Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Graphics in Png Format-Fun for Scrapbooking

Good morning,

I know I posted one for today, done last night, but things are going well this morning, so decided to post again.

The above decoration features Cyber Monday:  today!  You should still be able to find BIG SAVINGS, and supposedly, bigger than Black Friday.

Here is the deco without the Cyber Monday Title, in case you like to use it another way in your scrapbooking projects.

I told you about making this bear on Saturday morning.  It was fun.  My original is much bigger, but this png above is 2 sizes, 2 colors.  I hope you find a use for him.

Last, but not least, is the bear in party fashion.  There's a little deco and a banner that states, "Yes ... I do love you!"  I have many other sayings on this banner, for my own personal use with the bear in making up my own set of cards.  Would look cute on a tag, too!

Tip that I read today:  courtesy of Woman's World (the 12/3/12 edition now on stands):  when you need to get your car repaired, you don't have to accept the price they charge you for parts.  You can ask what they'll charge you for a part (labor is separate usually), and then you can compare that price with what you can get by going to or  You might save as much as 40% .

Another thing I didn't know is that at, you might just find a coupon code for online auto parts stores!  Yeah!  How wonderful!

So have a great Cyber Monday.  Have fun shopping, but don't overspend.



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Graphics

Good morning,

Okay ... I was trying to save this to post for Monday morning, but it doesn't seem to want to save.  Sooooo.  I think I'll post it now ... but ... it's for tomorrow morning!

Yes ... I am back as promised ... with my orange dot face.  The little colorful dot is orange dot when he's blushing.  They are "happy" graphics.

Also another digital flower to enjoy; as I'm really into those.

One quick tip today, which I wish I'd known before I went into the hospital, is this:  there are two websites you can check to see the safety of your hospital before entering.  One that rates by letters (A through F --like school used to do) is found at  They measure on 26 safety measures and standards.

The search is free.

Consumer Reports subscribers can search ratings 1-100 based on six safety categories at

One last site: helps with info on more than 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals nationwide.


Have a great day!


New Free Flower Png: Corel Painter 12/Yeah!

Good Evening,

I am back with a brand new flower png.  It is free to you to grab.  I hope you enjoy it.

I'm excited today because I bought Corel's Painter 12 program.  It's normally $429.00, but is on sale until Cyber Monday ... tomorrow.  A great price at $199.00!  It's my Christmas gift to me.  (It's been a hard year!)

This flower was started in Painter 12.  It turned out beautifully.  I love the colors.

I love all the brushes and effects you can get.  And the shading and mixing is to die for!  I really like this program, and I haven't even "brushed" the surface yet!  Pun intended.

And for me ... a lot of the fun is in flowers, although I do other graphics.  But I just love those flowers.

I also did a little bear graphic this morning, and an orange dot face.  Perhaps I'll post those tomorrow.  Come back and check.

The weekend is almost over now, but lots of people will still be shopping online and on location, I'm sure, through tomorrow.

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday.  I was able to get most of my gifts for my two granddaughters, and something for her.  I was thoroughly exhausted when I got home.  It was still early, but I went to sleep and slept till 12:30 am, and was still sore when I woke up.  (I am still recovering, I think.)

I am not buying for everyone this year, but mainly keeping it closer to home.  The economy has taken a real bite out of spending, and with my surgery, and five procedures this year; a lot of change has been dropped on medical bills.

Have a great evening.  I hope to be back tomorrow with a new png and news!

Take care.

(haven't posted in a while)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Back with Three Brightly Colored Flower Pngs

Good afternoon,

I am back, as promised, with 3 pngs.  They are all together, but opened in a graphics program, there is no white background.  To separate them, simply do a circular selection around each one separately, cut, and then paste to a new layer.  In this way, you will have three layers in your program with each flower on its own layer.

Aren't these pretty flowers?  So bright and colorful!

I was reading through my AARP newspaper, and learned a delightful tip to help thieves from stealing your pin.

Your birthday, your house number, and silly combinations such as 1234 or 1111 are awful choices.

A much better choice is something that happened on a particular DAY in your life.  A day that will live in YOUR memory, but is not open information to anyone, except maybe close family members.  And yet, it might be a choice, even they would not think of.

I already put my hand over the keyboard when I type in my pin ... so if you don't; consider adding this to your time at the machine.

There's always new things to learn ... and I thought this was a delightful one.

Enjoy your day.


The Day After Thanksgiving, and Black Friday: Crocheted items!

Good Black Friday morning to everyone.

I'm sure your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as expected.  I know mine was.

I took a few projects along with me.  The top left hand picture, is a hot pink toddler scarf.  I crocheted it, using an afghan stitch, and then fringed it.  Just above the fringed area are two layered flowers, which are hard to see on the scarf.  The bottom layer is pale pink and the top is hot pink.

