Monday, December 31, 2012

New Art Journal Page and some free pngs for you

Good morning again,

Here are a few more offerings for you.  The top picture is a jpg, and it is for my journal art book.  I printed it out, and stuck in the journal art book.  I think I shared that with you a couple of days ago.  I'll look.

Remember.  There are no rights or wrong; no rules, when art journaling.  It can be whatever you want it to be, so I can do all the little fantasy creatures I want to do.  And to me; that's fun.

In case you'd like the pngs from this art journal, here they are.  They are all on the same page, and will save and print out together.  But they can still be used physically, by cutting them out, and adding them into your projects, or they can be used in a graphics editing program.  Just do a selection around the item you want, and copy and paste as a new image to separate them or paste it directly into your digital project.

Have a terrific New Year's Eve Day, and a safe and fun New Year's Eve tonight!


Free Png Mouse and Flower this New Year's Eve Day

Good morning!

New Year's Eve Day; how wonderful!  Many people have BIG PLANS for tonight.  Perhaps you do, too!  If you do ... please keep it safe!  Do not DRINK AND DRIVE!!!  Always have a designated driver, or call a cab.  Let's keep lowering the number of people hurt or killed on the roads, due to drinking and driving, this year!

My first offering to you today, is a funny little mouse.  In the graphic png above, he's in love!  How sweet.

 In this picture, you can add your own sentiment, as I left it blank.
 And here he is, all by his lonesome.

And here is just the flower graphic png.  If you have a graphic editing program, you can use them in any different creations, or all together.  The different pngs give you a lot of flexibility.

We are staying in on this New Year's Eve, which is normal for us.

We go to sleep fairly early, and I find it IMPOSSIBLE to stay up late enough to even see the ball drop in Times Square.  Of course, Dick Clark died this year, so he won't be hosting it.

We used to try to stay up, or at least, set an alarm clock to get up.  We'd open a bottle of bubbly, have steak and shrimp, and toast in the New Year.  While I have steaks and salmon in the freezer, I didn't even bother picking up the bubbly.

My husband doesn't really care for champagne, so he will have a small amount to toast the New Year in, but then he's done.  I might have a full champagne glass, and then finish it the next day.  It just didn't seem like it was worth it this year.

I talked to my younger sister yesterday, and we had a long, wonderful chat.  She is taking chemo right now.  She's had one treatment, with some chemo fog, she called it.  A little nausea, too, but nothing she couldn't handle.

She has 3 more treatments to go:  Jan. 10th, 31st, and February sometime.  She's already bought her wig, in case her hair falls out.  I hope it doesn't, but I'm glad she is prepared.

I am so blessed that my health problems weren't as serious, although it was precancerous, but they got it all.

I am glad to see this year end, although I am worried about the tax cuts we had previously, and maybe losing them.  I think we are still in for a rough new year in 2013.

We had a little more snow yesterday, but not much.  We had a bigger one on Friday and then Saturday, so the trees were really loaded when we went to the grocery.  The roads were good, though.

After tonight, things will settle back into normal mode.

I go back to work, and I can tell you, I've really enjoyed having so many days off in a row.  It gave me so much time to craft.  I am planning on working from home on Wed., and Thurs.

Enjoy today and tonight!  Make merry!

And take care.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sharing my little handmade art journal and a few starting journal pages

Good Sunday morning,

I'm back with my camera, and showing off my new art journal.  There are no rules in your art journal.  It's your art, your feelings, whatever pleases just YOU.

Another site to see about art journaling is here:

In this first picture, I played around with my heart cutter. 

I also added a cute  little flower from some paper purchased at Michael's.  I had it around for several years, and had not used it yet.  I added a little gem to it.  The flower is from the same paper I used to cover my journal. 

The little Christmas tree shape is a triangle from a dollie.  It stamped it with paints to look like a little Christmas tree, and I used some of these as decorations on my Christmas packages this year.

There are 2 sculpey items, a heart that I love and hadn't used, and one of the little owls from about five that I made.

The little blue bird at the top is some of my digital art, that I printed, cut out, and added to my art page.

It's fun to flip through the pages and see what I've created!

