Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrap Book Decorations - Just For You

Good morning,

I've been busy adding decorations to my website.

Here is just a sample of what you can see there. There's hundreds of decorations to choose from.

So, if you like to scrapbook cards or pages or just want some decorations to pick up for your website ... come on over and check these out.

All decorations are free to use.

The items shown here today will be on the page for 9/27. The items are actually bigger, but if you past them into Excel, you can resize them to any size you wish.

It's lots of fun.

Next weekend is my daughter's couples party. I will be providing about 3 batches of potato salad which I hope to start this week. That's a lot of potatoes. I'm also taking a veggie tray with dip, and some ice. Her wedding date is closing in.

This weekend is my future son-in-laws birthday (tomorrow). The couple is in Ky. this weekend for a big party planned by his folks.

My granddaughter is spending the weekend with her dad and his family while they're in town. Her paternal grandfather is having a big party, planned by his family, for him this weekend. He has not been well, and recently had a leg amputated. I wish them well.

The weather in Columbus has been beautiful. Cool days, some sunny, and others overcast, but still beautiful. I love fall. Some of our trees are already changing their colors. We have not had much rain the last part of our summer, while June had more rain than it usually does.

Wishing you all well. And remember. If you like scrapbook accessories -- free ones -- go grab some at

See you again soon. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well-Wishing Art

Good morning,

Today, I've made this art deco box. Perfect for a card or for your scrapping projects.

My daughter is getting married very soon. A couple's party is just 2 weeks away.

Every parent wishes health, wealth, and especially happiness to their children. It is hard to find a perfect match ... and even harder to keep it.

I hope you have a great Tuesday.

If you like the box, take it and use it.

See you soon.

Note: Several weeks ago, I told you about my husband's brother being extremely ill. While he does have lung cancer, he also came in with pneumonia. And they discovered something worse after running a full battery of test: bone cancer. It's in stage 4, and while they will treat it, what time he has left will be challenging. He is currently in hospice, and will have treatment on an "out-patient" basis. It is a prayerfull time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Create FUN Art!

Good afternoon,

Doing a website every day is very time consuming, so I don't get here as often as I'd like. But ... if you like the artwork you see here, hurry on over to my place at: and pick up the accessories and offers. They're free!

For Sunday, I am featuring this set. You get the whole example, the frame separately, and the girl separately. And much more.

This girl was created from a shapes set. It is from the 8-0920 set. It has a total of 64 jpgs so far, but a total of 86 shapes to choose from. I will add to it during the month and it will be free for the asking ... if you send me an email asking for it. I'll put it in a zip file, and send it to you -- all free. After all, creating should be fun, and I bet you'd love to "create FUN Art". (Just put 8-0920 shapes in the subject line.) You can email me cjhamptonatinboxdotcom.

Our weather in Columbus is absolutely beautiful. It isn't fall yet, but we are celebrating fall weather. Those who love summer hate to see the cooler days, but we have plenty of sunshine.

Last Sunday, we experienced Hurricane Ike's fierceness ... even in Ohio. The storm started about 4. No rain -- just unbelievable winds around 75 or higher almost constantly. It blew every different direction, and I hope to never see this kind of wind storm again. Of course, many in Columbus are without power. Most in my department at work got their power back by Wednesday. One is still without power ... and is hoping to be one of the final ones back in the real world by tomorrow.

We were so blessed. Our power kept going out, but it came back on after 3-5 seconds. Just enough to have to reset the cable on the tv ... but such a little matter compared to all those totally without power.

We lost our cable on Monday. My husband was off, and he ended up watching movies. We rewatched THE GREEN MILE Monday night. It was good ... as always.

Today, we went shopping at Walmart. We bought our groceries, and my husband decided to pick up the new TRANSFORMERS 2 as my granddaughter is coming for a little visit tomorrow. She enjoyed the first one, as we did, so we thought we'd pick up the new one. We got home, and he put it in, only to find it contained TRANSFORMERS 1 ... not 2. He took it back to Walmart, and they said that "once a movie is opened, you may not return it." It didn't matter that the package said that it was 2 ... we were stuck with it.

Now this is just plain absurd. I hope every copy of their advertised movies saying it's TRANSFORMERS 2 contains 1 ... and that everyone goes back trying to rectify the situation. This is false advertising. Something about copyright laws ... according to Walmart. But I know you can buy an exercise tape on line, open it, try it, and return it if you don't like it. So what's with Walmart? It's the last movie I'll purchase there. Have you experienced this there?

