Monday, January 31, 2011

FREE Png Kit Download for the end of January 11: Star Quality

Good morning -- January 31st!

You are the last day of this frigidly, cold, snowy month, and I for one, am glad to see you go!

This morning's kit is Star Quality, and it has 15 png/jpg items. There is an additional psp item for you graphic design program owners -- in psp format. It's a lovely kit!

There are 2 items in the kit that aren't seen in this picture.

It's Monday morning, and the beginning of another fun-filled week working! I can't wait!

Tomorrow, all January free graphics come down as I make way for February free art paks! Hurry and grab these while they're up.

Tip from my favorite magazine, Woman's World: Go on and fuss to a friend; and then change the topic. Oklahoma State University researchers say it's good for you! It's an instant stress reliever that LIFTS YOUR MOOD!

I've done my fussing -- online -- about January ... so I'm good for today!!! (BTW, journaling does the same thing.)

Have a great one!

See ya soon.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday-Saturday-Sunday--Free PSP and PNG Download Kits

Good afternoon!

I am just finishing up for today. Wanted to get the last several kits from Friday, Saturday and Sunday up, so you can see what's still up over at my website:

Singing Birds has 2 quick frames in it for those wanted to complete something fast. There are still individual pngs for you to pick up to use separately or together in a project. PSP tubes are also available in one psp item.

This is a cute little kit. Small, but cute.

Actually, I wanted to tell you a news flash.

My daughter-in-law, Hillary, has a new blog, and she's looking for readers. If you're interested, pop on over to her blog at:

She's a lovely girl with a mind, and I think you might enjoy her happenings.

Here's another kit that I love. All done in individual pieces, psp download as well as png. All free, and fun to use.

I've got a little secret. I've been wanting to take off about 20 pounds, and just haven't had the gumption to do it ... so I joined Weight Watchers Online. All those TV commercials finally got me, and a friend at work joined. She was doing so well, I thought: Why not?

It's been 2 weeks, and I've lost some weight and inches. I feel wonderful. I spend a lot of time over there at the forums, too. My id is WineAndDineMe. I thought it was appropriate since it's related to food.

Having a ball. Enjoying my last day of this weekend.

Take care. See you soon.

Run pick up the graphics ... and go visit Hillary!

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New FREE Png Kit Downloads from the Last Week of January 2011

Good afternoon!

I did quite a lot of playing around this week.

Featured: new kits for each day during last week. They are all up till the end of the month.

This one is "different", I'd say. But ... it's online at my website if you have a use for it.

This one ... I really liked. I love that little fish!

And this is Peppa! I like him, too!

Back in a minute -- with the remaining items from this week and weekend!

See ya!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Png Art Graphic Download Kits -- for the last several days: I've been down under with flu

A very good morning to you this Saturday!

Kits are all current through today, so run over and pick them up. You're One is a cute card I designed for a possible first birthday card for my newest granddaughter. I just love it! This is a big kit!

This kit has several possibilities for center flowers, and you can see how I did 2 cards, and some other centers in the kit. It's in the Hi There card kit. Another big kit!

This is the card I choose to use, so it's the featured kit card for the pickup.

These are two additional frames in the Decorate It kit. The frames are bigger, but this picture was reduced for the blog post.

And here's the rest of the Decorate It kit. Less items, but see what you can do with it.

I had the misfortune to come down with the flu after going to work on Thursday. It led to a very embarrassing moment ... and I had to leave work immediately and come home. Talk about things to have to "live down"; this was it! Luckily, there were not too many people around, but hoping the wildfire doesn't spread. Oh well. Character-builder thing for me, I guess.

I spent Thursday and Friday, being sick. Lucky for me, I had a lot of items ready to go. I wasn't able to post Friday, but everything is better this morning.

Our weather was predicted to be absolutely awful starting Thursday about noon. I had already decided to take a vacation day for Friday, and had that approved, before I left sick. I didn't want to fight or worry about traveling in the weather.

Good thing -- since I couldn't have gone in Friday either.

