Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Day -- The Last Free Graphics of 2010

Good morning,

Happy New Year's Eve Day! I'm sure you're all busy, so let's just get to it! Today is the last free graphics of 2010!!!

Pick up these 3 frames, and simple beauty stationary with green bottom today. It comes down tomorrow as do all December 2010 graphics.

Tomorrow: 2011 -- January starts!

Keep it safe tonight ... and have lots of fun!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Really Big Green Flower -- Simple Beauty Kit Download

Good morning!!!

Tomorrow, most of you will be enjoying your New Year's Eve -- preparing for a big night on the town. Me. I'll probably be snoozing!

I know this is a really big green flower. You can see the smaller one in the picture/kit below.

And this is the kit for 12/30/10. This kit was done a little differently. Head over to my website to find out what the difference is. There are lots of pictures up today too.

This is just a little fantasy fun I did this morning. More for myself than to share, other than just sharing it here. I know it's a little hard to see, but on the bottom of 12/30, they're big ... so you can see them. Go check them out. Like I said, it's just for fun.

There's also some stationary in today's kit.

Last week, we had a pretty big ham, and we've been eating off it all week. Yesterday, I finally cubed up what was left, and refrigerated it in a baggie. Just enough to add to some good old macaroni and cheese.

Hope you all have a great day!


Bear Frame Kit--Thank You Card -- Frames -- Free PNG download Kits

Good morning!

It is Thursday, 12/3o/10, and the last day to work for many, as most companies are giving tomorrow off for New Year's. I currently am on my 2-week vacation, and I'm enjoying it. Hate to see it coming to a close, but hey! I still have 4 days before next Monday!!!

The Bear Frame Kit is yesterday's offering at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. There have been some problems publishing my website, but they appear to be done right now ... so I've gotten everything up. Today's kit will go up in a little bit.

This is a frame kit for Tuesday, 12/28/10. It's small, I know, but you can head over to my website to see the actual kit. It is much larger, and has several options for you to mix and match to come up with your own frames. I used the two pictures I just love in my example here.

This kit was offered on Monday, 12/27/10. It would make a good thank you card, which is what I'm planning on using it for. I love the flower border along the bottom. These are colors I'm also very fond of.

All the kits will be up till Jan. 1, 2011, and then they come down. So pick up any of the kits you want -- for free -- till the end of the month.

I love having time off to just experiment in my art graphics program. This thank you card was one that I spent some time just experimenting with ... to get the textures which I'm pleased with. It's so much fun.

Hope you've had a great week.

I'm sure most of you are looking forward to New Year's Eve. It will be quiet in our house, and I wouldn't be surprised if I slept through it again this year. I did last year. Since I go to bed very early, anywhere from 6 to 7 p.m., it is extremely hard for me to stay up. And, I am 60 years old now.

Have a great day. Run over and pick up the graphics.



Monday, December 27, 2010

Sculpey-Earrings-Necklace--And Free Art

Good morning -- again!

I put the images up in one order, but when you hit the upload button, they always show up in reverse. I need to remember that.

Today, here are some of my sculpey items: a pair of earrings, and a necklace! They turned out well.

And now for my favorite pictures during this holiday season. I took so many, but am just choosing a few to post the excitement of HER holiday season at my home. As I said, she received everything on her 5-item list, and more.

Taylor is very much into art ... as am I. This is a feature we share that she finds great joy in; being like her mamaw! I love it, too! She got a set of colored pencils, some gel pens, and some metallic ink pens. (Someday, maybe Santa will bring me some of those same items.)

I just love this picture of Tay and her papaw Ray. Believe it or not, Tay was holding the camera. The two were in the kitchen, and papaw came up behind her and peeked over her shoulder. I have a very large one of this, and I'm going to get some large photo paper, and fill the background with black and print it out. I then hope to frame it and hang it in our home.

I love this smile! "This," she proclaimed with glee, "is my FAVORITE BOW!" She liked it because it was trimmed in white. I liked it best, too. All her packages had different kinds of red bows on them. Emma's packages had gold.

And here she is again, opening another gift. She had a very good Christmas, and a really great time. The next morning, she texted me, and said, "I love you and miss you. I wish I was at your house!"

Probably got into trouble at home. Oh, the joys of childhood.

I love having her here, too. She is quieter at my house, and more involved in what she's doing. Not as riled up as at home. We have lots of interaction, and we also have lots of individual time. I don't know why she is so "over-active" other places. And while her mom says she has trouble lighting a bee under her bonnet, I have no such problems. When she stayed last week for a day and a night, she had an appointment to go to, and we got there 10 minutes early, and had to wait for her to go in.

My guess is she doesn't want to be left out. I don't think she has to be the center of attention, although she is a LEO. I wish I could do more to make her world a happier place. We have lots of serious discussions, too.

She asked me just the other day if I ever feel lonely. I told her no, not usually. I just don't.

I explained to her that being alone is okay for me. I find so much joy in creating and in my hobbies, that there's just no time to be lonely.

After our discussion, I thought back over our talk. On the way to her appointment, I told her, "When I was your age, I remember feeling lonely. You want friends to like you, and you try hard to keep their friendships, even when they don't turn out. You think that something's wrong with you, and it makes us unhappy. So I guess I was lonely for many years ... in a very quiet way, though."

I then told her that someday, she would reach a time when it didn't matter anymore what others thought of her.

I told her, "It happened to me in my 30's. I just finally accepted who I am, what I like, and that what I feel ... is as important as what others feel.

I like me. I am comfortable with me. And. If others don't like me, that's okay. Because I am okay ... just the way I am." I told her that her mother just came into this stage of "I'm ok!", and she's in her 30's.

Her mother was a lonely little girl; although she always had me. From birth, she went everywhere with me, and was more comfortable with adults than children. I homeschooled her for the last five years of school. We became good friends, even though we were mother and daughter.

When there is tension between us today, as occasionally happens, I remain quiet and let that time pass. It always does.

I hope these remembrances help my granddaughter. We've talked about it before, and I imagine we will talk about it again.

She did play soccer this year, and enjoyed it. She hopes to play again next year.

I think this is good, as piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance lessons, etc. ... are all pretty solitary activities. With soccer, she is part of a team ... and one of many of the other little girls.

She's also in Girl Scouts, and this is good.

Only time heals our worries. And some day, she will come into her own, and she'll realize that SHE is ONE SPECTACULAR little gal.

Remember to check out the free graphics over at

Cj -- Have a terrific day!

Christmas 2010--and free art graphics, pdfs, and png download kits

Good morning!

So much to post this morning, so here goes.

Christmas Eve Day ... it was OUR day to be with our in-town grandchildren. Here's my husband, Papaw Ray, with our 7-month old granddaughter. Isn't she adorable? (I have one of him that I love with our 10-year old granddaughter, but ran out of blogger space, so will do another post after this one.

We had a marvelous Christmas. My granddaughter received everything she asked for on her Christmas list from us. She wanted a Fushigi Ball (being kept here for the two of us to learn doing it together), as it is NOT for children UNDER 12. She's okay with that.

She received her DS game, Crafting Mama DS, a very nice easel with a storage space drawer, some large canvases, and medium-sized canvases, and several sketch books. That was the end of her list. I also got her a computer carrier on wheels with a pull-out handle, a small box of candy, and several sets of pencils and ink drawing pens (gels and metallic). She was set. I also bought her two computer games; the "find the hidden objects" games.

Emma got little socks, little socks that look like shoes, about 10 outfits, some Similac and baby food, too. She's so little, we are being more practical for now. I was amazed that she sat on her mama's lap, and helped tear the presents open. She squealed and giggled with excitement. I was so surprised!!

This is the kit being offered today over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. It's a beautiful set, don't you think? I loved making it. Run over and pick it up!

Yesterday, I had some flowers up. There is a pdf download, so you can cut them out. There is also the traditional png kit download. All free. Lots of pictures of what I've done with them, as well as other pictures (some of my hamster, Betzy), and Taylor with Bella.

I also had some sculpey necklaces up that I've been working on.

