Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cj's Zen Poppers--Inspirationals from Zentangles

Good morning,

I don't know if I've written about this yet; maybe I have. I recently came across a link for, and starting reading it. I joined their newsletter.

The term zentangle is coined/owned by Rick and Maria, but it is an artform that has been around a long time.

Reading other sites/forums, I've found that people have been doing this doodle thing but there never was a tradename for it before Maria and Rick. I suggest you check out their site.

Being as I love doodles, and I'm sure you've know, if you read very many of my posts, I like scribble drawing. But this whole concept of all the patterns in a layout has really revved up my creations. I just love it.

The first one featured here was done on 7/22/11. It is recommended that you do one each day, as it's very relaxing.

You can buy a starter kit at, but I just use index cards, the smaller size, and a regular ballpoint pen. I use my lighted magnifying light to help me see it really close up. I start my outline just however I feel, and after it is done, I go back and fill it in.

These are hand-drawn, and although my hands are shaky, I am finding that practicing this art form has actually helped me get more control over my tremors.

I have also done these digitally. Since I love doing my own graphics, patterns, etc., I use my own elements that I've created to fill them in. I will post a few of the digital zen poppers next.

If you are looking for patterns to use to fill in with, there is a zentangle pattern site too! There is an alphabetical list of all the pattern names, as well as pictures with them. They show you how to do them, step by step. It is fantastic.

I carry my cards in a ziplock baggie, and take them wherever I go. When I have a free minute, I grab a pen and start coloring one of the pattern outlines in. It's hard to stop once you get started.

This zen popper was done on 7/21/11. I often place another blank index card over the part of the drawing where my hand touches to make sure I don't smear it. I bought a very thin-lined sharpie for detail work, but left the top off, and it dried out. Too expensive to keep replacing those. I'll stick to the standard ball point pen.

This fish was done on 7/13/11. I think you can see the progression of how much my layouts have changed each day.

I have always seen shapes and graphics in clouds, woodwork, floor tiles, and in almost anything, anywhere! And darn! It's really bad now (but in a good way). I am seeing them everywhere. It's good to carry a stack of index cards, so when I see one, I can jot it down for future use.

I hope you've enjoyed these ... and do checkout and zentangle patterns. Excellent resources. Even if you can't draw ... you can zentangle!



7/24/11: Glancing back at last week's graphics

Good morning,

I've put many of the graphics I made throughtout the week into this one picture above. These are just some of the graphics that you can pick up over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics.

It was a busy week.

On Friday, I kept batting at a nat that kept flying off my right eye. As I walked with a friend, I finally asked her to look at my right eye and see if it looked okay. She did, and she said, "Yes. It looks fine. Why?"

I told her about the nat. She laughed and said, "Oh! You've got a floater!"

"A what???", I asked. "What is that?"

She explained that it's some dirt that get into the eye fluid and causes you to see floating dot/s. I had never heard of such a thing.

Luckily, it doesn't bother me much indoors because there's so many colors. But go outside into the sunshine, and there's that nat buzzing around my right eye. Ugh! I hate it.

My husband has said that he has had them, and he said that they go away. I need to do a little research, because everyone else said, "Nope. There's nothing you can do for them. They aren't noticeable over time; you get used to them."

I've really been into black and white graphics lately as well as black and white pendants and earrings. Black and white just are so grabbing. Many people really notice the black and white jewelry.

We had rain this morning. Thunder, lightning, and a pretty hard rain. It's been several days, so it was a good thing. My garden loves it, and I don't have to water it or the flowers when we have rain.

I hope you'll take a look at the graphics and see if there's any you wish you use. They are free.

Have a great week!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Woman and A Very Special Surprise For Me

Happy Birthday to you --- Kathy!

I hope it will be a wonderful, terrific day for you to celebrate in.

This is the sculpey pendant and earring set I made for Kathy's birthday. I just love black and white, and it goes with almost anything. I hope you get many hours of fun out of wearing my gift.

And here is the quick little card I did for Kathy using Poor Baby 11-0716-12b. In the previous post, he was only in black and white outlines. I like to leave many of my graphics like that so you can print them and color them with colors you prefer.

Happy Birthday again, Kathy!

And to the rest of you ... have a great Sunday, also.


P.S. Yesterday, I had a blast from my past. Hi, Joann! I was cleaning out my spam box in my email and ran across an old friend's email sent to me back in January of this year. I was so tickled to read it ... and quickly responded. Being as it had been so long since she sent it, I wasn't sure how quick a reply I would get. I included my cell phone number ... and she called me. I had a wonderful chat with her for about 20-30 minutes. She is currently away, but when she returns, we will have a lunch together!