My husband was also home on Friday, as he's been fighting a monumental cold for the last week, maybe longer. He finally dosed up with Nyquil and some other pills and went to bed to rest all day. He needed to do that. The threat of major weather problems helped him decide too. It's bad enough to work when you're sick, but to fight the elements at the same time ... well, sometimes it's just too much.

From where I sat inside my warm home, the weather never seems to hit the mark they predicted. While we had snow, and frigid temperatures, it didn't appear to be as bad as our last storm.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend. Lots for me to do today.

Go pick up the free png art graphics kit downloads! They're only up till Feb. 1st ... and then they're gone!


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stack of Flowers PNG Graphics Download -- FREE

Good morning!

Stack of Flowers is the FREE png graphics download kit for today. It is vibrant, and so much fun.

PSP layered item in kit for graphic design programs.

I really love this little mini kit of 6 items. I hope you'll find many uses for it!


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Free Downloadable Art Kit: Simply Flowers

Good morning,

A really quick post as it's time to get ready to go to work!

This is the kit today; Simply Flowers. Use the big flower frame to put a child's face in. Both sets are in pink and also blue.

Total of 12 free png graphics.


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Fun for scrappers!

Monday, January 17, 2011

FREE PDF and PNG Downloadable Kit for Mon. 1/17/11

Good morning Monday. My logo girl is kind of droopy-eyed today. It's a blue Monday for her, but not for me.

It is Martin Luther King Day today ... and I am on holiday! Yeah! I love holidays.

This is the free kit featured for today. It's called Flower Art Fun! It's not a big kit, but there will be additional items to go with in the next several days, and check out some of the older kits. Many items will do well together.

This just features a few more items in the kit. The circle frame comes without color, and also in lime green. There are 3 background colors: bright yellow, olive green, and lime green.

This flower at the top of this picture will be featured in Wednesday, 11/20's kit. If you like this flower, be sure to check out the pdf download on today: Mon. 1/17/11 for additional flowers.

You download the kit, print them out, and then cut them and put them together to decorate your cards or scrapping projects with.

If you don't see a new blog post for a few days, just head on over to my website to see what's up. There are days when I don't post, but the next day ... you'll find 2 posts. Every day gets covered.

Have a great day; and I hope it's not a blue Monday for you!

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Download These Four Free PNG KITS

Good morning!

Doing my posting for the last several days ... today!

Here are the current free kits currently up on my website.

This was Sunday's free png kit. See my new little logo to the bottom right. She does change expressions from day to day.

If you like borders, then this little kit will give you some extras to play with.

This is a card I made. There are 2 flaps to open on the front; the left first, and then the right to reveal the inside of the card. This was fun to make. I made a physical one. Turned out very cute!

This kit has the center frame that was used on the inside of the card featured above. It goes together with that kit.

It has been a busy weekend.

Run on over to my website, and pick up the kits. They will be up all month!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loving Red - Free PNG graphic kit downloads

Good morning,

I am back. Here are the final kits, and as you can see, I got 11ja0112 up early. A day early. Sometimes I run out of time and don't get to post on a particular day. Sometimes, I'm just having a little trouble with my website. Either way, I hate it when the free png graphics don't go up when they should. So, occasionally, I try to post a little early ... and hopefully, you are surprised!

I love the flowers in this kit. There are 14, so I hope you'll find a use for them.

This is an accessories kit for Loving Red. Swap something out of the original kit for an item in the accessories kit. Just a way to allow you to create something from what I've made, into something that is your own.

I know ... but this picture is just to show off a few items in the accessories kit. I didn't put a picture together from it, but I will use the elements in other creations I personally make. Use your imagination, and put them to use.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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Red: The New Red Kits--Loving Red; Free Kit Downloads

Good morning!

Since I was not able to post over the last couple of days, I'll take a minute to introduce you to the kits being offered over the last several days. As always, they are free for your use and enjoyment. The Loving Red series has 2 additional days, which will be introduced in the next blog post.

Here a winter card front or use it to frame a picture. Use the box as a journaling box. With winter bringing snow, this inspired me to do this one.

