Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Png Graphics Download Kit -- A Birthday Card

Good morning!

It's been almost a week since I published, but there are free png graphic download kits still up over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics -- for each day of this month. The free kit offered today is Part 2 of this birthday card. Part 1 was is on 11/29 with 6 items; for a total of 17 items in this kit.

Today is the last day for the November 2010 kits, so hurry and get them today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My husband and I did. We went to HomeStyle Buffet again this year. My granddaughter was at her dad's for several days, my daughter, her husband, and 6-month old Emma, were at her husband's family. My son in Ohio was recovering from surgery, and his love was visiting her folks in Cleveland. My son and his wife are in MA, and only come home every other year.

I did get to see my daughter, and 10-year old granddaughter Sunday, when they picked up her hamster, Bella. I was babysitting. My hamster is Betzy. Two cages, side-by-side on the long black table by the staircase. A little more noisy during the night, but double the fun.

Everything is back to normal now.

My two co-workers will be back this morning! Yeah! Tay is back at school, and life resumes normally!

I woke up to rain this morning. Ugh! I know we need rain, and I'm thankful we get it. I just wish it wasn't ... so ... so ... wet!

My husband was at home yesterday, starting his week of scheduled vacation. Unfortunately, he got a call from his supervisor wanting to know why he hadn't showed up at work. He said, "I'm on vacation." His supervisor stated that he wasn't aware of any vacation, so he had to go into work for 1/2 a day.

Now my husband puts in for his vacation at the beginning of every year. His supervisor questioned the amount of hours he had left, and my husband told him. Vacation time available is one everyone pay stub. He felt sure that he didn't have that much time left, but it would be easy enough to check.

His supervisor stated that he could take off today and tomorrow, but has to show up on Thursday, when his immediate supervisor (who is on vacation), will return, and they will discuss it. My husband takes very few days of vacation, and almost NO sick time.

I am always annoyed -- for my husband -- when his company plays these antics. He's looking to retire ... in about 8 years, when I hopefully retire.

I hate it when a company tells you to put your vacation in early ... if you want certain days. My husband always does this, and they reject it sometimes, saying, "You aren't giving other people a chance to take that time of year!" Hey! Why didn't they turn it in early as requested???? And why does the company let others jump in later to say, "I want that time off? He has it every year!" Why have a policy??? Frustrating!

I'm glad my company is fairer about time off. I've never worked for a company that is like this.

Just my own personal rant. My husband works very hard, and he takes off so seldom.

Hope you all are doing great in your neck of the world.

Take care ... stay safe ... be happy! And remember to put a little Christmas spirit in your shopping and activities this year. Be nice to others. We see so little of it the last couple of years!

And remember to pick up any graphics from November that you want ... TODAY!

3 free graphics a day -- and now! free png graphic download kits

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free PNG graphic download kits -- 1 day till Thanksgiving

Good morning!

One day away from the big "turkey day" -- and a great time for family fun!

The picture today is just a few items offered over the last few days. Free png graphic download kits over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics.

I'm sure the majority of your shopping is all done for your celebration, and it's just a few miscellaneous items left, if you still need to buy. Most homes will smell delicious tomorrow.

I wish you all -- a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's free png download kits--Mushroom Magic

Good Sunday morning!

Mushroom magic is up on my website. You can head over and pick it up anytime before December 1st, at which time, all of November's free png kit downloads are gone.

These are rather small graphics. I thought it might make a good recipe card or even the front to a card for Thanksgiving.

Pick it up for your scrapping projects. Along with the other 20 days that are up right now. Once you have them on your own computer, it won't matter if they come down off my website!

Have a great day today! Enjoy!

free png downloads kits

Fairy PNG Kit Download-Free for Saturday and the whole month of November

Good morning,

Posting yesterday's kit so you can see what is being offered.

Fun. Free png graphic download over at:

Pick it up today!

Have fun!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Free PNG Kit Downloads-Some Items From The Last Few Days

Good morning,

Just wanted to take a minute to post some of the items available since my last post. All free download kits have a psp item inside the zip file to download into your graphics program.

Always some fantasy art as well as I love this kind of creating.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Free PNGs-A beautiful frame

Good morning!

Today, we have a frame kit for you. 12 free png art graphics, and one is a psp layer. Hope you'll find something useful in this free kit. I really like the frame in this.

