Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween PNG Graphics-Free Downloads-Final Day of October 2010

Good Sunday morning to you all ... and Happy Halloween!

These are the Halloween Graphics -- which are FREE downloads -- free every day -- and the final day of October, 2010! Grab the month of October by tomorrow morning (I suggest today), because -- tomorrow; these go down, and November 1st goes up!

This final set has 16 free pngs in the download kit.

Today's set was so much fun to make! I love doing these graphics, and I do hope you can use them -- and share my site with others!

My dad's birthday was yesterday; almost a "spook"! He's been gone now for about 19 years.

My website now has a button on it that allows to share "like" on Facebook. I hope you'll click it!

The free pngs are terrific for designing cards. Most of my graphics are "card-size", and will easily fit with a 500 x 600 base. They are 300 dpi. No horribly-sized graphics to resize. I know when I scrap a picture/s, I want them to be big enough to be seen ... and try to use the graphics for extras.

And speaking of pictures, I read a tip in my favorite magazine ... again ... regarding getting stuck together pictures unstuck. Wish I'd found this tip many moons ago.

Tip: Use a hair dryer to warm them up a little and gently separate. This helps prevent tearing. How wonderful!!! (Thanks, WW!)

Have a Happy Halloween Sunday! And check back for the new month of November!


Cj (

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free PNG Halloween graphics -- Halloween Buddies and A Lot More

Good morning,

Halloween is over in a lot of neighborhoods. So sad! But we still have a short time for a few more graphics over at my website.

Today, these Halloween buddies are featured on the blog, and you can pick them up in tomorrow's pack together: 10/31.

On the website, the 2 buddies are featured independently ... and not together--in today's kit.

There's so many graphics for Halloween this month. Check them out. The month of October comes down on Nov.1st.

Free PNGS ... so open them in your graphics program. I work on one computer when I'm doing my graphics, and then I go to my laptop and download just the pngs into my program there.

One working computer has my old system, while my laptop has my new system: 2007. Darn if they don't work differently; and it can be very frustrating.

I've found that trying to download the Word Magazine file just isn't working properly in my new system, so if you want the magazines, you may have to send me an email.

Shopping for the holidays is just around the corner, and Woman's World tipped me off to a store trick. Mirrors!!! Did you know that just catching a sight of yourself in the mirrors can encourage you to spend more? I didn't.

I always look for a mirror when I'm trying on shoes. I want to see how they look on my feet before I buy them. If they don't look great, I don't buy them.

This may be accurate for many shoppers, but I am not your typical shopper. I go in for what I need, and that's usually all I buy. And ... if I don't like it ... I don't buy it. I always sleep on it, most of the time. If it keeps coming back to me, I'll go out and try again. But money is just too easy to spend, so I do take my time making a decision.

The only place that this doesn't work is usually at a craft store. So, I don't go to just "look around" as I'm sure to see something I want. I try to pick up the "on sale items" only. And not pick up too many.

So, if you're getting ready to shop, ask yourself if you think mirrors encourage you to spend more. At least you're bound to think about it the next time you see one.

Have a great day!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Png Kit Downloads--Pick Them Up Today

Good morning!

The days of October are quickly passing. Halloween is just around the corner.

My pumpkin ghost is the featured free png kit today. It has 22 items.

The flowers at the bottom and the border along the left side in this picture are NOT in the kit, but there are lots of other items.

I've done a few pumpkins ... and a few ghosts over this Halloween, and they've been great fun.

The free pngs kits are finished through Sat. 10/30, so this weekend, I will finish up the last one, and get next week's png kits ready.

Recently, my electricity went out for just a few seconds, but enough time to cause my computer to shut down. It is so frustrating when this happens. When it restarts, the printer/scanner unit has to be unplugged, and replugged to get it to work.

I find myself down under my desk. It's dark, and I can't see which cord to pull. I recently read a great tip to save a plastic tag from bread (not the ties), and label it with pr/sc to find the cord I need. Actually, I wouldn't even need to label it, as just having the tag on it would be enough since I don't have to unplug others. Thanks, Woman's Word! Great idea!

Hoping you have a great day.

Check out my website.

Til later,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party-- Free Png Kit

Good early morning!!!

Another wonderful weekend day ... and I thought you might be planning a Halloween party this year.

An invitation always comes in handy for such events, so the items I've created today, could be for just such a party.

