Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creating Anything with PNG Graphic Tubes

Good morning,

Just wanted to keep in touch.

New png graphic tubes are going up daily at my website and will be up for the month of September for today and tomorrow. At that time, I will take those down ... and begin the month of October.

This little creation was just something I threw together this morning to show you the versatility of using png graphic tubes.

If your child likes to read, and you just bought them a book, you could make this little gift tag for the book. You could even personalize it by putting their name in; i.e. Because Jamie likes to Read.

Only 2 of the items in this creation are actually on my website ... or will be soon. You just have to keep checking.

You can set up folders for the items: papers, characters, borders, frames, decos, flowers, etc. And then you know where to get an item when you want it. Set up a main folder such as Easy As Pie Daily Graphics and put your subfolders inside. Then you will also know WHERE you got them.

Creating is fun! And digital creating is the best ... at least for me.

I hope you'll take time to check out the png graphic tubes. Download them. No email address captured to get them -- no real committment or info to give out.

If you like them, and use them ... it would be nice if you'd take time to sign the guestbook though.

Have a great day! Happy creating!

P/CU use w/credits to the creator (thank you).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PNG Graphics Download-Lots of Graphics For Scrapbooking

Good morning!

Another png graphics kit is up on my website right now ... til the end of September.

Pictured are some of the items in the kit.

The png graphics can be picked up in kit 10s925- for day 25 (1a-5 pngs), day 26 (1b-6 pngs), day 27 (1c-14 pngs), day 28 (1d-7 pngs), day 29 (1e-4 pngs) and day 30 (1f-10 pngs). That makes a total of 46 png graphics in this kit.

Before publishing on October 1st, the September pages will be removed.

You can check out the kits at:

Have a terrific day!


Friday, September 24, 2010

PNG Graphic Kits -- Pick them up now

Good morning!

A new PNG graphics kit on my website for tomorrow:


Today, the second kit is the 10s923-kit 1b is posted. You can also still pick up kit 1-a; a total of 20 png graphics.

Great png graphics for your scrapping projects -- check them out!

Actually, 10s923 and 10s925 have a lot of the same colors involved, so both sets will offer you a lot of choices.

I hope you follow along and find something you like.

Until tomorrow ... have a really great day.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Day for PNG graphics 10s917-kit -- New Kit starting tomorrow (10s923)

Good morning,

Png graphics over the last few days and new ones tomorrow are featured in this little Soccer Tonite picture.

The pink flower graphic and the note square are in tomorrows new png graphics kit (10s923-kit), while the other three flowers are featured in today's final pack (10s917-kit).

The final package today, picked up over several days, comes to a total of 57 pngs.

If you're looking for some new png graphics to scrap with, whether it's for scrapping family pictures or doing your own cards, come on over and pick these up. They are P/CU with credits to the creator (me).

Putting together your creative projects can be fast and easy using any png graphics. This took only a minute to put together! Wow! So fast ... so easy!!!

These particular pngs did not need resizing. This is the size they are, so you won't spend a lot of time reducing each one.

Hoping your day ... and evening are wonderful!



Sunday, September 19, 2010

New PNG graphics-Flower and frame and a background

Good afternoon,

Okay. I finally got the picture upload to come up, so I can post. Tried this morning with no luck.

Free png graphics today on my home page, and for this blog, some extras, located here.

This set has been running for about 3 days, and has about another 3 days to go with new ones added each day.

The next set can be used along with the current set.

Hope you'll take time to check them out.

PNGS available!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

New PNG graphics kit-Up for September 2010

Good morning!

This is just one of the items in my new PNG KIT on my website. The kit name is: 10s917. The first day 10s917-kit-1a has 10 items. 10s917-kit-1b has 9 items; 1 bonus graphic, and 1 bonus tutorial inside it; for a total of 11 items in kit 1b. So far; the total for this kit is 21 items.

The tutorial shows you how to take a black or white item and make colored items. It's very simple. The tutorials I will give will be "short tutorials", basically sharing how I do simple tricks in PSP (Paint Shop Pro). I use version 9, but I'm sure the tips can be done in most graphic programs, if you know your program well.

On my website, I breakdown the size of each graphic. Most are not overly large, as I do not like to constantly have to re-size LARGE graphics. There will be exceptions, but most of the graphics can be used in a 400 x 500 base or sometimes 500 x 600 base.

The PNG graphics are great for card size. Especially if you use either a word document or an excel document to create your card. They resize beautifully in both programs.

I hope you'll go check it out. Download it and try it. Let me know how it works for you.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free PNG kits, graphics, and The Creation of My Wild-Haired Gal

Good morning,

I still enjoy sketching, and then creating from my sketch. This little "wild-haired" gal was sketched on Sat. 9/11/10, and scanned into PSP on 9/12. From sketchboard to tube, and so much fun to do.

