Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Party Girl-Saying Goodbye to 2007

Good morning,

Well, this is it! The last day of 2007. And like my creation "Party Girl", many people will be out tonight partying.

Be careful. Don't drink and drive. And watch out for the other guys around you.

I'm on the home-stretch of my vacation. Today, and then tomorrow; and then back to work! Why do vacations go so fast?

My granddaughter will be here in about 6 hours. Will need to run out this afternoon for a few supplies.

I do hope you all have a great New Year's Eve!

Back tomorrow!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Own Little Corner

Good morning,

Another kalei creation from HomeSpun Graphics.

There's always a little sunshine in every corner. As so it is here.

My daughter and granddaughter are back from KY, and stopped by to fill me in on their trip. They had a marvelous time! It was a joyful visit!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Back tomorrow!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Man and His Faithful Dog

Good morning,

Ahhh! This is a man ... a thankful man ... now that Christmas is over. He only has one more hurtle to get over, and that's New Year's Eve.

They are Cosmic Blob creations, of course.

While it's wonderful having the days off for these holidays, the money spent during this time is way too much. I hope you aren't digging yourself out from under for the next several months.

My vacation is coming to an end very soon. I go back on Wednesday. My husband goes back Monday.

My granddaughter should be here for New Year's Eve.

I want to add that we have a new granddaughter, as of yesterday. She lives in TX. Her name is Dejia, and she was 6 pounds and 12 oz. She was due to arrive on Jan. 4th, 2008, but she must have heard I sent her a Christmas present!

I've been over at Eons all day. Wonderful place.

Have a terrific day -- what's left of it! See you tomorrow.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A New Set of Kaleis: Kalei World


Almost let today get past without posting. Hmmm.

I liked these kaleis that I did from making an eyeball in Cosmic Blobs.

Today is the last day of the week, and I spent most of my day at Eons: for those on the "flip side of 50". I joined a computer generated arts group, so I've been busy posting artwork, and building my "timeline". So far, I've only worked on my early past, but they have it for future too. It is a very interesting time there.

I hope you had a terrific day. See you again tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Monster in my Room

Good morning!

This little creation was prompted by my granddaughter, Taylor.

Many a Saturday night, she's crept quietly into my room, to my bedside, and tapped on me. "Mamaw, I had a bad dream."

I lift the covers as I slide over, allowing her entrance into the warmth and comfort of our bed. It always seems like a good idea, at the time.

I am a creature of habit. When I go to bed, I always set my alarm, but I also always say, "I'll be up before it goes off." And ... I am. The alarm is only a safeguard ... in case, I'm unusually tired, and miss my verbal cue that I set as I set my alarm.

I also know that you can work on problems while you sleep. I do that. And I told my granddaughter about something I'd heard a long time ago, and practice myself. I don't remember where I heard it or read it.

"When you have a bad dream," I've told her, "it is possible to KNOW that it is a dream. If you are able to realize you are having a dream, and it is frightening, it is possible to say to yourself, 'Hey! This is only a dream. It can go anyway I want it to go.'" And it works.

You can turn and face your fear because it is only a dream. It will either fade or disappear.

I did have a quiet unusual dream the other night. I don't usually remember them, but some have a longer, lasting effect.

In this dream, I was going somewhere, and came to a tiny rope way up in the air that had to be crossed. There were men working there. One man came up behind me and wrapped his arm around me and said, "Just one foot in front of the other, and don't look down." He propelled me step by step across the vast void beneath, and safely to the other side.

That was unusual in itself, but the really strange part is ... after some time ... I arrived back at this rope to go back to the other side. It came upon me unexpectedly, and all I could think when I got there was, "Darn! Why didn't I remember this, and NOT come back this way?!"

Again, the workers were there, and as quick as quick could be, slipped behind me once again to push me across. This time, I felt as if I was leaning distinctly to my left, and we would both topple over without much help. But. We didn't. We made it safely to the other side.

And that's when I woke up. I got up then, and said, "What a strange dream! I wonder what it could mean?"

Usually dreams fade shortly upon arising, but this dream has stayed vivid in my thoughts. I still do not know what it means.

Hope it's a good day for you. Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

24 FREE graphics from Home Spun Graphics

Good morning all!

Who doesn't like free! That's right -- FREE! Free graphics!

This morning, Home Spun Graphics is doing a little experiment. All you have to do to pick up these 24 FREE graphics is post a comment regarding the graphics on this blog.