You actually can see the flowers in the bottom center picture, as this little toy was made from two pale pink balls (a trial run before doing my spiders for Halloween), and I had tons of the two-layered flowers, so put the two pink balls together, and then the two flowers, and sewed it all together.  She has little red heart-shaped eyes, a little chain crocheted ribbon around her neck.  (Those heart eyes are buttons.)  I had made a fabric flower and sewed a sparkly snowflake button to the inside of the flower.  I sewed this firmly onto her front, and viola!  She's done.

I took it to show my daughter, and my granddaughter so loved it ... I left it with her.

The hot pink scarf was for my 2 1/2 year-old granddaugther, and she really loved it.  Wore it all around the house, tripping on it, because it was long for her.  I tried to knot it for her and she definitely didn't want that.  She shook her head, and firmly said, "No!  No!"

I am making another larger scarf for my oldest granddaughter.  It's it a darker shade of lime green, and I took it along to show her that I am working on it.  I hope to have it done, maybe today.  I will see her tomorrow, and would love to present it to her.  I may put the same pink flowers on hers, as it will go together so nicely.

I was lucky enough to work on it while others cleaned up the kitchen.  They had enough people in there, so I enjoyed listening to others chat while crocheting, and throwing my two cents in here and there.

It was a delicious dinner, and a marvelous 4 hours together.  When I came home; I was tuckered out.  I laid down and fell asleep on the couch, got up around 7:30 pm, and went to bed.  I managed to sleep til 2 am this morning.  That's a terrific sleep ... for me!

And it is Black Friday ... the biggest shopping day of the year ... but you won't find me out there.  I don't ever venture out on such a busy day.  I am not a "shopper" ... and especially when it's crowded.  I don't care how big the sales are.  It is not an even trade-off for me.

I will post another column today to offer a png for you.  My website has not been updated lately, and I need to take some old months off, as it is getting "bogged down" by graphics.  It's time to do a little house cleaning, so if you want any of the older stuff ... go grab it, cause it's coming down!

Have a terrific day!  And I'll see you again, shortly.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions and Salt Water Color Painting: Yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving ... again!

Before I go and get ready for my day, I wanted to share this first graphic for starting new family traditions.  I admit I got the original idea from Woman's World.  They had several listed, and this one was for just taking a stroll, but I added a twist to it.

This is a way to get to talk to more family members, because, while you walk, you are only giving each person five minutes to chat together.  That way, you don't miss anyone on your visit. 

If the group is too large, split them up, and do the same thing for each group separately.

I am an avid new Pinterest lover.  It's so addicting, and I think people like it because its a way of hoarding ... without having it be a real problem.  No fire hazard, no mess around the house.  It's all up there in "internet land", but makes it easy to find whatever it is your looking for.  A type of "file system" that helps you keep your interests organized.

So this picture above is about a website I went to, that I found on Pinterest, about salt water color painting.  I was thrilled.

Check it out for yourself here:

I read the instructions, and proceeded to do MY OWN salt water color painting.  It says, "Thanks" and there is a smiley face underneath.  (My husband couldn't see that.  Can you?")

Of course, the website will tell you that it's best to take a picture of your creation, as once it dries, it has a tendency to loose its crystal. 

Me?    I love to take ANY ART I've created, and pull it into my digital editing graphics program ... and play, play, play.  The flower off to the left of my drawing is my "play".

And for your "snagging" today, I've offered this png flower graphic.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you later.


Happy Thanksgiving: Some pngs and jpg graphics for you to enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today, I have two pngs, the owl "I am Blessed" graphic, and the outline butterfly and flower png for you to color.  Feel free to download both and use.  And have a terrific Thanksgiving!

I am blessed to spend our meal today with my daughter and her delightful family, and other family members.  I am taking mashed potatoes and gravy to this wonderful gathering.

Here is a jpg for you to also snag and use.  The quote is one you've seen around at a lot of different places.  I drew the butterfly, the little fairie, and designed the paper.  I hope you'll find a use for it, too.

This last little graphic is a png, so when downloaded into a graphics program, there is NO WHITE BACKGROUND.  Feel free to digitially color it. 

And for all the delightful kiddies that are celebrating Thanksgiving with you, just download into a word program, and click on it to get squares to edit it.  Pull a corner to make it bigger, unclick.  Add the child's name to their page, and print it out.  Do one for each child.  (Hope you have some crayons!)  Give it to them to color for extra fun.

Have a marvelous day today, and remember to count all your blessings.  Enjoy sharing your meal and minutes of today with your loved ones.  And take some pictures to scrap.