If you've followed my blog, you all know I had an accident on June 10th. Would you believe it took till 9/2 to get my diagnosis codes from Worker's Compensation? Oh yes! And then it listed the right ankle instead of the left ankle. I called to talk to my "case worker" only to find that she no longer handled claims #'s >>> to >>> and she gave a number to call for your new case worker. This process landed me back into HER mailbox ... telling me again ... that she no longer handled my claim #.

I finally saw 2 doctors. The first was an arm, wrist, hand doctor, and after x-raying my right arm, found nothing wrong. But, he knew I was in pain, and set me up to see another doctor that same day. This doctor suspects I have a partial or fully torn rotator cuff, and said I needed an MRI. He wrote a letter stating such to my doctor at US HealthWorks, to the first doctor that referred me to him, and I guess WC. I was supposed to get a copy of that letter, but I guess I'm going to have to call for it ... as it's not arrived, after 17 days.

I keep getting forms declaring NOT APPROVED from WC for one reason or another. They don't even put on the new forms what they are NOT APPROVING. I am totally sick of WC. More and more doctors are getting away from handling these claims as they spend so much time in nonsense paperwork that it interferes with treating patients. WC appears to be a big ripoff. I don't see why companies still pay into it. I think this is one insurance that should be extinct! Think I'm mad? I am.

Well. I didn't really mean to write so much. I will leave you with this. Create FUN art! Enjoy what you do ... and share it!

Hope you have a great weekend! Take care ... and I hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scrappers SCRAP!

Good morning~

Scrap to your hearts delight! Here's a little scrappin' box to use in your scrap pages. Very bold with it's red and oranges.

When I scrap a page, I love to add some unique items. Using accessories can add a lot of charm to your pages.

And being as I created these scrap bits, and there are hundreds to choose from, your pages will be fresh and unique.

I love the barely visible kalei (kaleidoscope) background on this one.

This particular scrap book would be good for a title and even a name in the lower right hand area surrounded by the little orange deco.

So, if you like it ... go on and take it. It's free to use, as are all my creations, for any purpose. But personally, they make wonderful scrap book accessories.

I have a trick to try right now. I know it works from my website, as I've shown others while I'm at work how to use these free scrap decos.

Almost everyone has EXCEL on their computer. Open it. Now find the graphic you want to use. Right click and choose copy. Go to a cell in excel and right click, choose paste.

Now, if you left click on the graphic, you can resize it -- up ... or down. Check your page preview to see how it looks, and voila! You have a graphic ready to print to a paper of your choosing. You can highlight the graphics to print them or fill a page and print them all.

I have hundreds to choose from at my website.

Even better if you have a graphics editing program, as you can take out the backgrounds to make transparencies or remove things you don't like. Change colors. Whatever! They are all free for your use.

Scrappers scrap! So get scrappin'! New ways to accessorize without spending more money. Just your price of paper ... and ink, and you're into some lovely scrap book pages.

I hope you enjoy them. For more, just go to: and you'll find a great selection each day. Eventually, the site will be full, and I will have to take down some of the free selections. When they're gone, they're gone.

I hope to put the ones I take down onto a disk, which you can order. But that's way in the future. For now ... just take 'em.

Have a great day! See you real soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrappers scrap, drawers draw, and bloggers blog!

Good morning scrappers, drawers, and bloggers!

I love to scrap, draw, and blog! And that's why I'm here.

I love to create scrap accessories to use in my own scrapbooking. Accesories are made for cards, envelopes, picture pages, and whatever else I can think of.

Every morning, I sit at my computer; poised to draw today's graphics.

Today, I thought I'd blog about words. Have you ever thought about words?

I was driving to work one morning last week, and saw a sign that said, "Now here". Somehow, in my mind, it played a trick on me, and what I read was "No where." And then I saw what it really said, and thought, "Isn't that funny? I wonder how many other words or phrases are like that?"

Those phrases stuck in my mind when I was creating these kaleis yesterday morning. I didn't really have anywhere to use them, but decided to just put them on this creation. I don't really know what significance these words have to me, but they feel like they are branded on my brain right now.

Maybe it's somehow connected to an accident I had back on June 10th. I was no where in getting my injuries fixed, and this last week, I am "now here" ... at least when it comes to a diagnosis. But again, I feel like I'm back to "nowhere".

I hope you are having a great weekend. It is a beautiful, cool and sunny day in Columbus.

Take care ... and I'll see you soon!