They are pngs, so you can put them together in any fashion you wish ... and you can pick them over over at my website.

The first picture could be a finished creation. The second picture is the base I created for this first picture.

These ghostly friends come in several colors and genders. In the finished creation, the blue ghost is hot-tubbing. A merry time for all.

Pick these particular items up on Mon. 10/25.

The Halloween season is quickly coming to an end. So sad ... it's so festive.

I was reading that while Christmas is America's FAVORITE time of year, Halloween ranks as our MOST FUN holiday! I do agree with that.

It's whimsical ... a time of fantasy.

Christmas is wonderful, but there's so much pressure. Buying gifts, and getting them out on time can really be a hallowing experience!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "home"? I read that it's following family traditions ... especially holiday traditions because these events make the biggest impression on us when we're kids.

By the way. If you're carving your pumpkin ... don't forget to roast the seeds. This was a tradition we had in our home.

Once removed, wash and dry seeds. I left mine a little wet so I could sprinkle salt on them. I'd put them on aluminum foil and roast in the oven until crisp. Take out, and let them cool. While many pry the shells open, I just ate the whole seed. Yummy!

Hurry on over to my website to pick up the free pngs -- right now; they are all free Halloween pngs. Soon, the month of October will end ... and when it does, all those free pngs go bye-bye. You can see past offerings in the downloadable magazine which shows what has been offered in the past.

Have a really great Sunday. And don't forget to enjoy some of the candy this Halloween. Dark and even milk chocolate is benefical to your health ... as is coconut and nuts! Keep is in small doses ... and have a great Halloween!

Party anyone?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween: One Magical Night ... of Transformation-free png downloads

Good afternoon,

It is Friday, and my favorite day. Took off a little early from work due to some "exercises" taking place.

Halloween is such a special night of transformation. This picture today is in honor of this one "magical" night of transformation.

We have so many movies honoring transformation. Super heros! And this is something kids can buy into. I think even adults do, as they don their costumes for their Halloween parties. I used to go ... and I loved it!

This picture could be added to a scrapping project featuring your kids on this night -- this magical night, as they transform.

I know my 10-year old granddaughter is going as a "soccer player" this year. My younger granddaughter, almost 5 months old, is going as a lady bug. I saw the costume on Tuesday after work, and she is going to be just adorable. They both will, of course.

On my website, the free png download kits continue. Hurry on over to pick up the ones you like. Something new every day.

Until my next post ... enjoy this weekend. The weather is still nice, but it's getting colder every day. Won't be long till we're complaining about all the cold, ice, and snow!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Is Coming - Free Halloween PNG graphics in October

Good morning,

Just a quick post this morning.

It's ..... coming!


Free Halloween png graphics ... pick them up all October!

Have a great day!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good morning,

Just a little Halloween fun gif this morning.

Everyone knows the evil menaces of Halloween. Those evil creatures that visit us every year on television.

Well, this is Finister Fossilsteen. And she only comes back at Halloween.

She appears normal in the beginning, but as Halloween approaches, her true evil comes out.

I was driving home from work on Friday, and I heard a funny name on the radio. I don't even remember what that name was, but it got me thinking about funny names.

Somehow, this name evolved in my mind, and before I knew it, I was making up a little rhyme about Finister Fossilsteen. Wondering how I was going to remember it all the way home, I put it to a tune, and kept singing it. As I sung it, it also evolved. This is what the final outcome was.

Now I had a rhyme ... but needed an evil creature. Working in my psp, I came up with some new patterns I liked. One looked like an eye and mouth ... so I started there. I didn't know she was going to be Finister Fossilstein at the time, but as I created her, she just popped out.

She didn't actually look evil on the first frame. To me, she looked "kind of mysterious". So I began playing, and before I knew it; I had an animation. I made it run kind of slow so you could actually READ the rhyme. Her face changes as does the little creatures around her.

She is also on my website, as well as today's free png graphics download kit. She will reside there with the kits for the month of October, and then be whisked away.

My 4 1/2 month-old granddaughter is supposed to be "dedicated" today. I spoke to my daughter yesterday, and she's hoping her little one is feeling better by this morning so the dedication can go on. She was "out of sorts" yesterday, and very fussy. She said she'd let me know pretty early whether it would go on as planned or not. I hope she's feeling better.