Here's another art journal page.  It has no title or words, but is just some digital art flowers that were printed on photo paper earlier this year.  I added gems to add a little bling.  The left side design, other than another flower, is black on white paper, and I just started cutting out shapes and putting them together.  The 2 dots are from 2 different sizes of sticky dots.

Here is a poor picture of my little box, laying down and facing up.

Another picture of my handmade little book standing up and flinging it's pages open. The paper on the insides of the covers are pink; the same color you see in the spine below.

And here is the last picture of my little art journal.  As I said, it is completely handmade.  It has a fair amount of pages inside.

I will have to scrap most of them flat, but I couldn't help putting dimension inside it too.  When it is finished, I'll attach a ribbon to connect to the front and back, so it will tie loosely shut.  I'll place it on my black table by the stairway.  I think it will beg to be opened and viewed.

Have a really terrific Sunday.

I'll try to get up another post of some pngs for you to enjoy.


Mixed Media Art: Cute Little Bubble Frame

Hello again,

Again, the color quality just doesn't make it with my new cell phone.  I will need to try my actual camera, and see if it comes out better.

But since is to just show off my project, this will do for now.

The red in this is RED, really red!

Actually, the base of this was packing for some mod podge stars I picked up at Michaels.  I was getting ready to throw the container away and stopped.

This would make a really cute frame with pictures or stuff, I thought.  I had some of the pictures from the photo magnets I made for my daughter for Christmas.  I've cut them out and have them for me!  So I took 2 of my favorites, and added them here.

I took the base and painted it in several coats of acrylic RED paint.  I was going to take the writing around the box off; then decided it would add to the picture, so I left it.  I like it.

Inside the bubble are my two little pictures.  Below the girls are 4 sculpey hearts I created YEARS ago.  They were on a cute little girl holder frame I'd made.  She is covered up by my little beautiful granddaughters.

I had some paper flowers I'd made, putting a gem in it, and added that to the bottom.

On the outside of the bubble, another sculpey creation; this time it's a flower.  I put it on card stock and made the red swirly lines around it.  Another flower paper creation and gem on the far right.  And smack dab in the middle, on top, a miniature teddy bear I'd picked up on sale.  I have one or two more teddy bears, and one pink bunny.

I put it all together, and it's ready to hang.

There is a little hole that was part of the package that is behind the bear (the hole was designed for hanging the packages on the racks in the store).

This really turned out sensational.  I am in love with the finished project!

Fun things!  Do you do things like this?



Exciting Journal Art Project; Free png Flowers for you

Good Saturday morning,

In browsing the internet yesterday, I found pictures about art journaling.

I am hoping to journal each day with old pictures I have of me and my family.  I hope I can keep it up, because I'd love to put the journal on a dvd for my kids ... maybe as a Christmas present next year.

But this idea was unique.  There are NO RULES.  Nothing is wrong.  Nothing is right.  You create whatever you want ... and it's just for yourself.

You can use any journaling ideas you want!  A quote, a story, a word, a feeling ... it's your creation ... for YOU!

I like to combine digital with physical.  In the picture above, my creation is totally digitial.  But I liked it so much, I wanted a physical creation with it.

I kept Bethesda (the strange little character) separated out from the rest of the picture.  I didn't have photo paper at the moment (hope to buy some today),   I printed the base picture on 8 x 11.5 card stock, and then Bethesda on a separate card stock.  I cut her out, and glued her to another piece of card stock to make her stiff.  I then mounted her on the base ... the shadow was left ON the base, with quilling circles.

It is beautiful.

This is a very poor quality picture of the finished project.  Believe me when I say, the actual finished project looks sooooo much better.  The color just doesn't come through.  I slipped the item into a protective cover sleeve, and she's all ready to go into my book that I keep.  I still will probably do another, but smaller, as I'm making a smaller frame (about 5 x 7"), and would love to put this one in it.

This picture has been turned slightly, in hopes that you can see the dimension she has from the base.

Here are some png flowers for you to snag today.

A great site for journal prompts, and where I found my quote for my project is here:

She has some excellent journal prompts, and I hope you check it out!  Great stuff!

Tomorrow, I'm posting pictures of a small journal book I made.  I've done a few art journal pages in it already, and they are dimensional.  The book won't close, but when it's finished, I'll add a ribbon that attaches to the front and back to hold it slightly closed.