The 24 free graphics are mine, but you are free to use them for personal use or commercial use. You may also share them with others, as long as you do not copy/distribute them to sell.

You may add them to any of YOUR creations, and the finished creation is YOURS.

If anyone expresses an interest in any graphic of mine, you may share the zip file I will send you as long as the READ ME FIRST file is kept intact with all the files and the files are shared as a whole package.

You are free to use this zip package on your website as a thank you, or to offer as a bonus you are selling, for decorating your site, giving to your subscribers, or placing the zip in an ebook you might sell.

These are in either gif format or psp format. Please state which file you wish to receive.

You will NOT be added to any mail list NOR will I share your email address with anyone else. This is just NOT the way I operate.

If you do wish to be notified of other offers, of course, you can request that. You can also check back here occasionally to see what's going on.

If there is something you would like to see on Home Spun Graphics, tell me. We'll see what happens.

This offer is good till midnight on December 31st of this year: 2007.

If you like this, and you want others to know -- tell them.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow.

Something New Kalei

Good morning!

This was a pretty kalei that I wanted to make with a saying of some kind. I chose something about learning.

Learning one new thing a day is always fun. Sometimes, I remember them. That's even better.

Christmas is finally behind us. I hope yours was merry. For those that traveled to be with family, I hope it was great fun.

If you're back at work today, make it a good one. Only three more days till the weekend and New Year's Eve is approaching. Many will tack on Monday to get a 4-day weekend out of it.

Me! I'm on vacation till 1/2/08! My poor husband tried to get the Monday before off (as he is off on vacation with me right now), but they wouldn't let him add it.

Have a terrific day! Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Simply, Merry Christmas Kalei

HomeSpun Graphics says "Good morning!"

A "simply, Merry Christmas Kalei" for this morning. I really liked this particular kalei due to it's almost glowing features. As you know, kaleis are a passion of mine.

The colors were chosen from objects in my Cosmic Blobs and manipulated some with pop- out and and pop-in features. I even did a little cutting into my creation to create caveats. This adds some new dimensions to the finished kalei.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Midnight Eyes

Good morning!

This is a little different for me, but I liked it.

The eyes are cat's eyes, and the background is a building against the back sky. There is water off to the middle and lower right. The land mass also resembles fur on the far left which leads down to the water. I call it Midnight Eyes.

It is Christmas Eve Day. I know my company gave us the entire day off, as did my husband's. I hope you all find yourself vacationing today, too. It makes a nice "last-minute-to-get-those-final-gifts" shopping day. The merchants will be so happy.

While this is an exciting time of year, everybody will breath a little easier when it's all over.

My husband and I attended church with my daughter, granddaughter, and Danny yesterday. It was a wonderful little church. Very small. The service was very good, and fairly informal. You can wear jeans to church, and they laid out coffee which you can take into the service with you.

We sang some Christmas carols. The kids put on a rendition of the birth of Jesus, and my granddaughter sang in a little group with a few others.

After church, we went to Bob Evans for either breakfast or lunch. I had lunch.

My daughter's best friend from childhood attended church as well as our meal, and brought her 3 nieces and 1 nephew with her.

My daughter and granddaughter arrived safely in Ky. She called when she got there. She is driving a rental, as she had an accident this week. It was not her fault, and the other person's insurance is covering everything. No one was truly hurt, thank God. (My daughter is seeing a chiropractor for a few sessions as her back and neck were very sore, which is pretty normal.)

Have a terrific Christmas Eve Day -- and I'll be back -- tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fantasy Garden

Good morning,

An unusual garden full of dark and light, and kalei'd flowers sprinkled throughout.

I really enjoyed making this one.

It is very early Sunday morning. We have 2 days left till Christmas.

This morning, my granddaughter is singing in her church group. My husband and I are going.

After church, my daughter and granddaughter will leave to go to Kentucky to be with Danny and his family for Christmas. They will be there till next Saturday.

Taylor will probably spend New Year's Eve with papaw and me. We don't go out since we are both "early evening people", and it's a night when too many people are out drinking anyway. She is usually here for New Year's Eve.

We already bought our bottle of "bubbly" although we usually have a glass at breakfast New Year's Day. Early evening people have a really hard time making it till midnight, although we are often up not too much after midnight.

Have a wonderful day ... whatever your tasks. I imagine many are still shopping up till the last minute.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Froggy's World and Alien Sunset

Good morning!