It's just been such a wonderful vacation. I am on my second week, and enjoying every minute of it.

This little guy is offered on 12/25, I think. It's just one of the items for that day, and is a puppy for the kids to color. Hope they have fun with that.

And finally ... this is my Merry Christmas to all of you out in Internet land, wherever your piece of land resides. Wherever it is ... it is HOME! And I hope you and yours ... had a wonderful, peaceful, restful, fun-filled Christmas!

Go check out the graphics!!!

See ya.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Stationary-Mushroom Magic-- Png Kit Downloads Daily

Good Monday morning!

Stationary or a card front ... whatever your heart desires it to be. Free png graphics download with psp item available and individual items also in just png format.

I love making stationary and cards. They are so expensive in the stores, so being able to create your own are a real plus. I hope YOU take it ... and use it!

Speaking of stationary ... I was reading Woman's Day today, and ran across an interesting website called It is for funding projects. An interesting post on their website led me to, and that was also interesting. The two featured artists are sending out a letter to everyone on the planet. I thought that was a fantastic, and huge under-taking! Have your received yours yet? I have NOT.

Maybe mysterious letters could use some stationary?

It is my FIRST OFFICIAL VACATION DAY, today. A whole 2 weeks! I'm giddy with excitement.

My husband bought me a new carpet steamer on Saturday, so I spent Saturday and Sunday doing our carpets. They look so wonderful with our new living room set.

I have lots of plans for today! So on with today!

Enjoy yours! And use the free gift of my stationary today!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girl - Angel - Christmas graphics-all free-@ Easy As Pie Daily Graphics

Good morning!

And THANK YOU, Wall Lights! For leaving a comment the other day. While the blog does take a little time, the website takes even more. I love making my graphics, and I do hope others take them and use them. So thank you so much!

Today's items are over at my website, Easy As Pie Daily Graphics dot com. Head on over and pick them up.

My husband has bought us a new living room set. You can read all about it over at my website, too.

Some days, there's news about my hamster, Betzy, too.

Today, this little girl or angel, are both available. The decorative background is one layer, but it is transparent, so you can choose the color to set it on. There is a green one, and a gold one.

Christmas is such a short time away now. I hope you are all set to go.

I hope to have my 10-year old granddaughter for a visit one day and night this week. She and her family will come over for our celebration on Christmas Eve!! I'm so excited.

My husband special-ordered one of her gifts that we just couldn't find. The store called yesterday, and told him it was ready to pick up. He went and got it ... so she should be very excited this year.

I still have shopping to do for my 7-month old granddaughter. And my husband! I am off all this week, so will get that done early. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and that will give me lots of extra time for my graphics.

I had a luncheon celebration on Thursday with my school-aged granddaughter. It was very nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and my day.

Our annual district Christmas party was Friday, and that, too, was very enjoyable. I made 3 sculpey items: minature Christmas tree decorations, for our white elephant gift game. Twenty-six people decided to play; including me. This is my most favorite tradition of our party for many (and me!).

There are 26 presents and 26 players. The presents all sit together, and we each draw a number. I was #24. The #1 player was a guy, and he was seated at our table, two seats down from me. He chose my little wrapped gift box. He didn't know what they were, till I told him, but he thought they were cute.

My co-worker and friend sitting across from me had a number that came up. As per the rules allow, you may pick a unknown, wrapped gift, or "steal one" from a gift already opened. She has a minature tree at work on her desk, and I'd made a teddy bear ornament for it, so, of course, she stole the 3 new ornaments. She was delighted!

Unfortunately, and to MY SURPRISE, it was stolen away almost at the end by my supervisor's supervisor: a man! (Sorry, Tiff!)

All and all -- it was great fun! And I stole a lady's bear frame with 2 matching bear sculptures. Like I said ... it was great fun!

Now all this week -- there have continued to be many new graphics going up each day on my website, so don't let another minute pass without heading over and grabbing them. Just tuck them aways in a folder. Folder: EAPDG > (folder) 2010 > (folder) December > (folder) the date of the kit. That was easy!

Have a really terrific week ... and go get those graphics!