Here's a card front and back kit. I love the color red, so it has been focused on a lot over the last few days.

And finally, another kit.
I hope you are having a terrific week.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Using Smart Froggy in a personal new Screen Saver

Good morning ... just a quick post!

I already posted this morning, but I wanted a new screen saver for work, and did this one of my newest baby granddaughter. She's so adorable, and she's obviously having a great time playing on the floor.

This shows how versatile and fast it can be to put together something for yourself, using the free graphics I feature on my website: Isn't this frog adorable in his own right? Yes! He is!

He was featured on 1/1/11, and will be up all month!

Have a great day!

3 new free graphics a day
Scrapbooking graphics and elements - png and psp formats

Deco Frames For Your Scrapbooking Projects Along with some small Elements

Good morning!

The first kit featured above is today's kit on my website: Decos 2. The original frame in yesterday's kit is just an outline, and it's up to you to decorate as you see fit!

I decorated this frame three different ways, and you are also free to use those, if you wish.

This kit was yesterday's kit: Decos 1, featured 1/5. Left mainly as shapes, so you can color them in as you like, but featuring 2 colored graphics leading into what is offered on 1/6, which is the first kit featured on my blog today.

I hope you'll have fun decorating with these 2 kits.

I published both days this morning. I was making them yesterday, and just ran out of time, so I headed off to work, knowing I would get them up this morning.

It takes longer to convert each one into a png as well as make the psp item.

My kits are mainly "mini" kits. But, you will find many of the items useful in your scrapbooking projects. They will add color and pizazz, hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Run pick up the kits.


Cj at -- 3 new free graphics a day

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scrapbooking Embellishments: So Blue Free PNG Graphics

Good morning,

This will be a quick post today. Short on time.

Here's the kit today: So Blue PNGs, and a psp layer for you graphic program owners.

It's SO BLUE, because that's the main color used, with some red, a little orange, some yellow, and a touch of green. Fifteen items, ready to download.

Go grab them.

And have a terrific day!

3 new free graphics each day

Monday, January 3, 2011

A "To Do" List, "Notes", Daily Calendar Page; Free PNG kit download

Good morning ... "it's Monday ... again!"

But at least it's the first Monday of 2011. And it's back to work for me.

But first, the free png graphics download kit. It has 5 designs, a bunch of words or titles to use, and months and dates to use to design your page. There's an extra boxes page to cover up parts of the design to make it more useful, if you like.

It's pretty. Grab it today, or no later than Jan. 31st. On February 1st, all January graphics come down, and the new ones start.

Head on over to and pick up the kits!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sketches and Sculpey creations -- Froggy

Hello again!

A quick second posting ... just to show you, I have been busy! Oh yes, I have.

Actually, all the pictures are reversed again. I wish they'd go in in the order I choose them. Oh, I know. I could change them around -- but what the heck.

This first sketch above is a scribble drawing. I was actually working on my full arm strokes and turning my page. Experimenting with different size lines and lighter vs. darker shades. After doing that, I pretty much had a full page scribble, and I saw this pop out at me.

Looking at it now, I wished I moved the nose a little to the right. I made a note on my paper, which is cut out to do that, should I decide to develop it in PSP.

In the Draw-Book 1, Brenda did a drawing of an emu. It was fantastic, as is all her work. I focused in on the eye, and this was my rendition of it. Looks like it would be a SAD eye. Awww!

I wrote a note to myself to whittle down the composition. I had drawn my little silly girl below, and I zoomed in on just her eyes. The eyes and just part of her face would be my composition. Like I said, just playing here, and having fun. And hopefully, learning, too.

And this is my funny little girl. She was the first thing I drew. She started out like Brenda's drawing, but as always, I branch off doing my own thing. And this is how she turned out.

And again, a second picture of my froggy. This picture is bigger, and even a little more clear than the one I posted previously. He's sitting on a heart shaped, mosiac glass holder in my bathroom, and you can see some of the other necklaces I've made in the background.

Just thought you all might enjoy seeing some of this.

Just a fun post!

