Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bye-Bye April -- the last day to grab the free April Graphics

Good morning,

And so ends April, 2011. Today is the last day, and all graphics are UP ... so grab 'em now!

The creation above is made of 2 graphics offered today. There are 3 graphics, and actually a few more than 3. There are several gradients, the face border, and a flower frame.

We've had rain most of this month. It was pretty yesterday, so I was able to get out a walk with a co-worker during lunch and a break. It is her birthday today -- so Happy Birthday, Tiff! (Sorry, but this is your LAST year to celebrate your thirties!!! :) ) No need to worry. From personal experience, I can tell your the forties are wonderful still.

Hope everyone enjoyed April! And I hope you've picked up the graphics you want this month.

Tomorrow starts a brand new month!

Toodles ...
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Celebration and Free Graphics For Scrapping Your Memories

Good morning to you all!

Today's creation is one featuring myself ... and my adorable granddaughter, in a joint art project on Easter Sunday. Her mother took this picture (thanks, sweetheart), and I took it and put it in a scrap (or could be a card front) using a few of the items that are featured on my website. Head on over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics to pick up any of the free graphics you'd like to use to embellish your own creations!

As you can see, we went together on an art project. My granddaughter loves using water colors on canvas, and one of her favorite things is to sprinkle it with salt. As it dissolves, it adds texture and design, and really makes it pop. It is so pretty.

I'd never done this, so she was teaching me! It was so much fun ... and she is an excellent teacher.

My half of the creation is along the border that I am holding, and hers is along the right.

I spent Easter with my daughter's family. My husband was in his hometown, as his son's funeral was on Monday. It gave him a chance to see his wonderful family, and really hunker down for a long week's visit. He stayed with his mom, and I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I needed to be at work, and couldn't take a full week off (plus 2 airline tickets are quite expensive), I stayed behind. My husband was cool with this.

My daughter made a wonderful Weight Watcher's dish. I loved it so much, she gave me the recipe, and I came home and cooked up a batch to take to work all week. Ahhh! It is so delicious.

I hope your Easter was as grand and enjoyable as mine was. (Thank you -- to my family!)

Take care.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Morning FREE graphics

Good morning,

Today's graphics, pictured above is a gift tag, has all the elements above for you to create with. They are in jpgs.

These graphics were offered on Thursday. I made it into a card for Ramon, my husband's son, who passed away on Tuesday at 2:30 pm. My husband so wanted to get there to see Ramon before he died. The doctor thought he had a week, and had he had the full week, they would have been reunited.

But God has His own ways ... and it was NOT meant to be. The funeral is on Monday. I wish the survivors peace. Ramon's struggles are over, and he can rest in peace now.

While my husband is visiting with his family outside our state, I was visiting with my girls yesterday. My little 10 1/2 month old, almost 11 months now, is practicing standing and clapping. She is so adorable, and loves to see me when I visit.

My older granddaughter is still a delight to me. The four of us went for a long, long walk yesterday because the sun was shining, and it was a fairly beautiful day. There was a cool breeze, but we had a wonderful time walking, as my granddaughters rode. One on her bike, and one in her stroller.

One beautiful day is all we're supposed to get this week: yesterday. Before it was rain, and following it is rain. We have had MORE THAN ENOUGH rain this spring!

If you're heading off to church today ... have a great time. I know my daughter's family is going.

And I will spend Easter with my daughter and her wonderful family this year! And my husband will be spending time with his family! (Have fun, sweetie!)

Hope you have a beautiful day, everyone!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Sweet Card for My Anniversary

Good morning!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart. We've made it to 11 years!!!

I love you.

3 new free graphics each day -find the base of the card, the face in the middle, and the words --up for today

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cards: Make It Yourself--Free Graphics

Good morning,

I've been busily making cards this last weekend. I made about 6-8 cards, and I'm always making more.

Today, at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, I have this card's items available. See picture above for the card front. Print onto the cardstock of your choice, leaving room for the back of the card, and decorate as you wish. I love the colors of this card.

This little deco decorates the center of the card -- or you can leave it off and use it on the inside. This shows the deco in it's larger size, but it comes two sizes. The larger size and the small size.

I now have nineteen (19) days of graphics up: at least 3 new graphics each day. Head on over to pick them up.

We had several beautiful days in a row: yahoo! This week, they predicted rain for every day but Thursday. We were blessed, because it started yesterday, but we managed to squeeze in one more fairly pretty day - except for the powerful breeze.

Hope this is a good week for you.

Personally, my husband has a son in the hospital. He's 32. He is on dialysis, but his liver is failing. My husband will take this week to go visit him in his final days. He'll leave mid week, and come back mid week next week. It is ... a sad time.

Til later.