Happy shopping!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wish List 2--free png graphic kit downloads

Good Sunday morning!

My first picture just represents the number of days left to work this year! Oh my! Only 4 days!!!

Hey! I do love my job, and I am so thankful to have it. It's interesting ... and harrowing, at the same time. I will NOT go into the details though.

This picture shows 4 of the items in Wish List 2 (Wish List 1 is on 12/11.) There are about 8 backgrounds, 2 papers, and some miscellaneous items that didn't make it into yesterday's kit.

This is one of the backgrounds in today's kit; 12/12/10, Wish List 2.

The kit has a psp layered set for those that have a graphics program. They are in psp format.

Then there are the individual pngs also. There are a few jpgs in every kit as well. Most of the things in png format and psp format are transparencies. They are all free to use p-cu (personal-commercial use ... with credits). They are perfect for scrapbooking.

Most pngs/graphics are no bigger than 500 x 600, and that is usually the base I use to start my graphics. Some graphics are just plain small. Take your own imagination, and put them together to accent your projects. It's fun ... and easy.

Best downloaded into a file folder by name of the kit and date. One big kit folder could be: EAPDG-Dec 2010. Since there is a kit each day, you would have tons of graphics in no time at all.

I do a lot of fantasy characters. And Whimsey's, which are whimsical creatures developed from "scribble" drawings. That is why I sometimes say it's "accidental art". It's what my imagination sees and developes into completetion.

I finished my out-of-town shopping yesterday. I hope to get them out tomorrow; Monday.

I am looking forward to my 2 week vacation! Lots of time to rest ... and create.

Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Wish List-Free PNG graphics kit downloads

Good Saturday morning -- to all you Christmas shoppers out there!!!

The holiday season is moving right along. And ... today, I have a new free png graphics kit download over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. See the picture for the details.

This is part one of the kit. There is currently a part 2 kit in this Kit: Wish List. I don't know whether there will be more yet, as I'm still creating. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

Today, I hope to get my out-of-town gifts ready to go! I only have 2 to go really. My grandkids in TX, and my niece and nephew in MO.

The younger kids in TX are getting something suitable to hug since they are still very young. My MO kids are getting something I dearly love, and gives me hours upon hours of fun! I hope they like them. My granddaughter in town is also getting the hours upon hours of fun stuff!!!

My new granddaughter is only 6 months old, and will be closer to 7 months old at Christmas. Her mommy prepared her "Wish List" for her. I am hoping I can find a few of those items, and maybe a cute outfit.

I am forgoing adults this year. I will send a Christmas card to them. Christmas is really for children mostly anyway!

I am cooking a 15-lb. turkey this morning. It was a $23 turkey, and I only paid $15 for it. I bought it last weekend, and it spent the week thawing in my basement fridge.

My husband had his birthday yesterday. He received -- from me -- a new coffee maker that is programmable, turns off after 2 hours, and tells you how much water you have in it. He doesn't make his coffee in it, as he prefers instant, so he just runs the water through it. But his old one didn't turn off automatically.

He got some great black socks with good arch support -- as he travels from company to company doing his job. He walks A LOT! He got some underwear (shhhh!), and the one thing he requested: gloves (more like the kind I have). I found some gloves, but unfortunately, they are too small. He told me a medium ... but these medium are really small. I bought them anyway, and today, we'll exchange them. They are not exactly like mine, but I loved them. They are black genuine leather and very comfy and warm -- once he can get his hands in them, of course.

Both my husband and I are looking forward to Christmas. I have the whole week before Christmas off -- and the week after. My husband will be home with me the week after Christmas, so it will be a very pleasant holiday.

My granddaughters, daughter and son-in-law, will come over Christmas Eve, and we'll have our Christmas for them then. They will have Christmas at home, and then my 10-year old granddaughter will join her father's family for that Christmas week in their home, in TN.

Hoping you all have a successful shopping season, and that you catch all the sales!

Now go pick up the free png graphics kit download! Have fun!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Free PNG Graphic Kit Downloads -- Flying home for Christmas

Good morning,

This kit is called "Flying Home" (for Christmas). I used the free graphics from today and a few from previous kits, all available this month, on my website, Easy As Pie Daily Graphics.