I will need to try the journal on a larger scale also, as the little book I made is very small.  But, it's pretty, I think.

I have my items ready for the 31st, too.  New Year's Eve.

Until then, enjoy.

P.S.  I am really enjoying making more of my creations into physical items.

I will post the one I worked on last night.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Two Free Frames For Scrapbooking, Saying Goodbye to some Celebrities

Good Friday morning,

Today's offering is a frame.  It is in png format. Free to snag and use for scrapping or other projects.

Here it is with a different center.  Png format again.

And this is one of the processes I go through to make my frames.  Just thought it would be interesting to see a glimpse inside of frame making; at least my version of it.

We are at the end of another week.  The weekend is almost here, and time to relax and enjoy ... with New Year's just a few days away now.

As the year ends, we can say goodbye to some celebrities such as:  Jack Klugman (ODD COUPLE, QUINCY, ME), Charles Durning (THE STING, and many others), Larry Hagman (I DREAM OF JEANIE, DALLAS), Andy Williams (MOON RIVER) , Michael Clarke Duncan (GREEN MILE),  Neil Armstrong (ASTRONAUT), Phyllis Diller (COMEDY), Sherman Hensley (THE JEFFERSON'S), Ernest Borgnine (MCHALE'S NAVY and a lot more), Andy Griffith (THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and MATLOCK), Ray Bradbury (SCI-FI FICTION), Richard Dawson (FAMILY FEUD, HOGAN'S HEROS), Robin Gibb (THE BEEGEES),  Donna Summer (SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY and LAST DANCE), Videl Sasson (HAIR STYLIST), George Lindsey (Goober on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW), Dick Clark (AMERICAN BANDSTAND), Jonathan Frid (Barnabus on DARK SHADOWS), Mike Wallace (newsman 60 MINUTES), and Whitney Houston (singer and actress MY BODYGUARD).

These are the people I remember the most that died this year.  There were may others.

You can find these, and more: a total of 96 names and a little info on each at the link below:

Wishing you a healthy, and productive day!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Owl Png for YOU: and some paper creations

Good Thursday morning to you all,

The week is rolling along, and the winter storm hit us yesterday.  Thankfully, I'm off work this week, but my dear husband had to go out in it, bless his heart!  But his company closed down early, so he retreated to the warmth and safety of home.

I made this little owl yesterday, and I've been busy putting elements together for cards.  I actually printed this one in one direction, and then in reverse.  I cut them out, and put them back to back.  I haven't decided what to do with him for now, but maybe next year, I'll put a hole at the top and make him an ornament.  Maybe I'll give him a new Santa hat for that.

The above owl is in png format, and free for you to snag, as always!

I've had ample time to play this morning.  I was visiting Martha Stewarts website and looking at all the crafts.  I get her daily newsletter, but wanted to explore her site.  It's a great site, which I will reference shortly, as some of the ideas came from her site.

This little item above - a jpg - is a creation I put together this morning.

The first Martha Stewart item in this is the little scarf you see around his neck.  At, they feature this, but as a napkin ring.  I had some shiny black cardstock on my desk and thought, "Hey!  That's cute.  I can do that."  When I'd finished, I decided to cut fringe on each end, and slipped it over the neck of my little bird on the flower.  (That graphic is somewhere here on the blog as well.)  By the way, I am going to try crocheting a scarf with this slit in it to tuck it in and through.  I think that will be pretty snazzy!

In this particular picture above, you'll see my two little sculpey owls peeking their heads up.  They are resting inside ... just for this camera snap.

This is another picture of the one above, but minus the little owls.  I wanted you to be able to see the little picket fence inside.

The actual design of this creation is mine.  I just started putting things together.  But again, I got started on the idea by browsing Martha Stewart's site.  The black design at the bottom is actually from her page at  It's a paper basket weave heart.

Again I grabbed some black shiny cardstock, and gave it a try.  It didn't turn out as marvelously as the one featured, but I still found it useful.

The third of these pictures show how the inside comes out.  It's separate.  I was still looking through Martha's site, and saw these little purses they were making to hold things.  I thought, "How'd that look in cardstock?"  And that"s what set me on to creating the half circle box.  By the way, it stands on it's own, even though the bottom is round.