Thanks, Joann! It was so wonderful hearing from you!

More free scrapbooking graphics

Good morning, again.

I find weekends to be the best time for me to post, as I have more free time then. But, I'm trying to get you caught up on everything that's over at my website since I last posted.

This first item is a Bow Frame or Journal Box. It would fit well on a girl baby birth announcement card! It's posted on 7/15/11.

This second art graphic is called Flower Frame, posted on 7/16/11. I love the design of it. What do you think?

And again last ... there always has to be a last -- but not least, is one of my characters from a series I call "Poor Baby". This one is 11-0716-12b. I used him on a birthday card for my daughter-in-law, Kathy, whose birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday, Kathy! (I'll feature the card in the next post, along with a picture of her birthday gift that I made just for her. She's such a striking gal!)

I will feature several other Poor Babies over the next few days.

Hope you'll have a wonderful day today!


Free Graphics For Scrapbooking

Good Sunday morning to you all,

It's been a busy week for me, but I've pictured some graphics that are posted on my website that you are free to pick up and use.

This first is a frame, posted on 7/11: Eye Diamond Frame. It would also make a good card front.

This is Owl Flourish posted for 7/12/11. This would look good in a signature or on a card. Put it on stationary!

This was posted on 7/13, and is called Apple-i-cious! Very cute addition to my graphics.

And last, but not least is my Heart posted 7/14/11.

Hope you can find a use for some of these graphics! Add them to your scrapbooking!

Have fun!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

ZenPOP Fantasy Fun

Good afternoon,

I am posting two days today, Saturday and Sunday. The zenPOP picture at the top is for today.

This little mushroom also came out of my zenPOP graphic for today. For Sunday.

And this one is from Saturday. This one is done in 2 versions. Still NOT exactly a zentangle yet, but so much fun!

The full Sunday picture is over at my website, so go check it out.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I did!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clay Yourself Website, and Border Frame

Good evening!

Yes. It is the weekend, and I've been claying most of the day. I did get my website up for Friday, 7/8. On it, you will find this exciting website:! You can make a clay avatar of yourself or ... someone you wanna be! Go check it out. (The above picture is what I did with it! Also, she's wearing ONE OF MY PENDANTS, which you can choose one for yourself free. Check out the website for June and July pendants!)

This picture above is a border frame, and it is the FREE graphic for today over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. Run pick it up! Scrap with it!

The day is ending, and tomorrow is Sunday. I still have one day left to create. I still have to work in some cleaning and laundry, ugh! I'd rather create!

Our weather was beautiful ... I hope yours was, too!



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Border and Decos Flowers for Today's Creation: Win a free pendant!

Good morning!

Today's creation: a gold border, and a flower deco. There are 3 versions of this flower on my website today for 7/7/11 and another larger deco flower. The gold border is longer. This is a partial view. The items are part of yesterday's offerings.

Hope you have a fantastic day!


Win a free pendant! Yes, I said free! Take a look at the pendants at my website, and give me your opinion through email. Choose the pendant of your choice and email me your address. I will send it off! Only one to a person -- for the first five people.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Problems Are Your Chance to Shine Graphic

Good morning,

Scrapbooking is a fun way to express yourself. You put so much of YOU into it!

Ever scrapbook a problem? Or, the solution to a problem? Here's a little graphic decoration for you to use, if you wish. You can see more over at my website.

I hope you have a chance to shine today!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Smiles Change Lives: Put One On Today!

Good morning,

Smiles are so different! Some are wide open and exciting, while others are closed-lipped and tight. Some smiles are even crooked!

A smile does a body good. It makes you feel better, and it's contagious when received by others.

This bright, vibrant little work of art would make a wonderful addition to a scrapbooking project/page. If you like it, please grab it, and use it; absolutely FREE.

I hope it makes YOU SMILE!

Have a great Tuesday!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Pendants: Nine to see ... a glimpse of some in the making

Good morning,

July is here ... and I have 9 July pendants up. I have my favs, of course.

In the picture above, there are 4 views.

The top picture is just a decoration. The view to the right is 11-07--0009. The lower left view is all nine of the July pendants, to date, in a Laughing Cow container. It stores them so nicely.

The bottom right view is some stones that are ready to be placed into a pendant. You would not believe the number of stones (out of clay) that I've already created. That is my favorite part of the creating process.

I still have tons of unbaked items, sitting on my desk on little index cards. I bake them on the index cards.

Each stone will go through 2-3 bakes. I put aluminum foil over the baking clay pendants to keep them from scorching.

Like my graphics, I get hours and hours of fun from doing this type of creating. The time just gets away from me. I can easily put in 8 to 12 hours doing these activities, so my weekends go so fast.