Thought I'd put it into a tag. The tag is also available in the kit today. Or grab all the kits from this month, and create your own.

As usual, I'm into fantasy creatures. There's no right or wrong with fantasy!

Hope you'll check them out.

Had to take a sick day yesterday. I spent the day in bed with a horrible headache. I was all dressed and ready to go yesterday morning, and making my lunch when my eyes were filled with blinding lights. I could hardly see, and I was dizzy. My vision was blurry and doubled. It lasted for 15 minutes ... and then the headache, which lasted till 8:30 pm last night.

I slept most of the day and all night.

We'd lit the kerosene heater yesterday morning, and the alarm went off about 4:30 am. I'm wondering if it was "carbon monoxide" poisioning. I don't know the symptoms, but that's the only thing that was different about yesterday morning. My husband was NOT affected, nor was my hamster, Betzy!

I'm only glad I wasn't already on the road when it happened. It's bad enough to suffer through that kind of attack, but horrific if it happens when it's possible other lives could be affected.

I still have a "tenderness" at my left temple today, but am waiting for that to leave.

Stay safe, warm, and hope the holidays bring you much joy!

Pick up my free graphics! Go do it today!



P.S. Happy birthday to my 59-year old husband!! Happy birthday, sweetie!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Graphics and png kit downloads -- and a tip!

Good morning!

Just a little "for fun" graphic this morning. You'll still find free png graphic kit downloads over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

I have an interesting tip about iceberg lettuce today. Of course, I did read it in my favorite magazine, Woman's World.

Years ago, they used to say that iceberg lettuce was pretty much water, and not as full of nutrients as darker greens. I always wondered about that because I don't think there's anything that God designed that is NOT beneficial in some way.

With lots of Vitamin K, it shuts "down as many as 100% of cancerous cells on contact." Wow! Now that seems pretty MIGHTY to me.

The way I see it in reading, it acts like a policeman, not destroying, but "forces them to behave like normal cells, dividing slowly without creating troublesome tumors!" Double WOW!

And I have read more than once in this wonderful magazine, and in the South Beach Diet book, that it's okay to use a small amount of full-fat salad dressing as it helps the body absorb the Vitamin K! I never eat much dressing anyway, so a small amount is perfect for me!

A 2 oz. serving (140 mcg) amount is perfect of this wonderful lettuce and can also be found in spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, watercress, endive, kale or swiss chard. That's quite a group to choose from.

I love salad, and often have it for breakfast. People think it's strange, but salad is just one of those wonderful things I've always enjoyed. It's nice to know that it's SO BENEFICIAL!

Eat your salad to help stay cancer-free, and pep up your graphics and creativity, with free graphics over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

Have a really great day! And thanks -- Woman's World -- for all the wonderful tidbits you give women every week in your wonderful magazine!!! (Did I mention I love this magazine? --No, I get nothing from them, other than pure enjoyment.)

Have a creative, healthy day!


tip from: Woman's World, 12/13/10 issue: pg 14--YOUR GOOD HEALTH: 5 little lifestyle tweaks that can cut your cancer risk 70%!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tag for Monday-Free png graphics

Good morning,

A Christmas card tag for a gift today.

Free png download kits available each day in December over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. Grab them today.

Hope you're getting lots done -- shopping, shopping, shopping!

Take care. Enjoy your Monday -- and keep it safe!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elf Tag for the Christmas Season-Free PNG Kits

Good Saturday morning!

Ah! December is here, and everybody will be busy trying to complete their shopping lists, and get them out before the big day!

Easy As Pie Daily Graphics still has new graphics going up each day. Some will have Christmas items. This little elf is from either last year or several years ago. I used him in this little Christmas tag, and it's in a free downloadable png kit for 12/5 and 12/6. There are some bonus items in some of the kits, and it doesn't say so on the featured kit.

Snow is being predicted for today in our area of Ohio. Really hope we don't get it.

Take care, and check out the free png kits.