It is Saturday morning! I am on vacation until Jan. 2nd, 2008. So is my husband. How wonderful. I have a lot planned for my time off, including some cleaning, and drawing.

I've bought some sculpey eraserclay and sculpey III clay. I want to try my hand at some sculptures.

This first picture is a frog's head peeking up from his "watery home" to let you know that there's only 3 days left till Christmas. Thanks, Froggy. (Froggy is a Cosmic Blobs creation.)

This next creation is Alien Sunset. Sunsets as well as sunrises are beautiful, whether they are on earth or in fantasy. This creation was done totally from kaleis, and I love the shades of red and dark red here.

This one was so much fun to do, and I am really pleased with the finished effects.

Have a great day. Back tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas Wreath Animation

Good morning,

And I'm back -- with the animation.

It's very simple, but fun.

Christmas is only 4 days away now. Are you ready?

I am!

My work day today is a short one. I get to leave at 12:15 pm today, and I don't go back till Jan. 2, 2008. 2007 was a very quick year, and I imagine 2008 will be quicker.

Hoping you all have a very good Friday. Don't let the next couple of days stress you out!

Till tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Wreath Picture

Good morning,

This post is for yesterday, Thursday. I ran out of time yesterday morning to post, and when I came home, I was beat.

So here is the post for then. This was a kalei, and I colored in the hearts on the wreath.

Actually, this is designed to be an animation. It will be animated in Friday's posting.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that filter out gifs, so some people can't see them at work. But if you check them out from home, the animations work just fine.

Till my next post.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Gift Tags

Good morning,

This is a little Christmas gift tag that I designed for one of my granddaughter's presents. It is made totally out of kaleis.

We are down to 6 days before Christmas! I hope you've finished your shopping. If not, you're going to be very busy with a lot of other people out there, I'm sure.

Have a great Wednesday! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alien Travel

Good morning,

Cosmic Blobs was used for this little "Alien Travel" creation. The red space ship was an experiment, just to see how certain shapes turned out. It looked like a space ship, so that's what I called it.

Then I made a little green alien. Both pieces are separate, so I can move the alien anywhere I want. I'd place him and then rotate the universe to get different angles.

I just love this program.

Work is about to get busy again. We lost our newest member of the group yesterday. She may be quitting.

Another member of our group put in for a promotion, and she got it. Her last day will be Jan. 4th. Congrats, Dee! And good luck! Dee handles a very large region.

We had a quick, brief meeting yesterday alerting us that overtime has been terminated mid-pay period. So while it originally was authorized through this week, that has been changed. We are down one, and will be down two, shortly, so we are looking at becoming overloaded again and behind. I left at 3 yesterday. I'm not going to worry about what can't be done.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. Back tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Incredible Kaleis

Good morning,

Kaleis rule. I just love them.

Here are some very pretty designs They are kalei'd cosmic blobs, which come out very well due to their shading.

Some are just so bright, like the orange ones on the far left.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family yesterday. Lots of food. Lots of good company. And gifts!

My granddaughter was very happy with everything she got! At one point, she became very sad, and when my husband asked her why, she said, "I'll have to leave it all here cause mommy won't let me take it home." But she was wrong. Mommy told her, "Yes, honey. You CAN take it all home." Taylor was very happy then.

She loved her new pink Leapster and two new games. She said that she hoped she got SONIC too. Little did she know. I bought it for her mom, and we made the switch here. Her mom picked up the pink Leapster for me when shopping, and I picked up Sonic for her.

I also bought Taylor a Webkinz.

We had a man come in that set up shop for a few days at my work on the ground floor. He sold sports stuff, but he also had these little stuffed animal creatures. I'd never heard about them, but I went down with a co-worker and she knew all about them as she works at Anderson's part time. She told me, "Oh. These are very popular. We can't keep them on the shelves."

I found out that they're the new beanie babies or Cabbage Patch type item. You adopt them. Each comes with a password, and you go online to register yours and interact with them.

My husband says she'll be happy with hers as its like playing with MY SIMS. She needs to feed him, water him, exercise him, etc. Now I know she'll love that.

It's Monday again -- and off to work we'll go.

We did not get our big snow, although my son was surprised when he got here as they had 4 to 5 inches where he is. We didn't.

I only have 5 work days to go till my vacation (again). I will be off until January 2, 2008. One last push this week ... and relax!