Once I made the half round container, I added the box outside to help hold it steady if I put something in it.  And I wanted more decorations.  I took the remainder of the paper that I'd cut the circle box from and fashioned this rectanglar box around it.  I had some border paper, the red, white and black design around the bottom, and glued that down.   I made the border paper myself, too.   I picked up the black woven heart, and attached that.  I grabbed a sticky ladybug I had and put it on the front of the black heart.  Too bad I didn't have snowflakes for winter, since the little bird has a hat and scarf on.  Oh well.  It's a warm place that suddenly got hit by a storm!

I decorated the circular box while it was inside the rectangle box.  A sticky flower, and two little sparkly gems on either side, with remaining pieces I had cut aways from the rectanglar box.  The last thing I added was the picket fence.

I had the little bird I had made several years ago, and it was printed and cut out, so I added it to the rectangular box.  A bee sticker is in the center of the flower.

I put it all together, and added two more lady bird stickers to the front.  Viola!  It was finished.

I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet.

It could go on the front of a card and hold some items inside the circular box.  If I do that, I'll glue the two pieces together.

I just wanted to post another picture.  This was the first napkin ring I made from Martha Stewart.  After I got onto the idea of a scarf, I cut a circle to go inside it, and slipped this little sculpey head inside it.  The nose sticks out, and holds it in a perfect position for wearing. I did not fringe the ends of this one ... because it was my first.  He's sitting on an upside down jar of gold pieces that I use in my sculpey creations.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all I created this morning.

The day is still young, and I have a lot of exploring to do for fun!

Enjoy the owl png.


We have quite a bit of snow on the ground this morning.  Hmmm ... think I'll have another cup of coffee, and snug in.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Decorative Plate

Good morning,

It is Wednesday, and here is the decorative plate I didn't post previously.

Fill free to pick it up and use it in any manner you wish.  I did create it, so you can't claim it as your own, but you can use it to make any creations or projects you're doing.  You can sell your own creation or use personally.  You may not offer it in a kit or separately and claim it as your own, but you may let others know where to pick it up.  (This goes for all my creations, unless otherwise stated.)



Free Decorate Plate and accessories to create for you

Good Wednesday morning!

Ahhh!  Christmas is over for another year, and hopefully, things will be a little calmer.

Today's offering is this decorative plate --- for your free use.  It could be for the front of a journal, a card, the inside of card, whatever.  It's totally up to you.

The one featured above is a jpg, and it's my journal front with my initials.

Here is the png all together.  Hmmm.  I didn't post the plate alone.  I will do another post and put it up.

This decorative plate was done quite a long time ago, and I thought I'd lost it.  But today, I stumbled across it, and thought, "Oh!  There it is."  Yeah.  (I had liked it after it was finished.  I added the little circle decoration this morning.)

Here is the decorative circle accessory that I made this morning.  It can be used in other projects separate from the plate.

I will do another quick post, just featuring the plate, so you can pick it up, if you wish.

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

I had a wonderful time at my daughters.  Christmas is for the very young, and I enjoyed seeing my granddaughters open their gifts.

My oldest son, and his beautiful wife, were there.  My son looks so lean, even leaner than the last time I saw him.  I asked him if he had lost more weight, and he said, "No.  I guess I'm just getting leaner over time."  He also works out, and follows a strict diet.  He look so much younger.

We had a marvelous meal together.  My oldest granddaughter loves my mashed potatoes!  My younger granddaughter does not like potatoes:  mashed or french fried.  I don't think I've ever met a child that doesn't just LOVE french fries.  She is very unique.

My youngest granddaughter has been "under the weather" for about the last seven days.  My daughter said she was even running a low-grade fever. 

She was feeling much better last night, and joyed her sister in playing around.  They had already had one Christmas with my daughter's dad and his wife, and a second at their dad's parents.  My daughter said she was quite anti-social for those get-togethers and was so happy to see that she was "on the mend".  Me, too.

By the way, the photo magnets were a hit!  I posted those yesterday.  How can you not love little photos of some of personal family pictures?  I'm planning to make a set for each of my sons, as my older son thought they were cool.