People notice the pendants wherever I go. Many people have said, "You need to sell them." I am looking to start a small business doing just that, and if I have enough interest, I will definitely start that. That may be before the end of this year. Maybe sooner. I am getting my inventory together now, so I'll have something to offer when I do that.

What do you think?


Final June Pendants: 0018 and 0019

Good morning!

Here are the last two pendants for June. Pendant 0018 is just gorgeous. Both have beaded bail wires to attach to a chain or ribbon.

Over all, some very striking necklaces for June!

I hope you enjoyed viewing them!


Pendants of June: 0014 thru 0017

Good morning,

Almost through the set of pendants I created for June.

My favorite in this set is 0016. It is wire wrapped, which I learned to do from a video online. It was much easier to do than I thought it would be, although it did take some patience. I love the transparency nature this one has, although 0014 and 0015 also have this feature.

The picture on 0015 is not as good. It is for my granddaughter, as this is the one she fell in love with. My daughter also like it.

Pendant 0017 was another wire wrap that holds the created pendant firmly in place. A little more rustic, but I do like the colors together: Purple, orange, yellow and green.

One more set, and that will wrap up June 2011.

Have a great day.


Third set of June Pendants: 0010 thru 0013

Good morning!

Another set of June's Pendants. I took these pictures with my picture phone, as I found it actually took better "smaller, detailed" pictures than my Canon PowerShot SX100 IS.

Pendant 0010 is too delicate to actually wear due to the attenna of the butterfly, but it would be beautiful on a small ribbon, hanging on the edge of a baby frame as decoration. It is adorable.

Out of this set, I'm particularly fond of 0011 and 0013. 0011 has just a simple wire for it's bail while the others are beaded. 0012 and 0013 have different types of ribbon, but that can be swapped out for other types of ribbons.

0011 thru 0013 were created several years ago, but were sticky. I had not baked them long enough. I rebaked them after adding some new designs to each. Each pendant has a high glossed finish.

Have a great day. The pictures of the pendants are bigger on my website.


June's Clay Pendants:0005 thru 0009


Another set of pendants created for June.

Pendant 0006 was given to a co-worker. She wore it almost every day last week as she dearly loved it. "It's so smooth", she declares. She loves the feel of it as well as the fact that is extremely light.

When I first started creating with Sculpey clay, I had many of my beginning creations TURN STICKY. I learned over the years, I wasn't firing them long enough. Pendants are fairly small, and when they come out of the oven, they should feel very light. I have been able to fix the stickyness of older items made simply by rebaking them. I let them cool completely, and then glaze with a high finish.

Some people like small pendants; and others like bigger pendants. My daughter tends to like bigger items.

I love all of these; but I'd have to say that 0005 is my favorite. Both 0005 and 0007 have a very nice transparency in them. All of these have beaded wire bails.

They're pretty!


Pretty pendants for June 2011: 0001 thru 0004

Good morning, again!

I know I am doing less in graphics lately. In fact, I pretty much skipped the month of June. I just needed a rest. I've simplied what I'm doing to some degree.

I am spending most of my time creating and designing clay pendants.

Above, you can see 11-06--0001 through 0004. All four of these have coordinating beads on their bail (or wire used to attach to chain or ribbon). 0001 reminds me of a field of flowers. I love 0002 and 0004. 0003 took a along time to create. It's a bird flying.

Altogether, I have 19 pendants for June on Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. I will post other pictures, as I think they are so pretty. I often give the pendants as gifts. I'm sure I've shown you pictures of pendants that I've sent to my daughters-in-law. My daughter has a few now, too, as well as my granddaughter. Several people at work have some pendants, too.

Some are smooth the feel: 0002 and 0004. 0001 and 0003 are textured when felt.

That's it. Have a great day!


Patterns in Flowers

Good morning,

A patterned flower can add interest and texture to your graphics.

Today, I am offering the settings I used to achieve this patterned flower. To see more, just head over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. It's in 7/3/11's menu.

From the menu page of daily graphics, you just click each day and it opens. Simply click it closed, as each day opens in it's own window, but the menu page remains open. It's a simple and fast way to view the days without having to maneuver back or forward. Easier for me, too!

Here is a smaller picture of all 3 flowers finished, and the pattern that was used in the upper left picture. The lower right shows a pattern I'd created already and the flower merged together (left). The picture to the right of it, is fthe final pattern, and then the settings below them both. It's bigger on EAPDG.

I do use Paint Shop Pro, vs. 9, but I'm sure the ideas are pretty much the same in other programs.

Hope you find this useful in your creations. I also tell you in today's sharing, how to put the pattern in the flowers.

Have a terrific Sunday!