While I pretty much did her hair and head as a layer over the drawing, when I got to the body, I decided to just use my sketch. I selected the shirt and just choose Adjust > Hue / Saturation > Colorize and went with a color I liked. I did the same thing with her pants and her shoes.

I then used my smudge tool to blend the colors of each item.

This free graphic is featured in the 10s913-cj-eapdg-kit. The four free png files are featured from Monday thru Thursday of this week and includes 40 items. They are up until October, and free to grab and use for personal/commercial use with credits to the creator: me.

I really like to do "fantasy-type-flowers" a lot, and there's always plenty of those. There are some frames and other items. You'll just have to check it out.

That's it for today. Tomorrow starts an all new kit in some delightful colors.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New PNG Kit Available

Good morning,

Tried to post this yesterday, but couldn't get my picture element to come up. But, today, it's fine.

A new png kit of 40 items is up over at my website. The png kit is spread out over the last 4 days, but all the graphics go to the same kit. It's available for the month of Sept.

Loving this wonderful weather we're having! I don't miss the heat.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Graphics in PNG file format

Good afternoon,

I've had a whole week's vacation, but come tomorrow morning ... it's back to work.

I've revamped my website at, and added a forum at the website:, and of course; I've been trying to post here more often.

The picture today is featuring some of the kits I'm offering, downloadable, in png format, at both my website and my forum. I love all the kits, and the one with the red frame is featured today, 9/12/10. I hope you head over and pick them up.

My website will house these graphics for the month of September, and then they will be replaced with new ones.

The kits can be used for pu/cu (personal use or commercial use) with credits to me as their creator.

I would appreciate hearing if you download and use them; and even seeing how you create with them.

Until tomorrow, I'll leave things at this ... and I hope to see you around the forum. Eventually, I hope to be able to post a few "mini" lessons on how I do certain things.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free PNG file for readers Today

Good morning,

I'm trying something new here today. I hope to post a free download here for the blog. I've never tried that before, but have seen it done on many other blogs.

Ahhh! After reading my help file, it has to be "hosted", so I've made a page to host it.

After you get there, the 3 items are in png format. Right click the zip, save target as -- to your graphics program on your computer. Once it opens, select all, and download into your programs appropriate file.

There are 4 totally different ones that go with this set over at my website. You can find them at:

And there are even more still for this set at the forum. Go there to get the password to finish out this collection.

These were made for a black OR very, very dark background. Be creative in their use.

If you download these free graphics, I'd like for you to answer what you liked about each kit, in the guestbook for that page. That is all I ask; and, of course, credit for the graphics I created.

You can find the png I've done for the blog today here. (Come October, all files will come down to make new for new ones.)

Hope you have a terrific day!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free png kit; Pick it up Today

Good afternoon,

I've been working on how to post png files, so you can get transparencies of graphics that are meant to be transparent ... so you can use them in your graphics programs. I do have a png kit for you to try!

I personally use vs 9 of Jasc PSP (Paint Shop Pro), and I tested everything there.

As you know, I have a website.

The new website has a forum attached so I can put additional items there.

Today, this kit (png kit) is available at:

There, you can pick up the password to pick up this free png kit.

Everything has been tested and works!

Above is a picture of what is in the this particular png kit. It's a simple kit, but it should be fun to use.

I hope you'll check it out! This could be fun!

Have a great day.

All New Free Graphics at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics

Good morning!

Today, I'm showing you a fun little design I did this morning for this blog. It was fun to do.

I am constantly amazed at everything you can do in a graphics editing program.

To see more offerings - head on over to:, and check out what's there. Maybe you'll find something YOU LIKE, and want to use in your next creation.

All artwork is designed by me, and I love offering it for your personal use.

I have a forum attached there, where I'll be putting additional items. If you're a forum-type person, feel free to join. Open a topic with your artwork! It could be fun!

Until next time ... have a terrific day!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Download Free Graphics

Good evening~

It's been awhile since I've posted here or even on my website.

It just got so full; that I took everything down, and started over. At my website, that is.

So yesterday was my first day to put something up.

One month will always be up. This month started on Labor Day, Monday 9/6/10. I will take down all of September's items either on 9/30 ... or possibly 10/2; since that would be a Saturday, and I'll have more time.

Yesterday, I offered items for making a pretty cute card. Graphics are also offered in a download Word document to just print out and put together.

Today, I have a frame. The finished frame features Isabella, the little redhead to the left. She is only a small part of the frame. The full finished project is located at the bottom of my Scrapping page.

You can also see a lot of my scraps over at Scrapbook Flair dot com. I go by "FreckledGranny". This group is very, very active and I post a lot over there. This is a group of the most talented women scrappers I've ever seen. If you haven't checked it out, I would. Consider joining. It's a lot of fun.

Todays feature on my website is the frame, and the different layers are available by layer or in a png format in a zip file.

My new website,, has basically 3 different areas to explore. I feature the free graphics, scrapping (digital scrapbooking), and sculpey clay creations. What you'll see there is some of the items I've made.

Check it out.