My son's phone is awesome.  Every time we get together, he shows me some of his new features.  I delight in this.  It is totally awesome.  He has a setting for burst pictures.  It takes about 8 pictures in a row.  Click, click, click, click ... you get it.  And then it chooses what it thinks is the best and features it.  You can still go back and look at them all, and over-ride its choice, if you want, but it is usually right about which one is best.

He also had an effect that picks just one color out, and only that color shows in the finished photo.  The rest of the pictures show in shades of black and gray.  You can choose the color, and I believe, the effect.  He showed me how that worked.  Ah!  The wonder of technology!

My dear younger sister had chemo, so she was spending a very quiet Christmas with her beloved.  She wasn't feeling well from it, and was missing her own grown children.  Her daughter, born the day before my second son, had passed away several years ago, and her son out west, was busy, I'm sure.  She emailed me, which I read this morning, and I need to give her a call today.

I also need to call my baby sister, and see how their Christmas went.

I will try to catch them fairly early today, and have a quick chat.

As for me, I am off this whole week, and Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I'll work from home on Wednesday and Thursday, then back in the office on the 4th.

There are some major changes taking place by the end of this year, and I'm hoping I will be able to work from home.  If not, I may have to go back in on the 2nd.

What did you do for Christmas?



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning greeting and miniature photo magnets

Good CHRISTMAS morning to you all,

Surely you are all getting ready to spring from your covers, and venture out to the wonder of Christmas morning!  It's here!  It's here!  How wonderful!!!

My art above today can be snagged, if you wish.  It's a simple Merry Christmas greeting just for this morning!!

As the day continues, I will find myself in the kitchen, cooking.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans with potatoes and pork.  That is my gift to our Christmas meal at my daughters.

I wrapped all my gifts yesterday, so they are ready to load into the car.  I'm off to visit with my grandchildren for a small part of the day, and watch them open our Christmas presents.

My oldest granddaughter has a lot of common sense items.  She picked them out herself, when she, her mom, and I went Christmas shopping about a month ago.  She'll be delighted though, because she had to wait to get them.

My youngest granddaughter has some of the same, but one big toy of a doll with a full set of items with it.  It is her biggest gift.

I felt bad that I didn't feel we got enough for the youngest, but my daughter said, "Mom.  She's going to have so much.  Don't worry about it."  And remember.  Her big gift had so many items:  doll (her favorite thing, a stroller, a high chair, and a bed, I think."  But she will soon be to the age where she knows and compares, so this will be the last year that I won't have to really watch the evenness.

My oldest granddaughter calls me "mamaw".  My youngest, her sister, calls me "grandma".  It's so funny.  But the youngest named me as she saw fit, and she doesn't call anyone else "grandma", and she has 3 of us.  I called my grandmother "mamaw", and the oldest one chose the same name for me.

I also made some gummy bears yesterday.  I love gummy bears.  They turned out spectacular, and I am taking a bag of those with me today for all of us to enjoy.  I can't wait to make these with my oldest granddaughter the next time she visits.

This morning, I decided to try one more little item for my daughter. 

As you know, I am a pinterest lady.  That's where I got the recipe for gummy bears.

While going through my pinterest board this morning, I re-discovered little picture magnets for the fridge.  So I pulled about 12 pictures together, and made some.

Unfortunately, I was upset that I didn't have any photo paper.  I looked and looked and looked.

But ... I did find an unopened package of photo magnet paper.  It's a photo finish on one side, and a full sheet magnet on the back.  PERFECT!!!

So I printed out my pictures, cut them, and then thought:  "How am I going to present them?"  So, I came up with my own little gift box pattern.

It's is about 1/2 wide, and holds the magnet pictures perfectly.

Here you see the front of the box, and the back of the box.  I used my cuttlebug to make the front embossed LOVE sign.  I printed the pictures several times, so I had lots of extras.  I took one of my daughter and me from about 1998 or or 1999 and put it on the back.  It is NOT a magnet, just decoration for the box.

We used to do a little country western dancing back then, and this was one of my favorites snapped at the bar where we went to dance.  I still look amazingly young in this picture.  Ahhh!  The good times.  I'm not saying the times are bad now ... but it has been a rough year for me, and my age is finally starting to show.  Oh well.