Her paternal grandparents plan to attend, so we should know by 7:30 am or so, since that's when they need to leave.

Hope you all are well, and that you have a great Sunday.

If you scrapbook, please remember to check out my FREE png graphic download kits over at Easy As Pie Daily graphics.

See you soon!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Halloween PNGS continuing daily at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics

Good morning,

FREE png graphics downloads are still going up every day over at my website. Grab during the month of October ... before they go bye-bye in November.

Lots of FREE Halloween png graphics this month, and still a few to come. Some downloads have a psp file in multiple layers to download right into your graphics program.

As you can see by the picture, I've told you where to find certain items. Today, 10/16 has the png ghost, and png black spider.

The Halloween png bug will be in the download for 10/22, as well as his flower.

The frame and background is from a fantasy set I've created. There are 2 slightly different versions of this background as well as multiple coloring designs. The fantasy frames will probably be worked into 10/22, 10/23, 10/24 , and 10/25. The size of the fantasy frame png graphics are 500 x 600. (I will offer them till they run out.)

As I'm creating, I am getting my new magazine (and cover) ready. When October ends, and the free png graphics are taken down, I put up the magazine for the previous month, so you can see what was offered daily. It's in a downloadable format, Word, and you can download it to keep. Should you find a particular graphic you'd like, please let me know, and I'll email it you. Make sure you give me a current, accurate address, though ... or you won't receive it!

I'm looking forward to a marvelous weekend. I will spend the rest of this morning getting all the offerings from today, 10/16 through Fri. 10/22 ready to go. Actually, I am just finishing 10/22 now, and when that's finished, I start creating through the rest of the weekend, and into the morning of all next week. I just save all my free graphics, and then put them into kits for the new week.

My new granddaughter is just over 4 months old. She's to be "dedicated" at church this Sunday, and my husband and I will attend.

My 10 year-old granddaughter is marvelous as always. She's taking guitar lessons right now. She just finished up her soccer season, so that period of time is opened up. That's a lot since she had practices as well as games.

I go visit with them once each week, right after work. They live about 10 minutes from where I work, although the traffic always slows me down. It takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, and if there is a funeral (cemetary is very close to their house) ... heavens! It can take forever!!!

Have a terrific weekend! I know I will.

See you soon.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Halloween Cartoon - Free PNG kit graphic downloads

Good afternoon,

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween cartoon.

The items in the cartoon will be featured on my website before the end of the month.

Free png kit (graphics) downloads are offered for your enjoyment. Personal or commercial use with credits.

Feel free to use the cartoon with credits to me here at or credit to me at my website (see below).

This is how I feel after working all day and having an evening planned. I don't mind weekends, but during the week; whoa!

I plan to do a few more ghosts. They are so much fun!

Have a great day and week, and I'll post again soon.

Back to work for me ... tomorrow!

Be safe!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Halloween PNG kit downloads: Continuing for Monday

Good morning,

The picture this morning shows the items in each kit that are posted over the next 5 days. Free png kit downloads for you to use personally or commercially (with credits) for scrapbooking, card making, in emails, or any of your other projects.

Put together a Halloween card for your friends; that sounds like fun!

The ghost down by the kitty cats comes as a full ghost (ghost and hand) and also as a ghost without the hand and the hand offered separately, too. That way ou can use him holding something ... like he is in the picture from yesterday. He had his hand wrapped around the chimney of the house.

The pumpkin from day one (kit 1a), and the scarecrow from kit 1b are tubes. I own/ed those items and took a picture of them and tubed them. I still have the scarecrow, but the pumpkin was from a previous year.

The house has very little extras on it, so you can add items to it, if you wish. The fence is for fun.

There are three backgrounds for this picture, but you can always make your own, too!

Download the free png kits to your graphics program for transparent backgrounds! So easy.

Hope you have a great Columbus Day! I am off work today and tomorrow, so I'll be busily creating for this next weekend and next week. My downloads are ready to post each day for this week, so it only takes me a minute to get them up, and then get the pages ready for tomorrow.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and I hope you'll download and use the new free png kits in your creations!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free Halloween PNG kit downloads for the next 5 days

Good morning,

What a wonderful weekend we are having.

Halloween -- YES! And this picture features all the free png kit download items over the next 5 days -- starting tomorrow: Mon. 10/11/10.

All the kits are "ready to go" as of this morning, so I can start my next free png graphics downloads.