Grab some fun of your own. Pick up the free png kits -- and create something for you, a friend or family member. Teach your kids/grandkids to scrap!

Bye now!

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Brightly Framed Art Decorations - FREE- Pick Them Up Today And This Month

Good morning!

One day down, 363 to go. This is not a leap year.

My final day for vacation; so sad. But -- I do have a job, and for that! I am always grateful.

I hope you like this colorful contribution today. It's called Brightly Framed. It's in png format, and it's a free kit you can download and use on my website. There is a psp layer for you graphics' program owners.

This particular kit is intensely colorful and vibrant! I so enjoyed making it.

One of the things I really enjoy about being off is being able to just drop what I'm doing and pick up my clay. Yesterday, the kit at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics was Smart Froggy. I mentioned on my webpage, that I thought he'd make a cute clay sculpey.

So here he is ... minus the glasses. I should go back and make a pair to slip on him. Heck! If I have time today, maybe I will. What do you think?

My photography is getting better with smaller items. I have a Canon PowerShot SX100, and I finally got my book out and looked up HOW to shoot close ups of smaller detailed pictures. I am using the P and tulip setting. It's working very well! I am so happy!

Last, but not least ... is this little necklace I did a couple of days ago. I call it berries and a flower. I am really quite pleased with it, too. Not only did I use my new settings for this, but I also used my lighted magnifying glass to zero in on it. Came out great!

Hoping you all have a great day!

When I checked my email this morning, I was so pleased to receive an email from DrawSpace. I hadn't been there in quite a few years, so had to look up my login info in my card case. Brenda Hoddinott who wrote Drawing For Dummies, had posted 2 free pdf books for me to download -- free!

The first is the Drawing-Book 1. It's some 132 pages of fantastic stuff!

The second book I dearly love. It's the Illustrated Dictionary. Wow! Studying her section on colors is what prompted me to come up with today's colorful kit! It's fantastic.

It also prompted me to do some free-hands sketching again. I haven't posted those little items yet, but will in another post. Hey! I'm having fun!

But alas! I have much to do today. So I need to get on with it. I want to go out, and it's almost lunch time.

Have a terrific day ... and run over and pick up the vibrantly FREE kit download. How would you use it??

Toodles for today. (Gee. I don't think I've said that since high school!)

Hey! My granddaughter returns home today! I missed her.

Cj (3 new free graphics each day)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kicking Off 2011--Twenty-Eleven-with new FREE art graphics--Smart Froggy Png Download Kit

Good New Year Morning!

2011 ... Twenty-eleven~~~ it has finally arrived.

December 2010 and all 2010 graphics are down! Today starts the new free art graphics for January! This is called Smart Froggy! Very cute. Pick it up today at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics! (Hmmm. He would make a pretty cute sculpey! Think I'll do him!!)

I missed the big ball falling; I knew I would.

We bought champagne and shrimp with cocktail sauce to split. Since we are both early, early risers (like 1:30-2 am type early), we popped the bottle this morning. Hey! It was still dark!

It was yummy as usual.

As of 2:41 am this morning, it was raining. Not a sprinkle, but a fairly good rain. At 3:04 am, we had one long rumble of thunder that lasted a full 30 seconds. That's long.

I get, and sometimes read, Boogie Jack's ALMOST A NEWSLETTER. Today, he is offering a free pdf ebook on Maximum Impact Social Media Tactics. You can read and pick it up here. Just in case you're looking for 77 tips for using social media to help promote your website. (Not an affiliate; just a reader of the newsletter.)

He also sends you to link about 500 Passwords You Should NEVER use. Very interesting. (I haven't ever used any of them.)

I get a lot of my ideas for my graphics from inspiring websites. I get ivillage newsletters, and I always check out what's going on in forums -- all over the web. One link leads to another. After I find something I want to do fun, I start looking for pictures, just so I know how I want to pose my character, when I'm doing characters.

Other times, my whimsical scribbles develop into whimseys. Haven't done any in awhile. Need to do some again. They are fun.

Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will.

And pick up today's graphics!

3 free graphics a day; png kits