This is the set inside, done very small.  It's mainly just to show you the miniature magnets, not necessarily the pictures.  I snuck one of me and papaw in at the top left.  Looks like there's 15 magnets; not 12.  They are about 2 inches squared.  (The pictures came out much better on the items, of course.  This is a picture of the magnets or a picture of the pictures.)

You can do your own set.  Get the instructions here:

I don't have the same program she does, but I waddled my through in my program.

Have a terrific Christmas.  I know we will.

God bless you all.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Using a tutorial for making packages pretty-Paper Flower Adornments

Good Monday morning ... for a second post.

I've been cruising my own pinterest boards, looking at the websites to some of the items I've pinned.  It's fun to do.  I can see all the things I've pinned, and click to try the ones I want.  I've visited some marvelous places this morning.  It is still early morning.

I found a tutorial for this basic white flower at  It is for only the basic flower.  Visit the site to see the instructions.

I already had made some red flowers previously, and I had them in my stash of premade items.  I thought the red ones would look beautiful in this design.

On the first one, I place the red flower on the top of the coiled circles.  (The side picture is placed further down, as blogspot is reordering my pictures.  It didn't get posted.)

This is the second flower I made.   This time, I used a stamping ink pad in blue.  I lifted each leaf, and placed a paper under the petal and over the rest, so just the top petal would be stained/colored.  I like it.

And I put the flower right on the center, and let the coils fall around it.  A yellow gem is in the center of the flower this time.  These will be great for decorating gifts.

They are super simple and fast to make.  I cut the petals bigger than on the first flower.  You can play with the design yourself to shape it how you wish.  The additions I added to this tutorial were just me playing around.

I like how they turned out.

After doing this one, I thought, "Hey what if I draw back every other petal and loop it behind, how would it look?"  I am holding this in place, but future ones, will include this new design.

And here is the first flower from a top angle.  Pretty, huh?
Hope you enjoy!

A Christmas quote (religious) and A Procrastinator's Cartoon

Happy Christmas Eve Day on Monday!

Can you believe it?  Christmas is tomorrow.  My art to share today is a quote.  Since I celebrate Christmas, and HE whom it represents (Christ), I felt this quote was fitting for today.

It's changed just slightly, taking out two "and" words.

This little cartoon is for any procrastinators still rushing before Christmas Day.  Of course, it's already to late to get gifts OUT and RECEIVED by Christmas, but a gift received a little late is always well-received!  So don't beat yourself up too much!

Cartoon is read top left, lower right, bottom left, bottom right.

I usually take off the whole week before Christmas week, and get my gifts done and out.  Due to having surgery in July, and having two months off to recover (and I'm talking flat on my back in pain for those full two months),  I've used up a lot of leave time.  I always keep some on the books for emergencies (thank heavens, because I needed it THIS year), I could only spend a week's leave on Christmas without leaving my annual leave dry.

So ... unfortunately, I find myself in the procrastinator's cartoon.  And that's why I created it!

I have three out-of-town gifts to go.  Actually, it might be 4.  I forgot about one.  Most of my gifts are handmade or simple items (sweets) to consume for the holidays.  I don't buy actual presents, except for my grandchildren here, as most of my grown children are quite able to buy, and do, the things they want.

And, I find myself still finishing up ... today.  So, it's going to be a busy day for me!

Have yourself a grand day!



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Free Christmas Tags: A Tip about traveling with your pet/s

Good morning again,

Since the big day is almost here, I thought I'd use my previous day's post for some of my own Christmas tags.  I really like zooming in on a creation, and filling the tag up with it.  This one above is actually my second tag, but it was posted first.  Oh well.

You may snag these tags.

I print them out in my graphics program, but you can also save the image and open a word document and insert it.  If you click on the graphic, which usually goes in fairly small, you will see you can grab the ends and stretch it out to make it the size you wish.

They print out beautifully.  Punch a hole through where you wish, and string ribbon or yarn though it and tie it to your ribbon.  Or just stick on the package using tape or foam or glue dots.  I stick my tags on with a quilled circle to help it stand up off the package.

Here is the second tag to snag.

Hope you are almost ready for Christmas.  I have lots of wrapping to do still, but at least I have some tags to use.  And I'll probably create some more this morning.



