Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Welcome

Good Saturday morning, and a Happy Spring Welcome to All~

Ahhh! The spring weather has been fantastic so far! I hope we get to enjoy a long spring this year.

The only drawback is allergies!

While I don't have bad allergies, opening the windows and deck screen door does help to usher in whatever pollen comes from beautiful blooming plants and flowers. Itching, watering eyes, and a plugged up, drippy nose and sore throat follow. How can such beautiful weather be so personally plaguing? As I said, my allergies are minor, while my daughter suffers greatly during this time.

This little flower creation was a lot of fun. To see her animated, go to Today, she's featured on the today's graphics (or will be when I get it up). After today, you can find her in the daily graphics for 4/26/08.

Enjoy this marvelous weather ... and have a terrific Saturday!

See you soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love FREE Graphics!

Good morning!

The lady in this picture is June. That's her name. And she says, "I love FREE graphics!" Who doesn't?

And free graphics is what my new website is all about! I love creating them, and I don't want them to go to waste -- so feel free to use them.

I've been a "doodler" since I was a kid. Doodle, doodle, doodle!

It used to be mainly on scraps of paper, and sometimes I still do that.

But today, I doodle in my Paint Shop Pro Program and use my Cosmic Blobs also. I guess it's a habit that will never die.

Hoping you are enjoying your spring days. In Columbus, spring days don't last long. We often go from extreme to extreme. We are expecting some rain today and tomorrow, if it pans out that way. The ground, at least, has absorbed a lot of the rain we've had so far, so hopefully, a little more will not be much of a problem.

Have a great day. And if you need FREE graphics, check out:

See you soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Post-It Note

Good morning,

No secret here that I like to design stationary. All kinds. And today, I'm posting a "post-it" note.

These also would make great little cards to carry to write "thank you" messages on -- say, when leaving a tip at a restaurant. And with my website on it, it's free advertising, too!

If a co-worker or friend needs you to write something down for them; again -- free advertising.

And if you looking for some free graphics -- to maybe design one of your own, don't forget to check out my website at There are some really pretty designs over there.

I took a vacation day yesterday, so I had a full day of creating new items. I find it very relaxing and invigorating, so it was a wonderful day off.

But, it's Tuesday morning, and with this beautiful weather we're having now, it's not too hard heading back to the office this morning.

Have a beautiful day!

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free Art for Your Artistic Needs

Good morning, everybody!

I'm Ginny, and I'm here to tell you about free art for your artistic needs!

Free art for every project you have going. Hey! It can't get any better than that, now can it?

I know when I make my next card for mommy, I'm going to use some free art from It's cute, and I like cute. I'm cute, too!

Have a nice day! I'm grabbin' some free art!

See you later!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Introducing Free Graphics for All Needs

Good morning!

Introducing my new website to pick up free graphics for all your designing needs. Hope you'll check it out. Find it here:

The forsythia is blooming in Columbus. Now all we have to do is survive 3 more snows!

This morning, it is raining. Raining hard at the moment. It comes and goes. We already have more rain than we need, so the ground is having a hard time soaking it up.

The MSN icon for the weather shows that it may turn into snow, although I don't think it will get cold enough. They are showing rain for all weekend with possible snow for Monday. If we get those snows, we'll only have one left to endure. Hopefully.

The one thing about the nature of weather is that you can never count on anything.

Note: My C-box is set to expire on the 15th. If that happens, I guess I'll be looking for a new widget.

At work, we are changing locations. We are only moving over the wall to the next area, but I am in a new desk area as are 3 of my buddies. This morning is moving day for me. Most of us began our move yesterday. I will need to get finished by 12:30 pm as I am leaving for the day at that time. Hustle, hustle!

By Monday, we expect we'll be set to roll again with our computers and telephone lines joining us at our new desks. I guess most of us are getting to do our "spring cleaning" at this time.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I do hope you'll check out my new site at: You'll pick up lots of free graphics to use personally or commercially!


See you soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

That Spring Feeling!

Good afternoon!

Ahhhh ... that spring feeling is in the air today. It has been so warm, we don't need jackets. Just a tease before hoisting more rain on us! Oh well.

I'll enjoy it while I can!

This is a card front I did for today. Actually, it is in the "designing examples" at my new website as well as all the little flowers, so if you'd like to pick those flowers up, go on over there and get them.

Alas. I am having trouble with my email for my password, so not only do I not get any email (even when testing it), no password is able to be forwarded to enter the back room. For now, I've posted a notice that I will need time to get this resolved with Homestead.

It doesn't seem to recognize my email account at all for now.

I bought a pastry machine today for my sculpey hobby. It's been a busy day, and I need a nap. I'm afraid if I lay down, I might not get back up.