The background for starting this creation is 800 x 750, so it is quite large. That means the backgrounds and the house are large. Many graphics come alone, and then just their shadow, and a third offered of graphic with shadow. You choose which one to use at the time of your creation. (The sizes of the graphics within the background represent their size in the downloads.)

The scarecrow and the pumpkin are tubes (pictures of items I've owned and prepared as tubes). Being in png format, you can download items directly into your graphics program, and they will have no backgrounds. That makes them so much easier to use.

I watched my granddaughter play soccer yesterday. Unfortunately, they lost 3 to 1, but they sure tried. It's the first year for many of the girls, so they are doing very well.

This was the second week my granddaughter played goalie in the first half. She stops many attempts to score, but one did get past her. Last week, she scored a goal in the second half of the game, and they won 1 to 0. She was so excited!

I had my lunch with my birthday son on Friday at Max and Erma's. I only ate half my lunch, and asked for a box to take the rest home for dinner. Believe it or not! ... I walked out ... without my box! Darn. But we had a great time talking together.

After the game yesterday, we all went to Max and Erma's again ... my son-in-laws parents were in town, so we had a wonderful visit. My 4-month old granddaughter slept till the end of our lunch, and then woke up and visited with all of us. All my girls are such a delightful bunch. (I remembered to take my leftovers home this time, as well as grabbed a lunch for my hubby at home to go).

Hurry on over to my website to pick up the latest free png kit downloads and add them to your stash!

Lucky me ... I am off for the next couple of days ... so I'll have lots of time to work on more free png graphics. Scrap them in cards. Scrap them in booklets. Scrap them in your scrapbooking pictures. Or -- place individual items in your emails. So many things you can do with them.

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, October 8, 2010

FREE Halloween PNG downloads starting today

Good morning!

It's Friday, and the free Halloween png downloads are just starting -- today.

The first picture shows a few pumpkins and a frame that's available today.

You can find them on my website for 10/8/10.

By the way, Happy Birthday -- to my oldest son! Gee ... you'll be 40 in no time at all. How's it feeling???

I have the honor of taking my son to lunch today at Max and Erma's. Even though he lives in the same city, I don't see him all that often, so being HIS big day ... and me taking a day off; it was a perfect time for mom and son to get together to celebrate.

He's a wonderful son, as is my son in Boston. My only girl, my daughter, is around a lot more. I so enjoy seeing her and my granddaughters. Hi, girls! (Saw you three yesterday!!!)

These three stacked pumpkins come this way -- as well as separately. And the the really orange pumpkin is separate. They are in a zip png file; and are free to use personally or for commercial use ... with credits.

And this little item is just something I was doing for fun this morning. They'll be offered eventually ... in between Halloween items -- or after the Halloween season. I haven't decided yet.

In this picture, I've worked in my signature name twice ... and this is always fun.

Hoping you have a wonderful day.

Our weather is absolutely perfect, and is supposed to be warm, sunny, and gorgeous this weekend. I am enjoying the cooler weather, though.

Several weeks ago, our traffic camera caught a tornado around Broad Street and 270. I was driving home from work at the time, and at 270 and 70, noticed all the debris swirling upward into the sky. The sirens were going off, and it was very windy. I kept looking for something, but didn't see a thing. It wasn't until several days later that I even knew the cameras had caught the action. Exciting!

Till another day, enjoy the free png download at:

Be safe!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soulful Ghost and Friends-Free Halloween PNG downloads

Good morning!

Another free png download set.

These will be up over the next several days for the month of October ... and Halloween!

Have a great day.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Is Coming-Free PNG graphic downloads

Good morning!

Halloween is fast approaching, so as the month progresses, I will have some free Halloween PNG graphics for you to download and use in your scrapbooking creations.

The picture today features some past and upcoming items offered in the month of October.

The month of October is in full swing, and every day there are items in a free png graphics kit for you to download.

Some kits have 5 items, but usually, there's a lot more.

Some kits continue for 2 or 3 days and can feature up to 45 png graphics when all days are downloaded.

Lots of fun for me, and hopefully for you, too!

Head on over and check out what's available for this month. Remember to check back daily, and pick up the newest free kit.

September is done ... and the kits have been taken down, but there is a magazine that features what was up last month. It's downloadable in a free Word document. I love designing the front covers.

Have a terrific day!