Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Frames for Scrapbooking

Good morning!

It's Black Friday, and I imagine everyone is out shopping ... except me! I hate to shop, and dread starting my Christmas shopping. I love to give gifts; I just hate all the running around and trying to find the right thing.

So Happy Shopping to all you shoppers!

As for me; I think I'll just stay home and ... create!

Today's creation is a type of quick template, without all my writing over it, that can be used by you ... insert a picture where the yellow flower is, and viola! A personalized picture. Add your own words.

I actually created this quick frame for blogger, but I do have another very pretty one posted over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics for 11/25/11. Run over and check it out.

I've started EAPDG blog ... on my website, and today, I shared how I get my inspiration for shading and colors. You might find it an interesting read. And, if you do, why not leave a comment at the end of that particular article. It doesn't post online, but I can add your comments if you wish them to be added. Basically, it just sends me an email, letting me know a comment was made so I can read it.

While I use my graphics for lots of things, I love to use them in my scrapping and scrapbooking. I use them in my cards, in my sculpey, and any way I can think to use them.

Why NOT snag them for your own scrapping projects? Put them in your scrapbook. Cut them out, paste them onto cardboard or thicker papers and add them as decorations to your creations. It's lots of fun!

I really love creating. And one day, when I can finally retire, I hope to be creating FULL TIME.

If you have a frame I've posted that you'd like to have a picture of a loved one in, please write me, and send me the picture. After its created, you will get the jpg back, as well as a word document with the picture posted inside for you to print out on photo paper. It's very easy to do. Frame it; give it as a gift! They're marvelous!

After all, YOU deserve the BEST!

Thanksgiving was wonderful yesterday. We had a lovely meal, and a very restful day. So much to be thankful for. I heard from all 3 of my children; and that is always such a blessing.

One thing I'm thankful for are joyful surprises! On Tuesday, after working way late, then stopping by my daughters, and finally the grocery, I was so tired I could hardly wait to get home.

Bending down to read items on a shelf, a little elderly lady came around the corner. She kind of stopped, and looked at me. All of a sudden, she said, "My! What beautiful hair you have!" Immediately a smile crossed my face, and I gushed, "Thank you!" It was such a little thing, but such a joyful surprise. She'll never know how much she brightened my hard day! "Thank you, whoever you are. It was so thoughtful and kind!"

The next time I notice something extraordinary about someone ... I'm going to tell them. Joy can surprise you when you least expect it!

Blessings to you.

free graphics for your scrapbooking projects
Come and enjoy!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Thanksgiving morning to you all!

While I have been away from blogspot for awhile, I am still creating daily. Sometimes I don't get it on even my website, but I'm happy to announce that all of November is up including today over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

The picture above is just a few of the items posted over the last 2 months. October has only a half a month posted.

Halloween came and went.

Now, it's the day to give thanks. Of course, we are thankful every day. There is so much to be thankful for.

It will be a nice, easy day for me. No cooking. But we will still celebrate!

While we are being thankful for all the good in our life, remember to also be greatful for the bad! We learn our lessons from the bad times.

I know when I make a major mistake, I think, "I don't want to do that again!", and I begin planning a way to NOT let it happen again. Solving problems is one of the things I am thankful for. I thank God for the mind he has given me, and all my abilities.

When your cloud is heavy and grey, look for it's silver lining. Balancing out the bad with the good aspects really do help ... and it makes us much happier! Turn your bad memories ... into good ones.

Have a blessed day.

Head over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, and pick up the free graphics!

Enjoy; God bless.

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