Hope you have a marvelous Tuesday!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving Thanks - In All Things-Free Art Kit Downloads

Whimsey 9 again in a new creation, but this kit has some additional borders and flowers. Think of all the ways you can use these graphics! And ... they're free!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and a great time for making cards and projects.

I've also been seeing pre-Black Friday sale announcements. Not many, but my husband recently remarked on this, too. He thinks that it's because there will be more job losses and people will be hanging onto their money, so they're trying to get their profits in as quickly as possible. Maybe. I don't really know.

The last 3 tips from the article I posted yesterday, but I still recommend getting a copy of it at your local library or sending for it are:

Since nitrates can lead to kidney and bladder cancer, and you still want your hot dogs, and almost all have some; even those labeled "nitrate-free", eat yellow mustard on it! My son-in-law eats mustard on his chicken, and I wonder if this helps gout.

Cheesy pizza is helped, fat-wise, with eating a hot pepper/s. Poppa John's pizza always gives you a couple of peppers around the pizza and that's something I love. Maybe he's knows something we don't. Now, we do. If you're not a pepper-lover, try some green tea after eating your pizza. Hey! Both do-able for me. (Cinnamon is great, too!)

I really wish I'd tried that after eating some tacos several months ago. I had a gall-bladder attack that was long and difficult, and I debated on whether to actually go to the hospital over it! Ouch!

And ice cream, which is probably my most favorite treat (other than popcorn) to indulge in, can cause the blood sugar imbalance of high; then crash! Done that! I also like cake, pasta and mashed potatoes which are all culprits. Almonds to slow that sugar spike! And regular or decaf coffee are helpful, too!

I love my coffee in the morning, but do keep nuts around. I eat nuts daily! I just bought a big bag of salt-free almonds this weekend.

The tips are just a quick overview of the article, but again--it's an excellent article.

Speaking of excellence; I hope you have an excellent Monday and week!

Remember to pop over and pick up the free art graphics. You just download the zip file and store them in a folder on your computer.

Happy creating!


Whimsey 8 and 9-Free PNG graphics-for Saturday and Sunday

Good morning,

I had a busy weekend this week. My daughter is celebrating her second wedding anniversary today! Congrats, Jillian and Dan!

They went out on Saturday night, so my oldest granddaughter came to visit with me Saturday and Sunday. I always enjoy her weekend visits! Hi, sweetie!! Jillian's dad kept my younger granddaughter.

Whimsey 8 is featured on Saturday, and Whimsey 9 on Sunday. Whimsey's are just little whimsical scribble drawings. If you pick them up at my website, you can also see their beginnings in the drawing board for each.

I have all my kits ready through Thursday now. Got that done this weekend, too.

I do enough creating in the early morning hours after getting the majority of my kits done that I can come up with new kits out of those creations.

I read a 2-page article in my Woman's World that I wanted to remember. I try to eat "healthy" most of the time, but everyone splurges occasionally. How to undo the harmful effects of those times?

Page 12 and 13 of 11/8/10's WW:
For fried fast foods, cut the saturated fat that can cause heart disease by drinking one cup of oj with your meals. I guess you'd choose "fresh" because it says not to use "not-from-concentrate). And a handful of walnuts with your meal helps, too. And go for a walk.

And for those toxins in the liver from alcohol; try broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for cleaning it out. Oily fish: tuna, salmon, mackerel; and there's also flaxseed and sunflowers for rebuilding healthy new liver cells. Excellent!

For bloat from salty foods (potato chips, popcorn and pretzels), herbal tea with hibicus is terrific. Two teas to try: Celestial Seasonings' Raspberry Zinger or Bigelow's Perfect Peach. Yum! I also always wondered if sea salt was better than regular table salt. The answer: "Yes!" Less sodium.

I will cover the last 3 in my next post, but I'd recommend reading a copy of that article. I love Woman's World for all the health tips, the fictional and reality stories, the jokes and cartoons, and Instant Creativity Sections. So much in this weekly magazine! (I am not an affiliate or anything ... just a huge fan!) I need my weekly fix!

Have a terrific day! Back to post in a minute.

And don't forget to go grab the free png kit downloads for lots of free art graphics.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Free PNG Graphics Download--Whimseys-Sea Mouse and more

Good morning,

Friday's free png kit download (free art kit graphics) are up! The picture shows the kit. The blue creature is a Whimsey (number 7).

Whimsey's are created from scribble drawings, and if you've followed any of my blog, you know I love to do scribbles. There's so many things I can find in scribbles.

