Sunday, January 29, 2012

Example of Using Free Graphics To Make Your Own Card

Good morning,

I recently had a birthday card to make for a co-worker, and as I always do, I used my own free graphics. People appreciate them because I took the time to create them myself.

This first picture is the card front. You might notice Trimesa, the character, who is being offered with many expressions over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics.

This picture above, shows a side view and and the inside view.

The sideview shows that Trimesa is put on a baked clay disk to add dimension to the front of the card. This can be done when you are hand-delivering your card. It would cost you extra to mail it.

Inside are more free graphics.

This next above picture is another card to just hold the necklace I created for the birthday girl. Again, I used Trimesa on it, and a tangled-type frame decoration.

The necklace is on a FIMO white effects base. Although it looks a little yellow here, it is white. It has specks of glitter already in the clay, and I might have added glitter glue as a top coat as well.

The little flower is stuck on the top of the tangled card.

The necklace is on a silkie.

This last picture shows Trimesa off to the side. As you can see, I leave a little white around her when I cut her out. This keeps her definition so I don't thin or cut any of those lines away.

This shows the necklace upclose a little bit.

Graphics print nicely on card stock or glossy photo paper.

If you'd like to create your own free cards, just adding the small cost of your own supplies, then head on over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, and check out ALL of the free graphics currently up. I will leave them up for as long as possible, but eventually, some of the older ones will come down, to make way for the newer ones.

If you have them already on your own computer, they're ready for use when you need them. Once I take them down ... they're gone. So pick them up, and get creating!

Hope you enjoyed this example of using EAPDG's free graphics to make your own cards.

Have a really fantastic, Sunday ... because Monday is just around the corner!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Graphics coming: Just Pick Them UP!

Good morning!

For 2/2/12, these are 4 of the items you can pick up free. There is an additional item that day as well.

Red and pink are colors used for Valentine's Day, so these free graphics could help you decorate your cards and scrapbook pages.

Stay tuned for more each day. Hurry on over and pick up the items through 1/31/12, which are already posted for you to snag!



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Valentine's Day Frame or Card Base

Good morning!

Valentine's Day is coming, so I need to do some free valentine's graphics.

This frame will be posted on 2/1/12. It could be used as a picture frame ... or a card front base. You decide.

Hope you all have a terrific day!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Graphics: A Few Featured Items for this week

A very quick good morning to you all,

A quick post to show you just a very few items you can pick up over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics today. The little witchy witch is actually a sculpey creation.

In the top half, you see TriMesa, a new fantasy-type creation. She is featured everyday through 2/6, with different expression. On 1/31, there is actually a colored TriMesa.

The website is published through 1/31/12, so hurry on over and pick out the items you wish to use. Or save them all!

Have a terrific day. It's back to work Monday!

Toodles for now.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantasy Graphics-TimberToes Character

Good morning!

One of my favorite things to do in my creations is create little fantasy creatures. This one was created this morning ... and his name is TimberToes.

I put him in above a box, so the free graphic can be used with any title, quote, picture, etc. that you might want. Color it in. When I use it, it will have a caption something like, "You are so unique!" or "A New Look!", etc.

I've made a bunch of the fanciful creatures over the last two days. I've created Gubby, and also one called TriMesa. She has numerous looks for for eyes, her mouth, and her hats.

Look for these free graphics to be posted around the end of the month.

Till then, keep doodling!

I will.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flower Swirl and Just 4 You Button/Free Graphics

Good morning,

Featuring two of the several jpgs offered today at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. This is a flower swirl deco and a button for "Just 4 You"; two scrapping accessories that you can pick up free right now. It is featured for 1/17, although I have all next week up through Friday.

Remember to go check it out!

Cjs Clay And Art Scraps blogspot has a fantastic little sculpey faced flower, featuring the sculpey face. Check it out today!

Reading my Woman's World from 1/9/12, I found it interesting, yet NOT surprising that black is the color to help you lose weight. Stems from a view of spoilage and danger when viewing it ... at least in food. Can you imagine wanting to eat something this color? Not me.

Well. Maybe licorice. I like licorice.

Hope you have a fantastic day!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free graphic: A Woodsy Flower

Good morning,

One of the three free items at today, is this woodsy flower.

There are also two frames today.

Let me encourage you to take a look at today's for a fantastic blending of my two hobbies: clay sculpturing and my art scraps. While the picture is not for free use, I think you will find it very exciting.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

I read in my Woman's World a fascinating fact about black and green tea yesterday. Both are great for building your bones; especially the spine. Now that's wonderful news for me! I'll be drinking a lot more tea!

By the way, we had our first snow in Columbus yesterday, and with a little ice. I had a day off available, so I put in for it Thursday. I spent Friday getting this next week's graphics up over at Easy As Pie.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, so I have a holiday. Tuesday is my "work from home day", so I don't have to head back out on the roads for work until Wednesday. I just love that!



Friday, January 13, 2012

Get Well Card Template Today

Good afternoon,

This is a very pretty template for your free use; although credit still goes to me. Can you find a use for it?

Web pages are up at through the 18th of Jan. I may get up more today ... or I might take a little break and finish the week out tomorrow.