If you're looking for some new traditions to start or just a fun thing to do ... read my next post.



If you are interested in Pinterest, you can find a lot more here:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Owl Scrapping Pngs: Free and Social Security's Direct Express Card

Good morning!

To find the pngs for this scrapping project:

It's Tuesday morning, and I am working from home today and tomorrow, but have a short time before I have to start.

I did a scrapping project yesterday, that I am featuring today at my website.  You will find a zip file with 12 pngs inside.  Open it in your graphics editing program to have the object only, no white backgrounds.  Use to design your own scrapping projects.  Fun!

By clicking through on the link above, you will see the picture I posted with me, my husband, and my granddaughter.

I designed all the elements in this zip file.  The little owl is a sculpey creation I did a couple of weeks back.  You'll also see the other owls I created, and two heart faces.  I love to use my sculpeys in my art, and also on cards.  I make ornaments, little stand alone creations, and jewelry.  So much fun.

On another note:  Food for Thought:  Did you know that Social Security is phasing out all paper checks by March 1, 2013?  What do you do?

All benefits must be paid electronically by March 1, 2013.  You can get your payments directly deposited into your checking account OR to a Social Security Direct Express card (if you don't have a checking account).  Your card is good for making purchases, paying bills or getting cash.

Apply for a card by calling Social Security at 800-333-1795 or get details at:

This information was taken from AARP/Ask the Experts:  Diet and Social Security Checks:  November 2012.

Have a terrific day!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Scrapping a past Florida Vacation

Good morning,

I am off today ...  celebrating Veteran's Day.  Thank you, all you Veterans out there.  That would include my son, John, and my husband, Ray.  Ray was actually in a ceremony at my granddaughters school on Friday.  I went to it, and it was a wonderful program!  Thank you, for being brave enough to fight for our freedom.

The picture today is of 2 of my 3 kids, longing to go out onto the beach, on a vacation many years ago.  We just arrived in our hotel room, and the beach is just outside the window.  Even though they are faced away, it begged to be scrapped.

I love the vent blowing just below my daughter's skirt, puffing it up Marilyn Monroe style.

We had so much fun on our vacations, which usually included beach time.  Ahhh!  Such memories.

On my website, you can find today's items here:

Jpgs and pngs are available.  The pngs are in a zipped file.

This is how I colored my frame.  I do have a quick frame that you can insert your own picture.

There are also the items uncolored, in black and white, for you to color either digitally or by printing out and coloring by hand.

Have fun!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween Frame featuring past Family Times

Good morning,

After doing the last post, I talked about how this frame would look wonderful as a Halloween item.  I had an old picture of me and my children, when we were all much younger, that I scrapped from a past Halloween.

I thought it would be much nicer to show you how easily the frame can be used.  This just took a second in my graphics program.  (Oh!  How wonderful!)

And I do love posting some of my past FAMILY TIMES.  Having and raising children, have been the best years of my life.

The nice thing you can do with these pictures, after you complete them, is print them out on photo paper.  I love to do a large one, about 8 x 10.  I have a notebook with many such pictures in it, and I keep them in protective pages in it.  I also sometimes do smaller versions of the pictures.  More like wallet size.  In fact, this one would make a good postcard to send to my kids.  I'm sure they would enjoy having one.

I need to buy several new frames, and hang them on my wall.  I could take pictures out and feature them at corresponding times of the year.  Like decoating for Christmas ... or in this case, Halloween, it would make a wonderful conversation piece.

What do you think?

The direct link to today's graphics is


Decorative stationary or Frame

Good morning again!

I really like this design from my playing this morning.  I thought it would make a good post it note, a frame, or even stationary.  I did not color it.  The above picture is a jpg.

This bottom graphic is in png format, so it can be used with no background in a graphics program.  I think this would be darling as a frame for a grandchild in Halloween costume.  A little late for that this year, but Halloween comes once every year.  Download it and save it for next year.

It could also be used as a party invitation or an announcement.

How would you use it?



Color Me Flower

Good morning,

There are many coloring pages out there today.  My black and white graphics have always been available for you to color.  Just go to, and download any of the graphics.  It doesn't matter if they're already colored, or in black and white for you to color.

In this simple flower, I've colored mine above.  It was done digitally, but you can do them by hand also.  You can get depth by coloring the inside of an item a lighter color, and using a darker color around the edges.  It's amazing how much depth you can add ... by hand.

 Above is a jpg of the uncolored flower:  Color Me.
And this is a png graphic(above), so if you download it, and open it in a graphics program, you can color it digitally.  It should have no white background in a digital program.

I have tons of new graphics you can color today, so head on over and pick some up.

I will be posting one more item today,  It will be in jpg and png format as well.  See in in the next post.