On my website, I have The Drawing Board. It shows my original scribble and how I outlined it from the scribble. This one is found on today's post: for Friday, 11/12/10. Scribbles are always fantasy-type drawings for the most part.

In this kit, there is a "sea-mouse and rider". You can see it hiding from it's unexpected guest whose come to visit. The sea mouse is in the bottom right-hand corner of the kit.

The sea-mouse was put together from some kaleis, and then I added ears as it looked like a mouse to me.

There is a psp graphic item in the kit with all the layers.

Update on Betzy, my robo dwarf hamster. I finally took her out of her cage last night. It took my husband and me about 20 minutes to catch her. She runs very quickly, and hides in her side bubble, in her wheel, and in her igloo. I lifted the igloo out, and she ran to her wheel. I finally just put the clear ball hole against her wheel hole, and she ran into it.

I popped on the top and put her on the floor. She ran right away, but once she got some distance between us, she stopped. And just sat. I'd go over and pick up the ball, and hold it up toward my face and talk to her. She's try to run again, and this is pretty much how her 20 minutes of being out of the cage went. I think she was happy to be back in her cage.

I gave her a slice of apple last night. She had one on Tuesday, too. She picked it up and began eating it immediately. She definitely likes apples. She stuffed that and some seeds into her pouchy cheek, mostly in her right cheek, so she looks a little lop-sided in the face.

Taylor sent me a video of her holding her hamster, Bella. It's adorable. In the video, she thanked me for buying her her pet. She said she loves Bella, and just loves having a pet. Mom seems to be softening, also. She thinks Bella has beautiful coloring, and loves the distinct, thin brown line down her back. She bought Bella a new wheel, as she doesn't use the fancy, large top wheel at the top -- except to put litter in it. Perhaps she sees this as a place to nest, instead of exercise. But she loves her new wheel.

Yesterday around 4, I developed a stomach ache, and I still have it this morning. Weird! Ick! Hope I'm not coming down with the flu. Miserable way to spend the weekend.

Go over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics and pick up the kits for this month of November. They are up all month, and taken down in December. Great for little additions to your scrapbooking or card making projects. And; they're free!

Have a great day! Stay safe.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

YOU-nique free png/psp downloads; today and everyday--Hamster Update and pictures

Good morning,

Happy Veteran's Day ... to all you veterans, and that includes my sweet husband, Ray!

I think today's kit is You-nique! Unique! I read about You-nique in Boogie Jack's Almost a Newsletter.

He was talking about not copying others, but just being you ... hence; you-nique! That stuck with me, so I put it in this kit!

This is a you-nique little doll. I spent most of the morning working on her and her decorations. She is the new, free, png kit download on my website for today: Thurs., 11/11/10!

A psp layer item is included.

Here's the doll done a little bigger. In the png kit download (free) ... you get each item alone or in the psp layered item, one item with all the layers.

The doll is in the kit in 2 sizes. One is large, and the other is small.

The base for the kit is 500 x 600.

Her hair is made from a kalei'd flower. Those are so much fun, and can be used for a multitude of creations.

I really enjoy making these little kits, although sometimes I get a little behind. I try to get future kits done for the week on the weekends, but sometimes; alas, I still get stuck. I am currently up-to-date, and if you find there is not a kit up for the day, just check back the following day. Two kits will go, and the missing day is always there.

And here is Betzy again.

She is a wonderful little creature, and I just love her to pieces.

Her life is very limited. I can expect her to live 3 to 4 years, and I hope we become close friends.

My granddaughter has Bella; a fancy Russian Dwarf hamster. In the beginning, I thought she was Chinese, but nope! She's Russian. The name is so appropriate for her!

Taylor is having a ball with Bella. Even her mom had to finally admit that Bella is adorable. She loves her coloring, and the stripe down her back. And she's so little. She said, "It's hard to imagine that your Betzy is even tinier!!!"

All and all, hamsters make great pets. Not a lot of care. Just fresh water everyday, and keep their food dish filled. Clean their cage once a week, and make sure they get exercise. Betzy loves her wheel, and when she's up; that's where she's at.

Bella doesn't use her fancy top wheel, and Jillian is considering buying her a side wheel like Betzy's. It takes so much work to climb way up to Bella's wheel; the side wheel would be better. Instead, Bella uses her exercise ball -- alot. I have yet to put Betzy in hers.