Have a terrific day. Back tomorrow.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Just for Baby" Gift Tag and New Puppy

Good morning!

Back again with some more Cosmic Blob creations.

The first is this little gift tag, "Just For Baby". The flowers and leaves were originally started in Cosmic Blobs, and brought into PSP. From there, I did kaleis and came up with the creations.

Feel free to download it and use on a baby gift, if you wish.

It was great fun creating it.

This second creation, I called "New Puppy". Of course, he is a cosmic blob creation. Again, great fun creating it.

Feel free to download him as well.

Today is our big Christmas Day with our family. Hopefully, we will NOT get all the snow they are predicting for today, which could interfere with our celebration. I certainly would NOT expect my children to venture out if the weather turned really bad!

Taylor, Jillian and Danny attended a live Christmas tree event last night with their other set of grandparents. They celebrated Christmas before hand. I hope Taylor enjoyed it.

My Christmas shopping is all done and sent. I think my husband is still carrying the gift cards for his two youngest children. He was going to take them to them until his flight was cancelled last week. We do need to get those in the mail.

My husband bought me a very expensive camera for Christmas. He gave it to me yesterday! He wants me to be able to use it today.

I, in turn, provided him with his wishes: a very nice weight bench of his choosing, and a new larger than expected 2nd hard drive for his computer. He spent most of yesterday putting his work bench together, and got to use it last night. I asked him to please BE CAREFUL when he's first using it. He likes to lift really heavy weights, and I didn't want him hurting himself out of his enthusiasm to get started.

I spent way too much this Christmas. I am hoping my granddaughter is not disappointed. I replaced an item she's had for several years that stopped working, and added two new items that go with it that go with her additional years in age. I got one top which I loved. And then some coloring books, colored pencils, and a set of 2 pencil sharpers for her crayons and pencils. She loves to draw -- much like her Mamaw. I bought a Santa Pez with candies, and a book of lifesavers, which was a tradition passed on from my first husband's family to ours, and now to my granddaughter.

Have a really great day! Back tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Cosmic Blob Boy Doubled

Good morning, good morning!

Two cosmic blob boys for today. One is larger, and the second is smaller. So much fun!

We are expecting a major winter storm sometime this morning. I hope to get out before it hits.

Christmas parties are all done now. My husband won the biggest prize at his party last night: a new tv with a dvd built in. Perfect since he put the tv in his cave into my granddaughter's room a while ago. (I didn't ask him to do that!) He has a new one for his cave!

My party was fantastic! We went to Gengi's. I've never eaten there before. The food was wonderful. And they cook the meal right in front of you. Four people from our department were out for the day, but two others joined our group.

This weekend and next are left before Christmas! My Christmas with my family is tomorrow, so must finish up with Taylor's gifts today. I hope most of you are done. I've shopped on Christmas Eve before. Does anyone do that still? I'm sure there are some.

Have a great day! Back tomorrow.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cosmic Blob Worm

Good morning!

A very simple little worm done in Cosmic Blobs.

Today is Friiiiii-day! And a short Friday it will be for me.

Our group Christmas party is today. We leave for the restaurant around 11 and head to our party after working four hours.

Since I go in at 6 a.m., I will be putting in an extra hour which is not recognized, but if I adjust my schedule and go in later, I'll lose two things. A closer parking space which is already a 5 minute walk, and one extra working hour of NOT being on the phones. Those 2 hours from 6 to 8 a.m. are very necessary time for me to get a lot of work done quickly. Being interrupted by incoming calls from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. really put a harness on your flow of work.

After this pay period, our overtime has been cut. It's always a good and bad thing.

Good, since I will go home sooner and be less tired. I am used to working over 8 hours a day, and when my cutoff comes, it's just easier to stay and continue. Again, since I am on the phones at 8 a.m., I am off the phones at 3. So again, any time AFTER 3 p.m. increases my work flow. Those that come in later, say 9, must remain on the phones till 4:30.

I still get calls transferred to me, but am working on that. I am telling the others NOT to transfer calls to me after 3. I am on overtime, at the point, and am off the phones. If they can't help them, take their number and I'll call them in the morning. Just tell them I've left for the day because, in reality, I have. If I have to take phone calls when I'm off, I might as well leave.

The bad point of no overtime is obvious: less money. What else can you say?

Tonight is my husband's company Christmas party. It starts at 6:30, so I'll be home in plenty of time to get ready for that, and we will probably actually be on time this year. After it, our parties are DONE for the year.