I wanted to post a little tidbit I learned while reading Womans Day.  I tore it out of the magazine till I could remember to post it.  (It's from the September 2012 issue.)

Both my sons and their wives own little dogs.  They are their children.

This tip would be a good one for them to know.

I don't know how much they travel with their dogs, but if they do, and you do, too, you should know that you need to get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from your vet.  It tells that your animal/s do not show signs of contagious disease.

If you are unfortunate enough to caught without it, you could pay between $100 and $1,000!  It varies from state to state.

WOW!  I didn't know that!  Did you?

Lots of Pngs to Create with: Free.

Good Sunday morning!
My first creation this morning
with a quote I liked.
The pngs are all below.

And this is my second creation.  Christmas Joy!  This time I turned my base, and used the objects again, but set them up a little different with some additional items I created.  I really liked the colors in these.  Of course, I always like flowers, too!

Here is the first pngs all together.  These are free for you to download and use in any creations or projects you are working on.  They are great for scrapbooking with as well.  Use them on your card creations or Christmas tags.  (I'll be doing another post showing you two Christmas tags I created, and you may snag.)

Here is just the main flower, and I just love how it turned out.

And this was a fun little flower, and it shines.

Here are 3 together.

Little blue.

Another little blue with a nice center.
Back in a minute with two tags.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Calendar template and January 2013

Good Saturday morning ... again.

I had just signed out, and was looking at all I'd posted this morning.  I got further back to the journal page, and realized I had never posted the calendar I told you I made.  The above is a template in png format to edit and create each month.  Fill in the month and year, and add the days.

And here is the month of January, all ready to go, in case you don't have time to do one yourself.  It only has the basics on it.  And there are 2 holidays in January:  the first, of course, is New Year's Day.  Tuesday, 1/22, is Martin Luther King Day.

Hope you can use it!



Paper and Sculpey Christmas Ornament and a Get Well Card

Good Saturday morning,

Trials and tributions today.  With my computer ... it's driving me crazy.  I'll pull up a picture to edit it as they are usually too dark.  And boom!  Down my computer goes without any warning.  That is puzzling to me, as I just bought a brand new computer this year.

Thank heavens my husband is a techie, and he comes up (from his cave, downstairs), and looks it over.  I'm hoping it's fixed now.

It started a few weeks ago, but today, it will let me work about an hour, and then down it goes.

My husband thinks he's got the problem fixed.

It looks like blogger posted my items out of order.  It figures.  (I hope my whole day is NOT going to be like this.)

The first creation today is a card I made yesterday.  It's going to be a get well card for a friend that just underwent surgery.  It in all black and white.  The backing behind the quilled flower looks gray in this picture, but that's because it has shine to it.  It's actually much more black.

I like all black and white cards, as well as many of my sculpeys.  This picture shows two of my heart sculpeys.  I love to do hearts.

I made all the paper for this creation and all the designs I've used on it so far.  It is an unfinished project right now, but will be done very soon.

In an earlier post, when I first started out this morning, I mentioned I'd made an ornament.  Here is a picture showing it.

It started with two flower designs under the heart that is showing.  I cut out two and glued them together, leaving room to sneak a little stuffing inside.  This caused it to bulk up and then I finished gluing it together.

I then punched a hole in the bottom and strung some yarn through it and tied it.  I glue along the edges and pressed the yarn along till I got to the top.  I let it dry and tied it .  I made a bow and loop for hanging on the tree.  And then, I tied it off.

I put a pearl string/glued again/around the sculpey heart.  At the top, I wounds some yarn in a circular fashion to decorate the heart.  The heart has a quilled circle under it, which is glued to a red paper base.  Another quilled circle attaches it to the ornament.  This gives it lot of dimension.

And that is the front.

Here is a close up of the sculpey heart on the front.

This is the back of the card.  I did not make the sticker, but layered it onto a white card stock base, used a quilling circle to give it dimension underneath, and glued that to another red paper card.  Another quilling circle is underneath that.  When you look it it from the sides, you can see how it spreads out.

This was supposed to be the FIRST picture of my get well card.  Alas, it is the last.  Oh well.

It is not finished yet, but thought I'd post it, as it was one of my creations yesterday.  I'm waiting for my muse to help me finish it.

Have a great day!