Bella started off her relationship with Taylor by biting her (and me). That has calmed way down. We read on the internet that to discourage the biting, gently blow in their face and say no. I guess they don't like you blowing in their face. Now Bella runs up and down Taylor's arm as she carries her around. She loves having a hamster!

Pets are great for children and even older people. They teach responsibility, and the hours of pleasure from them can really lift your spirits. It's great for your health.

We always wash our hands before handling them, and again after we've put them safely back in their homes.

Hope you'll download my free pngs ... one for each day of the month. One a day ... everyday!

If you off, as I am--have a great day. If you're working today, I hope it goes well and fast for you.

Stay safe!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Png Graphics Download Kit-today through Monday: Betzy: my Robo Dwarf Hamster

Good morning,

This lovely little, divine creature is Betzy, my new Robo Dwarf Hamster. I bought her on Saturday at PetSmart. She's about 2" long, and just adorable.

She has a terrific, colorful cage with an exercise wheel, and upper level for playing, and a top bunker that detaches so she can be taken on the go.

I named her Betzy, and that's because it's best for them to get used to being addressed; so they will know their name.

Sorry the pictures are not a little clearer, but I hope to get some better ones as she gets used to me.

The store advised letting her get used to her new habitat and surroundings before trying to handle her, so I'm following their advice.

Once I brought her home, and got her cage set up with litter, food, and water, I put her inside. She found the wheel right away and immediately began running. I could just see her little mind thinking, "I'm gotta get out of this place!"

Ha! She ran all the rest of yesterday, and almost all night. I could hear the wheel turning even in my bedroom. She was still up at 2 a.m. when I awoke.

I took to calling her Betzy in a soft voice. Ever time I went past her, I stopped and talked softly to her, clicking here and there. A couple of times, she even came out of her wheel and to the front of the cage to look at me. Hmmm. I got her attention.

A little later, I gave her a small slice of carrot, but she pretty much ignored it. As she did with the small bit of lettuce I gave her yesterday.

I bought another hamster for my 10-year old granddaughter -- after she talked with her mom about getting it. We both have fancy cages, our own litter, food, treats, rolling balls, and little igloos for them to sleep in.

Taylor's hamster is a Chinese Dwarf. She's very pretty with a thin brown stripe all the way down her back. She bites. My granddaughter is NOT as patient in giving her hamster some space. She named her hamster: Bella.

Bella is rowdy. She comes quickly to the front of the cage and stands up and pokes her nose through the bars, wiggling her nose. But ah! Don't be too quick to try to stroke her ... or she'll nip you! She bit Taylor 2 or 3 times yesterday, and bit me once. Ouch! Didn't draw any blood, but she's feisty!

So now I am featuring a little corner about Betzy every day on my website. Check out our progress.

Onto today. The free png graphics download today are some new creations called "whimseys".

What are "whimseys"? Basically, they are my scribble drawings, worked up into final graphics. I do more scribbles than you'd care to believe. In a few moments of inactivity or waiting on something, I'll grab any scrap of paper and start scribbling away. I can often pick out 2 to 5 items on each page. I outlines those heavier, and then fill them in a little.

From 11-6 through the 11-8, I am featuring my first 3 whimpseys.

The little whimsey here is No. 3. There's an animation with her in it on my website for 11/6.

Whimsey 1 and 2 are also in the animation.

My granddaughter will be going home soon. Her parents went to church, and they'll be stopping by on the way home to get her. I'm sure they will stay awhile.

I haven't gotten all my website ready for all this coming week; just through Monday ... so I will need to be doing some serious work when I get up each morning.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is quickly coming to a close.

Stay safe!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Frame - Free PNG Kit Download-Free Art Graphics

Good morning,

The Friday morning, 11/5/10, free png kit download is up and ready for you to download.

There is a 16-layer psp item.

Great for a picture frame or scrapbooking project. Go check it out.

I wanted to share a strange happening on my way home Wednesday night. It completely slipped my mind.

It might have been Tuesday.

As I turned the corner into the main area to get into my housing complex, traffic came to a halt. I thought maybe there was a school bus letting kids off. Then we began to move slowly.

It turned out to be a "gappers block" ... everyone looking. Of course, while I continued to move slowly to keep from hitting the car in front of me, I also did a double-take. On my side of the road were 2 cars parked and people milling around. Just a short distance away was a man, laying on the side of the road, on his back, and I assume ... unconscious.