Have a really teee-ri-fic Friday! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reindeer from all sides

Good morning, again.

In my last post, I told you how my rendition of Rudolph looked from all sides. After posting, I thought,
"Why not just show them?" And so ... a second post.

I went into Cosmic Blobs, brought up my deer and posed him for each shot. I used my right mouse button and rotated his universe which caused him to move around.

This feature alone is worth the price of this program. Sometimes, it is very hard to draw something from a certain angle. But in this program, you can draw your project from the angle you're most comfortable with from the beginning.

Now, you will still have to turn it from every angle to line things up, but you can see how effective this little program is at turning out your finished creation. It is "way cool"!

I hope you enjoyed this little "peek" into Cosmic Blobs.

Have a great day!


Good morning,

Playing in Cosmic Blobs, I came up with this rendition of Rudolph. It's that magical evening when they're out on their big trip, and I can just hear him saying, "PITT STOP! It's NOW or NEVER!"

The bow tie is from a kalei.

I managed to get everything perfectly lined up on him. I turned him every which way to make sure he looked good from all angles. I couldn't get my animation portion of my program to work though. Need to do some review on that, but he should move great.

Hope you have a terrific Thursday. Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. Warmer than expected, and sunshine.

Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cosmic Blob Friends

Good morning,

Back with some Cosmic Blob flowers in Friends are Forever! This flower has 2 faces in Cosmic Blobs. I put one face on the front, and one on the back, and just turned it around to get the 2 flowers. It was great fun!

I am really enjoying CB again. It is getting easier to manipulate, and I am thinking of new ways to use it.

Well. My husband's flight to Milwaukee was cancelled yesterday, so he stayed home.

I wasn't surprised as I had called him that morning to tell him that I'd heard that there was a possibility of cancelled -- or at least delayed -- flights heading west and northwest. Chicago, Milwaukee and other cities were named. They said that some 600,000 people were without electricity, and they had 14 reported deaths at that time. Wow! That must be some kind of winter storm!

I worried that he might get there ... and not be able to get back right away as they are predicting several days of approaching bad weather.

Right now, they are saying that tomorrow morning may be a slippery ride into work. While I like viewing snow, I enjoy it most while comfortably sitting inside my house and looking out. Driving to work in slippery, hazardous conditions always makes my neck and upper back stiff from tensing up driving in. Ugh!

We had 2 snowy days last week. On the first day, I was doing about 45 on the road. The second day, most of those on the freeway were lucky to do 30-35 mph. My car was all over the road. And one minute, I was in the middle lane, and the next we were in the far left-hand lane. And I was following the traffic -- but at a safe distance from the pack. Trying to just follow the tracks left in the road was cumbersome.

I guess it's going to be a rough winter this year.

We had a lovely Christmas party at work yesterday for the whole humungus building. Fantastic! Our group party is this Friday. Last Friday was our district party, but I skipped that one this year. Too many parties.

And my husband and I have his Christmas party this Friday night. I'll be glad when the holidays are over and peace and quiet settle back into our lives.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cosmic Blob Child

Good Morning!

This child was done in Cosmic Blobs. While I still find the program difficult to use at times, it has its great points. Because the items you work with are 3D pieces, and it offers a variety of textures, the shading and the hard work is often done for you.

Another wonderful feature is that you can turn any piece in any direction by hovering over the piece, or you can rotate the horizon in the background which turns all pieces to view, even if they are not glued together.

Kaleis were used in this creation, too. Of course, the easy ones to spot are the bows in her hair, and the pattern on her sweater. Her skirt was made by taking a kalei I liked the shading of, and then smudging it into a skirt shape.

The sweater was done in Cosmic Blobs for the shading effects I wanted, and then put into psp to shape and decorate.

It was a very exciting project, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Have a really terrific Tuesday. Back tomorrow.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday! To my husband ...

Good morning! For the second time.

Ah yes! It is Monday morning, and my dear husband is celebrating his birthday today. Another year closer to "old".

This is a combo creation: Cosmic Blobs for the face, eyes, nose, mouth, and kaleis.

Between Cosmic Blobs and psp, there is just so much you can do.

So Happy Birthday, Ray.

Too bad. It is Monday, and back to work for all of us. I hope it was a fantastic weekend.

Hope it was productive for Christmas shopping, too. I have all mine done except for my granddaughter. I will do that one night this week. Hopefully on a day that has nice weather.

In my last post, I showed you a kalei. It was called creating with kaleis.

I posted a kalei, and now I'm posting a creation I made from it. I told you how I would use it. I knew I'd done a creation from it, but I thought I'd already posted it. Nope! There it was in my posting items marked for today. I missed it on the first post.

The countdown is still here to remind you of how little time is left before the big day.

You want to make sure you get it done and in the mail this week. It's going to be much harder after this week for out of town gifts.

Have a really great Monday.

Back tomorrow.

Creating from kaleis

Good morning,

Just a quick little post to show how a creation can come from a kalei.

This looks like a nose and eyes could go under the curvey top to create a kalei character.

I believe I've used this kalei do to just that in one of my past creations.

Kaleis can be a great start to get my creative juices going.

That's it. Back with another post shortly.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cosmic Blob Creature

"Good morning, there people!

I am a Cosmic Blob creation! All right! I'm a partial CB creation. The rest of me is from kaleis.

Christmas is coming, ya know? So why are you just standing around? Got all your shopping done?!

No? Well, stop cruising the net, and get to it!"

Okay, okay, Mr. I got a big chunk of MY shopping done yesterday. I only have a few things left to do.

Taylor came yesterday to spend the afternoon, evening, and the night. Her mom is picking her up for church this morning.

Taylor had her big lunch with Danny yesterday at O Charlie's. That's where she finally decided she wanted to go. She had a thoroughly wonderful time all alone with him. It was her reward for having two wonderful weeks at school. She was a vision of loveliness when she arrived from her luncheon.

We baked little red velvet cakes together yesterday evening. We got a total of 12 cakes, which will actually only be 6 cakes, as I'm making them to look like little mini cakes.

My son and daughter-in-law should be having their last day on their wedding cruise today.

My husband is turning a year older tomorrow, and then will fly to Wisconsin, but be back in 24 hours.

He put up our tree yesterday, and Taylor did the decorations. It is beautiful.

My family will celebrate Christmas together next Sunday. They will do Saturday at their dad's, and then they will be off to Kentucky with Danny so they will spend Christmas with his family. I think my daughter and granddaughter have a very bright future. Danny is a wonderful man!

Have lots to finish up today. Have a great Sunday, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cosmic Blob Man Transformed

Good morning!

I am back with my Cosmic Blob Man. Looks quite different, doesn't he?

He has "elf" ears, so he is an elf. All he needs is a hat and maybe some fluff around his neckline.

This was a fun little exercise this morning.

I hope you take the first one, and transform him yourself. It's great fun!

Have a really great Saturday.

See you tomorrow.

Cosmic Blob Man for you to Transform

Good morning!

It has been awhile since I played with my Cosmic Blob Program.

This morning, I thought it would be fun to start a man, and let you take it into an art program and transform him any way you wished.

In my next post this morning, I will show you how I transformed him.

Have fun, and enjoy your Saturday.

Back in a moment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Scribble Peep Whale

Good morning,

This whale is a scribble peep. That's what I call my scribble drawings. Scribbling is where you just scribble on a sheet of paper, and then turn it around and see what pictures jump out at you. I usually see several pictures in each scribble page and finish one or two off.

I had a bunch of Christmas-type kaleis, and wanted to show that Christmas is everywhere, so I put them in the area he lives in ... under the sea. Maybe I should have added a Santa hat!

We still have snow on the ground. It is kind of frozen solid right now. We are expecting snow today and maybe tomorrow, too. And then rain for two days. At least that is what is showing for Columbus on MSN this morning. We'll see.

I am off at noon today. I can earn credit hours at work, and I did. But I had 2 more than I am supposed to have, so if I don't use them today, they will disappear by Monday. I could've just gone in late this morning, but if I did, I would have to park out in Timbucktoo, and that was not an appealing thought. Better to leave early!

Have a great Friday. Is your Christmas shopping done? I hope mine will be by Sunday! Back tomorrow.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kalei Art for Christmas

Good morning!

This is more kalei art just for Christmas. And the saying is from a song we used to sing when I was a child. The rest of it goes, "If you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do. If you haven't got a half penny, then God bless you."

Columbus got their snow yesterday. When I posted, it had not yet hit.

After posting, I took a bath, and when I got out and looked outside, it had started falling. By the time I left, my front yard and street was covered in a beautiful blanket of white with tiny flakes still falling. It was breath-taking.

The streets were so slippery. I did 45 mph on the freeway. I only got up to 50 once. People slid through intersections and off the roads. Accidents happened. We were expecting more snow through the day till 4 pm.

I left at 3 pm from work, and the roads were much better. I did have to dig my car out from under a hefty blanket of snow to get home. We must have had 4 inches or so. My husband shoveled the driveway and walks yesterday evening. It appears to be done till Sunday, when they are predicting more.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

20 Days Till Christmas

Good morning!

Today ... my middle son and Hillary will be married on a beach in Cozemel, MX. Wish I could be there!

The time is flying! Christmas is so close now. Only 20 days till the big day, and I still have much to do.

I am hoping to make a little candy this weekend. Some fudge and some mashed potato candy.

The mashed potato candy was something my middle son and I used to do every Christmas. He was my only child that loved this tradition. The recipe is from my grandmother, and I haven't made it in years ... but this year, I think I will make it again. I'll have to send some to him.

I woke up early this morning. The first thing I did was peek out the window to see if we had the snow that was predicted. None. We were supposed to have inches by midnight, and more between 1 and 3 a.m. It's all we talked about at work yesterday. But alas. The ground is still uncovered.

Have a great day. Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Paper and Card

Good morning!

With the holidays upon us, we are all shopping. Picking up gifts, wrapping paper, and gift tags or cards.

It's a festive time!

The creation today is about making our gift items look it's part for the season.

I started out just playing with hatching and cross hatching. That went on to kaleis and effects. Eventually, this was the outcome.

Hope you all are "on target" on your shopping lists.

Have a great day! Back tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday's Angel

Good morning,

Just a fun little creation to start off this week. And yes ... it is Monday ... again.

The weekend goes so fast, doesn't it?

I read about shopper's momentum in my woman's magazine which may cause you to over spend your money at this time of year. You go out to buy one gift, and end up buying way more than you planned for.

For me, and if it's Christmas shopping, I just decide that since I'm already there, I might as well get as much of it done as possible. Saves on the gas, too.

But I suppose they're talking about something different. Their suggestion: "Buy yourself a little something FIRST, which is supposed to shut off the shopping momentum. If it works, great!

I am NOT a big shopper. I usually have a list, with everyone's name on it. As I shop, I write down what I bought for them and the cost. Once everyone is done ... it is time to head home. I do NOT like spending money. (Unless I'm at a craft store. More bang for my buck -- making what I purchased into something more.)

Have a great Monday! See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flower Shelf One

Good morning,

A collection of flowers! Kaleis make beautiful flowers.

Just add a stem and some leaves or make a vine to place an array of flowers on. Great accents.

I will probably have another post today.

It is Sunday!

I have a tip for you today if you own an animal. Pets are expensive.

I just read in one of my magazines that when you get a prescription for your pet, they are the same ones WE use. "I didn't know that!"

You can save big money. The article says up to 250% off the vet's prices, just by filling them at your pharmacy instead of getting it directly from the doctor!

With the holiday's being here, who doesn't want to save money? Great for the rest of the year, too.

And check out for price-comparison shopping when you can't find a generic version of your meds. It will save you money as well.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Christmas Card

Okay, Okay. Good morning once last time.

Being as it's December 1st, I wanted to post my Christmas card.

Unfortunate-ly, there is bleeding here, but not when I send it in email.

But, I'm still going to run it because it took a long time. And I decided that the snowman was perfect for the unfinished red box.

Have a terrific day!

Snowman Christmas

Good morning! ... Again!

This is my second post for today.

Originally, when I did this creation, this is what I had in mind.

On my way home from work last night, I went by a Christmas tree lot. In the middle of his trees, he had a HUGE blown-up snowman, much like this. Believe me! It caught my eye.

I immediately thought, "How cute! I want to draw that!"

So the first snowman posted today is for you to take and add whatever you wish. For those less inclined to personalize their own, use this one. It is free for the taking!

Enjoy. Have a great Saturday. Now ... back tomorrow!

Snowman for Christmas

Good morning!

And a good SATURDAY morning to you!

The creation for today is Mr. Snowman. And he's all ready to head out to do his Christmas shopping! He loves this time of year! He's a very "solid" citizen around the holiday season.

Like him? Take him and make him into a Christmas card or tag! Put him on stationary. He's smokin'!

Have a terrific day! I'll see you tomorrow!