It also looks like the tickets I bought on Skybus ... are a bust. I'm sure you heard they went out of business ... as of yesterday. I will have to contact my credit card company, as I just paid for those tickets last month! Ugh! We will NOT be going now.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday --and that it is beautiful where you are.

Till later.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Art at EasyAsPieDailyGraphics

Good evening all!

Here is a delightful little frame I did the last fews days. Don't you know someone or something that would look just right inside this frame?

If so, please feel free to use it!

By the way. Hurry right over to my new website. See below. I am offering 3 free graphics a day for all to use personally or commercially.

While the graphics remain my own, you may put them into any of your creations, and that whole creation is yours. And tell others! Let them know they can pick up these FREE graphics. What's free today will drop into the back room tomorrow.

Alas, you may still pick them up for free though. Well, almost free. To try and track my traffic, I am asking for your name and email address to access the back room. Also asking how you found me. If the autoresponder is working correctly, you should receive your password to enter the back room. Give it time to build up. Three free graphics a day will fill that back room pretty fast!

Graphics (jpgs) should be used in an art program -- such as Paint Shop Pro (I used vs 9) -- to delete any background and create with it from there. Oh, just save the jpg to your computer folder that you set it for it, and use them anywhere!

Since my new website just went up, the first 3 graphics will only be upfront for a few hours. If you wait, you have to pay that minimal price of information to get them. So hurry up! Go there now:

Tell everyone! And thanks!

See you soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spray of kaleis

Good morning!

Another post called spray of kaleis. These are several I did this morning. Pretty!

See you soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Teddy Magic

Good morning!

I needed teddy magic this morning ... uh, I guess it would have been last night.

Teddy bears are favorites of children when they hit the sack. But once we're grown up ... there is no more teddy magic.

I don't usually dream, so it was very unusual that I had two dreams in a row last night. Two BAD dreams. They woke me up; so I finally just decided 'to get up'. It was 11:30 pm, and I'd gone to bed about 7 pm.

The first dream had me in a tall story building when a tornado hit. My daughter was there with me, and my first thought was to grab her and wrap my arms and legs around her to keep us together should we find ourselves flying through the air. Weird.

Now I work on the 5th floor of a 7-story building. My daughter does not work there. Also, we just had a tornado drill last week. Hmmmm.

The second dream was out of a horror movie.

I needed to use the rest room, and stopped on the road. I don't remember being on the road going anywhere, I just ended up in this strange trailer-type abode with tiny, tiny rooms, and they were 'bubble-shaped'. More like what I'd expect to see in a submarine. I know. It's strange.

I went into the first main room that had two little rooms off it. You could barely move around in there. There was someone in the second room which was right off the main room. The other room was off the main room and just to the left of the second room. I could hear someone moving around in the second room. So, I went into the room that was left.

For some reason, I could not use this restroom, and I heard a door shut. So, I came out of that room and pushed the door open on the second room which had been occupied. It was dark inside but a small lamp with an erie glow showed that there was a coat and purse hung over a chair in there. "Oh my," I thought. "The person has only stepped out and will be right back. I don't want her to find me in here." (Now, I had seen no woman at all, but there was that coat and purse.)

There was no toilet, yet I grabbed some toilet paper from a roll and quickly hurried back to the room to the left of the second room and shut the door. I heard the other woman enter. I didn't use the restroom, but wadded up the paper I'd taken from the other room and flushed it down the toilet.

I came out of the room I was in, and noticed the door of the second room standing open, but no one was inside. A chill swept over me and danger registered. My heart began beating. I had heard someone come back in, but being as this was a very tiny little area, could see no one. I was afraid to go forward ... and then I woke up.

That one really spooked me. I looked at the clock. 11:30 pm. Ugh! I laid there a few more minutes, but didn't feel sleepy any longer. I only felt "spooked".

I got up, put on coffee, and here I sit. I had just finished my picture above, and named it teddy magic. I thought about kids taking their teddies to bed, and I thought of my dreams.

I don't really need a teddy as my bed is occupied on the other side by my husband, and he was there. But in a dream, you are still alone. And a spooky dream makes you feel really alone.

I don't know the meaning of either dream although maybe I'm just a little stressed out lately. Who knows. Do you ever have bad dreams?

Here's hoping for a brighter morning, and a great day! I am so looking forward to more spring-like weather!

See you soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Framing a Picture

Good April Fool's Day!

It is April 1st ... and a day for practical jokers.

Today, I thought I'd show you that a tube can be made into frames.

In the first frame, mom is facing outward, and in the second, she is facing inward.

Whether you're framing a picture or words, framing can be fun.

Hope you all have a perfect April Fool's Day. Moreover, I hope you don't fall for any jokes!

Make it great.

See you soon.