It was totally weird, as no one was standing around him. I don't know what happened, and couldn't find anything about it in the news.

Surely, he was hit as he walked along the road.

I don't know if he survived, since I found nothing about it.

I hope he was alright.

This would be a dreadful thing to happen to any walker ... or driver. We always have to be so mindful, at all times.

I visited with my daughter and granddaughters yesterday. It was a wonderful visit.

My new granddaughter seemed delighted to see me, and spent a lot of time squealing and bouncing. Toward the end of the visit, she was rubbing her eyes a lot, and was a little fussy. Her mom said, "Oh ... she is so sleepy, but she fights it! She just hates to miss what's going on!" Her mom called me when I got home and said, "Mom. As soon as you left, Emma crashed, and she's still out!"

We tried to feed her some pureed apples. She wasn't into it. We tried mixing it with cereal, and that was a real NO GO! She arched her back, backing away from it, and cried. We listened and stopped. Poor little gal!

My older granddaughter was on her computer, as she is most of the time when I go over now. Not so unusual since most of us spend a lot of time on the computer.

I'm stopping by again today and staying till my older granddaughter is ready to be picked up from a class she's taking. I invited her to come spend the weekend. She's always asking if she can go home with me; I thought it would be nice to actually INVITE HER. It's hard living in a house with a new baby, when you've been the only baby for 10 years.

I need to take her to her guitar lesson tomorrow. It's an hour long, and I will wait for her, and bring her home with me again. Her mom and dad will pick her on Sunday ... after church.

Hope you have your weekend planned ... and that's it's full of fun!

Be safe!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free PNG Kit Download-Free Art Graphics for November 4, 2010

Good morning!

My offering today is this frame kit. It's a rather simple kit, but looks beautiful when finished. There is a psp item with all the layers in that one item.

There is also a yellow-edged flower not shown in the picture, and the frame comes in 2 sizes.

Put a picture in the frame, and the years of the person in the picture in the small green/yellow edged flower.

It's so simple and fast.

We are on the down side of the week now. Two more working days, and then another too-quick weekend!

The frame in this flower would also make a cute FOR YOU signature tag in a gift. In a flower gift, you could put your message in the middle of the frame or even a picture. Print two out, picture on 1 and message on another. Get a straw to use as a stick, and glue together both frames--around the straw, so each side is showing out. Insert into a potted dried or fresh flower arrangement. So cute!

Hope you have a great Thursday! Hope it goes fast!


PS -- Remember to appreciate those around you that you love. A co-worker left her husband yesterday to come to work, and 45 minutes later, received a phone call that her husband had just died. What a shock! My heart goes out to you, Linda. You are in my prayers!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Frame Kit PNG Download--And a Tip/News For Today

Good morning,

Today's free png kit download features some frames, some border items, some deco boxes and items.

The first offering in the download is a psp item, so all the items can be downloaded into your graphics program and used from this one item. It is still in layers.

The rest of the free graphics are individual and in png files, so there is no background.

The frame sizes are 500 x 600; 300 dpi, and all the items offered are card-smart sizes. Very little resizing.

You can recolor or sharpen. Remember that black cannot be recolored as easily as colored items. What I do to change the color is simply make a drop shadow of the black item with no blurring and at a 100% and work from there.

The individual items I used to make the kit are broken down into smaller items so you can use them to design your own frame. See what you can come up with. It's a lot of fun.

We are currently experiencing much cooler weather right now, and it's a perfect time for opening the windows to air out the house. I love having "cool" in my house. I prefer this type of airing to using store-bought air freshners. Good thing, too!

And this fits in with a tip I read (WW's):
The phthalates and surfactants found in a lot of spray or solid air freshners are harmful to you. And, according to their tip, it can double your risk of breast cancer! Whoa! So glad I still use a bleach and water solution to clean. I always think "simple" is the best way; the old ways.

My granddaughter is 5 months old now, and her mom just started feeding her fruits. She sent me a picture yesterday of her first feeding of apples. Did she like it? She ate it ... with a few faces thrown in! She's also allowed to introduce some vegetables now, too! Oh! The excitement!!!

I remember introducing new foods to my babies, and it was so much fun! I'll cart my camera along this week on my visit ... and I hope to catch the little one ... eating!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Art Graphics in Png Kit Downloads

Good morning,

Something simple this morning; a simple flower kit. (This kit has a psp set inside, so if you download it into a graphics program, you can pick and choose by layers.)