If you find my graphics useful, please let me know.

Thank you for any and all feedback.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color-Popping Beauty for Today

Good morning,

Today's color-popping beauty today could be used any number of ways. Print and cut out the decoration. Make a sticker out of it. Or use the whole thing as a card front.

I love the colors in this one. What do you think?

This will be offered at on Wednesday, 1/16/12. Remember to go pick it up.

My work at home day went fine yesterday. In fact, it was tremendously successful, and all the new little tricks I tried worked beautifully.

Today, I head back into the office. My cube mate will work from home today, and then another co-worker will do so on Thurs. We are the only three in a group of seven that wish to work from home.

Do you get the opportunity to work from home?

I love it as it saves wear and tear on my car, on gas at the pump, and travel time as well as getting ready to go each morning. Top that with making my breakfast to eat at work, 2 snacks, and lunch: and well. You've got some serious time saved.

I felt such a sense of exhileration after completing my day. I hope my cube mate enjoys it today. We keep in touch with those in the office even though we are not there, so I'm excited to see how it goes for her.

I hope you enjoy the graphic for today. I'd love to hear some feedback.

Have a super terrific day today!

See you soon.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clown-ish Notes

Good morning,

I used my clay clown in one of yesterday's post, and here he is again in a "Clown-ish Note". This first picture is left without any pattern fills, so you can add what you want by hand or by computer.

Here he is again, but with some pattern fills. These will be next Tuesday's, 1/15/2012, post on my website.

Hope you all enjoy these, and that you have a spectacular day.

Our company is promoting "work from home" days now, and today is my first day to work from home. I did it once in the fall while I was doing some computer testing, and had some problems. I had to remain home till it was fixed, which would take some time. But, meanwhile, I was able to do the work I normally do at work, and was given the go-ahead to give it a try.

While I was able to do it, it wasn't totally the results I wanted. This time, I have some new things to try which will make it much better. Wish me luck!

Enjoy today!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Flower Frame-My Clay Clown Framed

Good morning again,

Just a quick post here. I couldn't resist putting my clay clown that I made back sometime last summer in this frame. If it gives you a smile ... that was my goal.



Beautiful Scrapping Frame

Good morning,

This frame would look even more beautiful ... with a picture of your child or loved one inside! Grab it, and frame someone right now!

It will be featured on on Monday, 1/14/12. That's one week from today. It will be one of several free graphics for that day.

I hope you enjoy this free offering today.

Have a terrific day!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy As Pie Daily Graphics Still Going Strong

Good morning ... to everyone!

Easy As Pie Daily Graphics is still going strong! If you haven't visited in a while, run on over and check out my free offerings.

The picture above is featured on my website today. You can pick up 2 different base cards, if you're in a hurry to "quick scrap", or download the items separately and print them out and layer them into a card or project. So fun ... easy ... and fast!

There is now a guest book on my today menu page, and if you sign THAT guest book, you will be rightfully thanked for your investment in time signing with a url to 15 additional graphics on a separate page. You can only get there ... with a small amount of effort on your own. Take a minute and go sign the guest book ... and pick up your additional free graphics. And thank you!!!

This next picture above, is just some of the items I offered this week. Most are 50% reduced in size. And remember, this picture is still smaller than what actually posts on my website.

Using the free graphics allows you to throw together a very quick card.

Something new over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, is that I am now posting a week ahead of schedule. You will find everything up through 1/13/12.

During the week, when I get up, I just start creating. I now keep a diary of my daily creations for my own reference. When Saturday rolls around, I open each day and choose which graphics I'd like to offer. There is usually at least 2 graphics, but more often than not, there are three graphics. Occasionally there are more, like on 1/12/12, I had 5 flowers and one deco box -- that's six items.

I put 15 graphics in set 1 that weren't used at all ... and offer that now as my thank you for signing the guest book. By the way, these will change from time to time, and other sets will be offered. The first set will leave, the new one will arrive. So grab these while you can get them.

I start publishing the new week coming up on Saturday mornings. I finish up on Sunday morning. It is almost 8 am, and everything is published, plus this new post for HomeSpun Graphics Blogspot. That's pretty good.

That is a schedule I can live with.

I still need to add additional sculpey items to my website, and do a post for Cjs Clay and Art Scraps Blogspot. I'll work on that next.

I currently have Oct 2011 (the first 1/2 of the month up), all of November, all of December, and all of January to date. After about six months, I will start taking down October.

It's been a wonderful 2011, and 2012 will be even greater!

This year, starting Tuesday, I will allowed to "work from home" for one day a week. I've done it once before, and I am very excited by this new prospect. It will save wear and tear on my car (and me), and money on gas! And working from home will cut down on interruptions at work.

I will miss working with my co-workers, but heck! It's only one day. And it will be so much nicer when we're all in the office together.

Our days will rotate, but we get to pick and choose, although there always needs to be enough people in the office to cover our customer service lines.

Hey! Quick joke: "Why did the clown go to the doctor?"

"He was feeling "a little funny"!

I think that's cute.

Thank you for that one, Woman's World!

If you scrapbook and like these items, please feel free to comment here ... and get rewarded over at my website! And check out my other blog. Thank you.

Have a terrific week!