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Friday, April 15, 2011

One Friday Graphic Kalei Flower

Good FRIDAY morning,

Just a quick post this morning with a quick graphic!

We had another beautiful day yesterday. Two in a row: WOW! Today should be nice until rain coming in this evening. Maybe they're wrong. (Fingers crossed.)

Have a great Friday!


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfect Weather equals a Perfect Day

Good morning,

Ahh!!! Nothing but a little fun graphic today for the beautiful spring day we had yesterday. I think they are predicting rain for today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I hope they are wrong!

It was ever so perfect yesterday: sunshine, clear skies, fluffly clouds here and there, no real breeze --absolutely heaven!

Have a great day -- wherever you are; whatever your weather!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Spring! Where ART thou???

Good morning,

Today's creation expresses my frustration with the idea that, officially, it is spring, but the days keep taking one step forward and two steps back.

Last week, we had some beautiful spring weather, and then we had snow ... right in the middle of it! It's like it can't make up its mind.

Around us, we have flowering white trees, and small trees are bursting with that fresh green color of small, lime-green leaves exploding forth.

Yesterday, it rained ... and rained ... and rained, and the temperatures dropped again.

Walking from the parking lot into work each morning can be maddening. It's beautiful on the trek in, and miserable on the journey out!

The weather in my fair city used to be so wonderful! A hard snow winter about every 4 to 6 years, but the last 3 or 4 have been icy, snowy, and slippery. Everybody is talking about the change.

So the colors in my pictures are my yearnings for color ... for brightness and feeling cheerful. And the darkness is for the winter that continues to put out it's hand, and try to snatch it all away!

Spring days may come, but they will quickly yield to the hot, hot of summer days, which pleases many. I don't necessarily like hot hot ... but would love to feel the freshness of spring ... for just a little while before the heat of dog day afternoons.

I heard one person in the elevator yesterday, say, "I put the flowers out ... I take them back in! It just can't seem to make up its mind what to do out!"

Oh well. What are you going to do?

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creating Graphics On Tuesday

Good morning,

I had a great sleep last night.

So this morning, I am posting something I did that was fun and fast. This took about an hour.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Cj 3 new free graphics each day

Monday, April 11, 2011

Having a Little Art Fun This Early Monday Morning

Good morning all,

Just a quick post featuring some fun artwork this morning. The little butterfly is actually one of my sculpey/paper arts in pinks, but colored for this picture, and I played with some effects in my psp program.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Each day -- every day -- free graphics!

Good morning,

These are a few items that are posted over at my website this month.

Most are from this coming week. I've gone back to featuring jpgs, although there are 2 png kits up. Png kits take so much time, so unless I know people are using them, I'm not posting as many as I did.

This last week has been hectic for me, as I am a federal worker, and was staring down at the government shutdown if the budget didn't pass. I'm sure those in Congress felt they were the heros of the day ... finally getting around to passing LAST YEAR's BUDGET!!! I don't think so.

I work with deadlines, and I'm sure you do, too! I don't get paid the amount of money that most articles say government workers get ... NOT by a long shot.

Years ago, when I was laid off from my last job, I started with the government and made several thousand dollars less than I had been making. What increases we get are modest, and having come from the private sector, am very grateful for them. Our benefits cost us more and more every year ... just like yours do.

My particular company has been following the private sector view over the last 5 years. They've been down-sizing our positions each year, and over the next year (it started last year) ... there is a BIG PUSH to cut our budget.

Over all, I love my job. It's not difficult, and we do have deadlines. Coming from the private sector, I give my all at my position.

I could tell you stories about government workers ... but I won't. There are MANY, good, and hard-working people working here ... and I try to focus on the positive.

Basically ... I hate politics ... and politicians.

Now there is government waste: all the money they get, and being able to vote for your own raise! C'mon! That is ludicrous.

And were they going to shut down when the rest of the government did? And are they going to take a pay cut and lose their "royal" benefits? I think not.

The only way I see to change our future is to vote every single one of them out of office, and replace them with new people. Then follow those people and their voting records ... and keep replacing them when their term is over until we get some people who understand balancing the budget, and for running a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

I'd be looking for people that are NOT power and money hungry ... sitting their b____ in their chairs year after year after year! I'd want people who are looking to make America great again.

Someone that knows how to give the job market a shot in the arm, so everyone is working and providing for their families again. Someone who knows what "illegal" means! And someone that is NOT breaking the laws -- only to get a slap on the wrist ... or "he forgot" scenerios.

Okay! I'm done ranting.

The picture of the graphic above also has a mask in it. You can see that 2 flowers are partially covered (that is the mask). It's featured on my website for Wed. 4/13/11.

And ... all next week is published ... so hurry on over and pick up the free graphics.

And have a great week! (The weather is improving -- yeah!)

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