I work in a big company. While my children are all grown up now, and I have grandchildren, I hear my co-workers say how their kids are sick ... and they're trying to decide whether or not to take them to the doctor. I remember those days.

Recently reading a tip from my Woman's World, they mentioned Healthy Children dot org (www.healthychildren.org) where you can input your child's symptoms and it will help you decide when to call the doctor! I think that's very helpful, so I thought I'd mention it here. (Hope this helps, girls!)

Have a great Tuesday!

Cj (http://www.easyaspiedailygraphics.com)

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010-New Free PNGS Download Kits; Looking At the Last Days of 2010

Good morning!

Hello November 2010! It's the first day of the month, and it's the start of all the November free png kit downloads!

October was a fun month! I really enjoyed doing all my Halloween pngs.

Today's free png download kit has 9 items, and it's called Deep Autumn. I went with deep, dark reds in this kit.

Hope you had a great weekend.

It's Monday ... and back to work for most of us, including me!

This month includes turning back our clock on Sunday, November 7th. I always remember which way we're going by: Spring Forward, Fall Back.

This Tuesday, November 2nd -- hey; that's tomorrow, is Election Day. A lot of companies are now giving 2-hours paid time to go vote, but most require you to submit a request. My husband's company, and my company offer it. How about yours?

Thursday, November 11th, is Veteran's Day. Government worker's get the day off, and I will probably take Friday, the 12th, off. Hmmmm! Nice long weekend, and I'm only at my desk and travelling for 4 days this week. That's great! (I do like my job.)

Thanksgiving falls on the 25th ... a Thursday, and I've already had the 26th approved for a liberal leave day. That will be a long weekend, and I will need it.

Our group at work only has 3 regional techs. I am one. The other two will be off for a full week, so I will be doing all the work for the USA during that time. That's a lot of work. (Hey, you two ... enjoy your time off!) One will be back on the 29th, and the other on the 30th ... so you'll still have time to help me get caught up! Ha! Ha!

Looking into December, we have Hanukah starting on the 2nd, and Christmas on the 25th (a Saturday). Most people will probably have the 24th off to celebrate the Christmas holiday. And the same goes for New Years on the 1st of January, 2011!!! Another Saturday.

Kwanzaa is on the 26th.

This is the busiest time of the year for most of us. Christmas shopping, getting everything mailed out, cooking, baking, decorating! Oh my!!! I know I will simply my life this year. I'm focusing on just the "children". I have my two granddaughters in OH, my niece and nephew in MO., and my husband's two grandchildren in TX. That's it for me.

I will have a full 2 weeks off during December. Last year was my first time ever taking off 2 weeks, and it is so beneficial. The week before Christmas, and the week after. One to finish up last minute items, the other to just rest. It makes the workload a little harder when you go back, but not very ... as a lot of people are off during the holidays and if you stay, you have a hard time getting your workload. Stay and sit around ... or take off with everybody else.

I went back to shopping at Kroger this weekend. I left Walmart. I'm just too frustrated with all Walmart's new condensing and re-locations/decorations! Since the death of the man who started it all ... I think Walmart has gone downhill. I've been unhappy for months; maybe all this year. More and more of what I want -- variety -- is NOT on hand, and I have to stop somewhere else to get it. I marveled over all the selection that Kroger had!

When I checked out, I forgot to scan my card at the start. At the end of ringing up, I gave the clerk my card. At first, it was $107.00. It went down to $106. My husband said, "Yeah. BIG savings, there."

The clerk replied, "It's not done yet."

My final bill: $98 and some odd cents. I call that spectacular.

I did stop at the Walmart across from where I live to buy ... water. I like the Sam's flavored waters, so that's what I picked up. But ... if they keep raising the price on it; I'll switch to making my own tea or do Crystal Light ... with my own water.

Somethings got to give. Prices are too high, our politicians gotta go (start with all new ones just to say how displeased we are; and if they don't do the job -- give them boot with all new ones again, and change some of these laws that give them so much when they leave). Things have changed so much ... and quit raising taxes! We got too many taxes already!

And with the coming of November and December, we could start seeing snow (and hopefully NO ICE). Now's the time to check the tread on your tires with a penny. Slip one upside down in the tread and if you see the top of Lincoln's head ... it's time to spend a little more money!

Okay. Enough for today.

Don't forget to check out the new free png download kit for today ... and every day!