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner today as we went shopping this morning. I think it's the best he's done ever. I wasn't able to eat much as I was still full from lunch earlier, but it will make great leftovers for Sunday.

I took off Friday, and I'm off all this next week for vacation. My husband's started on Thursday. We both go back to work on Dec. 1st.

December will start the countdown to Christmas. I haven't even started deciding on what to do this year or buy.

We still have Black Friday coming up this week, and you can find some handy tips for shopping it on my Life's Tips at my website. Personally, I hate to stand in lines, but you can shop this big day at 12:01 a.m. at the website of many providers this year. And when you pick a checkout line, choose one next to a closed aisle. If it opens up, it's a quick switch to be first in line in the new open checkout.

Have a really good evening.

See you soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sleepy Time Scrapping Buddy

Good morning!

This little girl could be headed to bed ... or she could be just getting up! Since it's morning, I vote for "getting up!"

She's one of my Scrapping Buddies over at my website:

Today, we also featured some items to color. They're black outlines, and you can print them off to carry with you to keep your kids busy when you go out. Sometimes, I just love doing these black and white outlines. Some are very detailed and bold, while others can be very dainty.

The features for today can be found on 11/8/08 at the website.

Today is my daughter's "Girl's Night Out" party. It's at 5:30 p.m., and it should be a great time together. Don't know what I'm going to wear yet.

This is my second day off of the 5 I'm taking right now. I go back to work on Wednesday. Next Friday will be a busy day. I was hoping to take that day off as my daughter's wedding rehearsal is that evening, and the rehearsal dinner, BUT ... we are also having our health fair that day (in the morning for me), and I believe we have an "away meeting", and party that afternoon. I need to round up a baby picture for the festivities. So, it will be a very busy day.

Hoping you have a terrific day!

See you soon.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrapping Buddy 2-Sad - Add to your Scrapbooking Items

Good morning!

The election is over, and this little card may be something for you, if you're feeling a little down about the outcome.

Otherwise, you might snag Scrapping Buddy 2-Sad, either on this card, or all alone on my webpage at: You'll find him on the page for 11/05/08.

Scrapping buddy 1, the blue-eyed girl from yesterday is on 11/04/08.

This card would make a good get well card! Just print it out, and write your message on the back, and sign it. Tell others where they can pick up these items, too.

I am off today. I don't go back till Wed 11/12, so I'll have 5 glorious days. I'll do some art work, some cleaning, and hopefully, a little shopping, too.

Tomorrow is our girls' night out, and the boys will be about 2 blocks away, having theirs.

The wedding is next Saturday, and then many of us are gathering for brunch with the newly weds before they head off for Amish country for a few days of just being and enjoying each others company.

Hope everyone is having a really terrific day.

Take care ... and ... I'll ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scrapping Buddies for Scrapbooking and Projects

Good morning,

Ah! The voting is over, and we have a new President. A historic moment for America. What will the next 4 years hold? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Today, this little Scrapping Buddy is available at my website. She is featured dressed in two other outfits and there is a bald blank for you to decorate as you please.

You can find her at:

On the next days, you will see a few more renditions of her.

Scrapping Buddies are little children for you to place on your scrapbooking projects.

They will add some color and interest.

Here are the 3 on a little deco box.

These were fun little things to make, so I hope you'll enjoy using them.

Today is my last day at the office until next Wednesday. Veteran's Day falls on next Tuesday, and so I thought I'd make it a long weekend. So much to do today.

This weekend, we girls just wanna have fun! The ladies close to my daughter will gather together this Saturday night, for a delightful dinner together. My daughter is getting married next weekend, so this is her last weekend for being single.

Of course, we are all grown women. So we will be having very "mild" fun!

The guys are also going out for "Guys Night Out" to celebrate Danny's last single weekend. My daughter is hoping they are also having "mild" fun! Hey. I'm not worried. I know the guys.

Have a terrific day, and run over to my website to pick up your scrapping buddies.

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote this Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good morning!

Tuesday, November 4th ... and a Presidential election. Everyone is voting this year.

Many already have. Here in Columbus, you could vote by absentee ballot right in your own home, or on weekends, you could go to Vet's Memorial and stand in line to vote early.

My daughter and future son-in-law went down to Vets on Saturday, and they said the line was already outside the building. I heard that on Sunday night, they closed their doors at 10 p.m. If you were in line as of 5 p.m., they let you stay to vote. Wow!

I am more than ready for all the hoopla to be over. The phone calls, the mail, the radio and tv commercials, and all the articles published. This is probably going to be one of the biggest elections I can remember.

I am already up, and ready to go. I just need to dress, and make breakfast. We will head out around 6 a.m. while the polls don't open till 6:30 a.m., I believe. We will wait our turn, and cast our vote.

Tonight will be full of how it's going, and tomorrow, hopefully, we will know which man succeeded in becoming our next President.

We will both head out to work after we vote. If need be, I'll use a few credit hours to makeup for my 8 hour day.

This little creation today is in honor of our freedom to choose. Because I love fantasy and unusual little creatures, Diamond Bud came into existence. I like to name my little creations.

Hoping you the best of days today. Go out and vote!

See you soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Phantom Ghost STRIKES my office!

Good morning ... and one last post for today!

Halloween is over, but NOT forgotten. And this year, it was especially fun! I love Halloween!

Halloween brought a new office game this year. Your office may enjoy this -- next year. Just remember to start it early, so it can spread through any LARGE company.

