Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day And Free Graphics

Good morning to you all!

Today is a holiday for many, and not a holiday for many, many! If you're lucky enough to be off today, and looking for free graphics ... let me direct you to a good place to pick some up.

The picture this morning is a sampling of today's offerings. There are more there. Just run over and check them out. Pick out the ones you like ... or pick them all up.

Build a collection of accessories. That's what I like to make: accessories.

On some pages are cartoon characters ... and more.

If you've been following this blog, I'll update you on my current status since my accident.

I finally found a family doctor. She's basically treating my back and my neck. As you may have remembered, I fell ... flat on my face ... back in June of 08 (6/10, to be exact). I still have injuries from that accident, but am tied in up "red tape" trying to get that fixed.

I had no back or neck injuries prior to this accident. I've just completed 8 physical therapy sessions for my lower back, and am now on maintenance.

Unfortunately, my lower back went out again on last Thurs. I saw another doctor that my family doctor sent me to for possible surgery ... and luckily, I won't be needing that. But while I undressed for the exam, my back went out even more. It definitely felt like a pinched nerve, and it was excruiating. Through tears, I got through my exam, and left the office. It was a tear-filled ride home.

I took some meds for pain when I got home, and went to bed. I took meds the following day. While it is no longer excruiating pain, my back is very tender and fragile. I am hoping that it does not go out again. (It has gone out a total of 5 times now.)

Needless to say, I am taking every day one by one. This has been costly to me in many ways.

I hope you have your health ... because when you don't, everything becomes a road mine.

My art is still one way for me escape my afflictions right now. So, I hope you'll use what you like from my collections.

You can find them at:

Take care. And I pray you or those you love ... never fall through the cracks of medical help.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make Your Honey a Card 4 Valentine's Day

Hello all,

Have you bought your Valentine's Day card yet? NO?

Well. Why not try your hand creating your very own using some accessories I've made at my website. They are free, and easy to copy and paste into Excel. If you know anything about doing art in Excel, you can create some mighty nifty items!

Feb. 1st through the 4th features lots of pinks to add to any red hearts you've picked up. Run over and check them out. This picture to the left/or above, depending where publishing puts it, is one of the examples I use for 2/4.

I am currently a day ahead on my website. Wow.

This second picture is about 7 items also available. Just so much to choose from.

Check out each day, snag what you can use, and get creating! It's easy. It's fun.

Find additional items by using the graphics list.

Hope you all have a great day!

And the website: