Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having a very good ART Tuesday

Good morning,

This morning is a very good morning!

I made this brightly colored deco box, which can be added to any scrapbooking projects freely. There is a blank on my website to change the word Tuesday to Day or Birthday. The blank lets you choose what to put in the light blue box.

If you wish to pick it up, just go to http://www.easyaspiedailygraphics.com.

Why is today such a "cheery" Tuesday? Because I have an MRI scheduled this morning at 10 am. My fall on 6/10 has left me with a bum right arm, which becomes more painful as the days go by. Please, please, please ... let this test show the problem so I can get it fixed!!!

Yesterday, my dear hubby had a brain scan. An MRI of his brain and the consult will be either Wednesday or Thursday. They believe he had a stroke about a month ago. While he appears to be "ok" in every way, he still needs to have it checked out.

Two years ago, they wanted to do an angioplasty on him: balloon surgery. In his heart. He said no way, but is now rethinking that. He has very high blood pressure as well, and if the new meds don't improve it when he goes for those tests next week; they will hospitalize him. He will most assuredly have the surgery THIS TIME. He is rethinking his condition, thank heavens.

I certainly wish to have him around a while longer. We've only been married 8 1/2 years, and together for 10. I am NOT ready for him to follow his brother home.

My condition is NOT life-threatening, but just plain painful. It has been 4 1/2 months. Sleeping was easier before this last weekend, but during it and since, I have so much trouble finding a comfortable position. If I lay on my back, my right shoulder blade hurts. If I lay on my left side, my whole right arm and shoulder hurts. Laying on my stomach causes discomfort. You would think laying on the painful arm on my right side would hurt more, but it is the only way I can get some relief. If Ihave too many pillows, my neck hurts. I am just plain tired of pain.

Once the test is done, I will need to wait to see how they plan to fix me. Surgery? Maybe. Rehab; most definitely.

So ... I am looking forward to today.

I will be sitting at my desk at 6 am this morning. I will work till 9 am, and then take some sick leave to head to the imaging place. I don't think it will take that long, but I'm trying to decide whether to head back to work, or just take the rest of the day off. I guess I'll decide before I leave for the appointment.

Hoping everyone health ... and that you, too, have a very "cheery" Tuesday.

See you soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sugar and Spice Deco Box

Good morning,

It is a little later in the day ... after my last post. My husband called me and is enjoying his day with his son who lives in Wisconsin. They were driving to get his son a haircut ... which is usually what they did when he first arrived at our house for a visit. Dad loves to see a new haircut on his son.

My husband also got to talk to his daughter on the phone last night. She's now 17. This little "Sugar and Spice" deco box was created with Vilene in mind.

The memorial service is due to start in about an hour. Everyone sent their hellos.

On my part, some updated news on me. On June 10th of this year, I took a "face fall" on the floor at work. Talk about an "ouch"! While all the superficial injuries are just a memory, one lingered that has plagued me greatly. My right shoulder sustained an injury. It just will not heal. I recently learned that it may be a partial or full rotator cuff tear, but only an MRI will determine the extent of the injury and the avenue to recovery.

Being that it is Worker's Comp; I have been struggling to learn the process for getting treatment. Seems the doctor I went to see didn't have much idea of what to do either. Not necessarily the doctor, but his office staff. This left me totally perplexed since he admitted that they are WC certified. Hmmmm? "How do you get authorization for treatment, then? I know that 3 requests have been submitted, and all have been rejected for stupid reasons."

Federal Worker's Comp has to go through ACS (Advisory and Consulting Services), which our staff nurse at my office, told me about. It' been 4 months since the accident, and believe me. I am struggling with this right arm pain. It radiates down my arm into my hand and fingers. It radiates out from my shoulder joint to my mid-section (along the collarbone in the front and along the shoulder blade in the back). It also shoots upward into my neck; mostly on the right side. The pain is almost constant: from a low ache to full blown throbbing, burning pain. There is also knife-sharp pain in certain areas in my outside upper right arm, and around the shoulder joint itself. It has recently caused my back to lock up, which calls for a day or two at home in bed resting and on muscle relaxers. Ice has become a great friend for dulling the pain.

I fnally seem to be on the right track for treatment. I was able to get the info that my doctor's office would need to get my MRI. By phone. I accomplished that yesterday at work.

Last night, on my answering machine, I actually got a call from the place that's been scheduled to do my MRI. Yeah! I tried to call this morning to get it scheduled, but they don't appear to be open on weekends, so first thing Monday, I will call and try to get in as quick as possible. I can't wait to end the pain I've endured over the last 4 months.

Hope you are having a great day!

Peace Be With You, Fred

Good morning,

My husband is in Wisconsin for the weekend. He's home with his family, while I am here with my granddaughter.

My husband's brother, Fred, passed away last Tuesday. His battle with lung cancer, as well as a stage 4 rare bone cancer, is over. He was diagnosised about 2 months ago.

Fred had not been feeling well most of this last year. He thought he was fighting a cold, and eventually, he suspected pneumonia. He checked into the hospital, and found out he did have pneumonia. The first few days, they found the lung cancer. A few days after that, with more tests, they discovered the bone cancer, which he had been carrying around for a while, and it was already at stage 4. Chondrosarcoma.

They started treatment right away on his pneumonia, and when that was relieved, they started chemo on the lung cancer. With the bone cancer, it looked dreadful as to the outcome. Even though I'm sad about Fred's death; it was a blessing for him, and spared him pain and suffering.

Fred was slightly younger than my husband. Ray and his brother were close, at times. Fred led a colorful life. He will be missed by his family and friends. I am sorry I could not attend his memorial service, but my own injuries have prevented me from taking the long car trip right now.

To everyone in Wisconsin gathered together to remember Fred ... I am with you in spirit. I will remember the visits we had from him, and the few good times I personally remember. Fred was a rover, and he popped in and out of our lives rarely, but kept in touch with my husband by phone.

You will be missed, Fred. We will always remember you.

Take care all. And have a great day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scrap Book a Recipe Card

Good morning to you all!

This recipe card was made today, since I attended my daughter's couples party. She had that instead of a shower before her wedding. We had a lovely time.

Her matron-of-honor, Chessa, brought a dip that was so yummy. And that's when I decided to use my accessory decorations for scrap booking to put together this card.

It is delicious, and while she served it as a dip, I thought it would be delicious poured over a fresh cut-up fruit dish or you could substitute canned fruit ... since fresh fruit may not be as available during the fall and winter. Except maybe apples and oranges.

Oh. There is still plenty of fruit in the stores, but somehow, it just doesn't taste as good as it did in the summer. And the prices are sure to go up since it will be trucked in from a distance.

There is always canned fruit ... so try this recipe, and see if it's something you'd like to take to your Thanksgiving gathering. Or use it as a dip, which is the way it originally was presented.

My accessories are free for you to use. Just go to http://www.easyaspiedailygraphics.com and pick up whatever fancies you. Then scrap, scrap, scrap away!

Tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday. So happy birthday, Christian.

And in honor of Halloween month, there is a Halloween layout coming for October 8th. You can pick up the whole card ... and add to it. Or you can pick up just the stationary layout. You can also pick up the word Halloween ... 2008 ... a bat ... and a ghost! Go check it out.

As always. Have a marvelous day. Even if it's only Tuesday!

See you later!