I came into work one morning, and on my desk, I found 2 sheets of paper, and a little Halloween bag of candy.

I blinked and looked around. No one else had one on their desk. I was perplexed.

Two co-workers sat at their desks and watched me, amused. "Some guy dropped it off!" one said.

And then I took a closer look. I looked at the sheet with the ghost (I re-did this ghost for this blogspot), and then read the second sheet with the poem. I smiled, and felt a little giddy inside. "How wonderful!" I exclaimed.

I peered into my bag of goodies. There were about 8 pieces of candy. Some were minature chocolate bars, others were things like little packages of smarties. I shared my candy with those who wanted certain sweets, and it was wonderful.

On the sheet with the poem were instructions.

"You have been selected to participate in a fun little office game of tag! The Phantom Ghost has chosen to visit you to bring you a Halloween treat. Place the Phantom Ghost somewhere on your desk so that everyone can see you have already been visited!

Now ... you need to make 2 copies of this note, and two copies of the Phantom Ghost. Make 2 goodie bags to go with them. Tomorrow, without anyone knowing, "ghost" 2 more people in the office.

Don't break the chain!!! The goal is to have everyone "visited" by the end of October.

Happy Halloween!!!"

On my way home that night, I stopped. I was able to get 3 bags, and I bought all my Halloween candy at that time. I filled the 3 little baggies with their sweets.

The next morning, I printed out copies of the phantom ghost, the poem, and the instructions. I hid everything in a sack and began walking around in other departments. It was just after 6 a.m., so there weren't many people in the office. But I could've hit others while they were on break. It only takes a second.

I tried to place the bags/sheets on desks in areas where no one was visible yet. The first one: a total success.

The second: I thought it was empty, only to turn around and see a woman smiling from her cube behind me. I put a finger to my lips, and said, "Shhhh! Don't tell."

She smiled and nodded.

The last desk, after I had laid my items on the desk, a head popped up over the last wall. I saw the interest in his eyes, and quietly said, "Please don't tell them I was here. It's a surprise."

He smiled and looked with great interest at what I was doing. His smiled widened, and he replied, "Of course not!"

When I was done, I wished I had more goody bags and sheets to hand out. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun playing. The "spirit of giving/sharing" was with me the rest of the day. Of course, after a person is hit in one department, it is NOT quite the surprise it is with the first one that is hit; but the new person hit is extremely pleased to finally be a receiver. I hope they enjoyed the part of the giver ... as much as I did.

I know Halloween is past this year. But what a wonderful game to put into another holiday ... or start again next year.

It really made my day!

See you soon.

Halloween Card - 10/31/08

Good morning, once again!

This little creation of my Halloween Card for 10/31/08 became my screen saver at work.

But, it's also great for adding to your scrapbooking pages of the pictures you took this Halloween -- featuring YOUR kids.

The little witch is Witchie Witch, and of course, I'm sure you recognize the "Ghostie" from the previous post ... he was the one waving!

This was a fun little creation.

How was your Halloween? Did you get lots of "trick or treaters"?

Ours was last night between 6 and 8 p.m. One of my friends, Tiffany, said at work: "Friday night is a bad night for Halloween. If you have kids playing sports, they are often on Friday night. Then you have to pick and choose WHICH you want to participate in." Since my kids are long ago grown and gone, I hadn't thought of this dilemma.

We had treaters in our neighborhood. I am sure they had great fun.

An advertising idea: "If you have a scrapping website or graphics website, what a cute idea to make lots of these little cards to give out with your candy ... featuring your own site." While Halloween is over, and you don't have the kiddies coming directly to your door ... you could still do this kind of thing for all holidays! I do it, too, when I'm leaving a tip at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving is coming ... and then Christmas, and, not to be forgotten: New Year's Eve and Day!

Need to pick up some free decorations? Head on over to: and see what you can put in your goodie basket. They're free!

Have a really great day!

See you soon.

Note: At work yesterday, they featured a Haunted House in our basement. The price of a ticket was only $1/ea. I'd never gone before, so everyone let me be first in our group.

Waiting outside the door, I kept peering through the peep windows, and everyone kept saying, "Stop peeking!" I finally did, and while I was standing there, there was a very loud THUD on the door. I about jumped out of my skin. It was someone covered in a long black cape and hood.

Shortly thereafter, they let us in. They led us into a very dark room. Black lights, and a graveyard scene with lots of dark, dark mannequins placed throughout. There was a fog machine, so it was all VERY EERIE!!! Gravestones were placed here and there.

"Wow!, " I said. "This is very nice." I had turned slightly back around to address my co-workers. Suddenly, something grabbed me from behind! Those were NOT mannequins dressed up, but very REAL people. I jumped and yelled as everyone expected. It was all great fun! (They did a fantastic job!!! Well worth a $1.00!) And to finish the whole experience off as they ushered us out the door, you got to pick a treat from their basket! How SWEET!

A Ghostie Wave Animation

Good morning!

Okay. I admit it. My ghostie wave is a little late. Instead of saying hello for Halloween ... let's say he's saying "Good-bye! See you NEXT year!"

This little ghost is featured on my website, as well as this animation.

You can pick up other goodies by going to:

Now. Stay tuned for the "late" Halloween card.

Hope your Halloween was great!

And "bye-bye" ... till next year, Halloween!

See you in a minute!