Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays To All

Good morning, good morning!

Today, a little Happy Holidays deco box to use in scrapbooking, card-making, or any projects you have on hand where it will fit.

I am still not ready for the holidays, so I will be very busy this weekend.

I still have shopping to do, more candy-making, cooking for company coming, company coming, visiting, cleaning ... you know, the whole sha-bang!

Winter is coming in relentlessly in Columbus this year. Not as bad as some areas, or so I've heard, but quite "wintery" for Columbus. Oh my!

Many of you know that I had a "fall on my face" accident on 6/10 of this year, and hurt my arm pretty badly. Of course, I am still fighting to get physical therapy on my right arm and shoulder, so I still have a fair amount of pain, as well as loss of much use of my right arm.

Well, yesterday was bad. We had snow, and then rain here. Everything was wet on Tuesday evening, and the temps dropped overnight, causing all the wet areas to turn to ice. And I do mean ICE. Thick layers of ice.

I headed off to work yesterday morning, thinking that it must not be too bad out because everything looked a little wet, but didn't look dangerous at all. My car is in the garage, so I had a very narrow view of the real threats around me. The drive in was fine. No slipping. No sliding, further leading me to believe "all was well."

I pulled into the parking lot at work right next to my cube-mate at work. We would still have a fair walk to the building, even arriving at just prior to 6 a.m. At least we could walk in together. Makes the walk a little less challenging. But not this morning!

I put my foot on the parking lot and my foot slid. I looked down, and from the lights shining around, all I saw was a GLAZE of ice. OH SNAP! What a mess!!!

She jokingly asked if I'd brought my ice skates with me, and I was NOT amused. In prior years, our company had always prepared the parking lot and sidewalks very well for these types of days. But as I looked around, I saw one small salt truck, sprinkling the parking lot. Not much else had been done ... and we had had plenty of warning as to how it would be that morning. I was horrified, as I certainly didn't want to fall again.

No luck. We made it to out of the parking lot and to the sidewalk which is still a ways from the building entrance. It was easy to see that the sidewalks had "el zippo" preparation for the struggle to get inside. It looked like a mirror!!!

We walked in the grass as far as we could, but eventually, we were going to have to step across that sidewalk ... LARGE sidewalk. My friend tried first. DOWN SHE WENT. I leaned over to see if she was ok, but placed my left foot on the sidewalk ... AND DOWN I WENT AS WELL. I was carrying my purse and lunch bag in my left hand, and it fell on her. My already injured right arm shot down to catch my weight, and you guessed it! It took the brunt of the fall.

I scrambled to my feet, doubled over and yelled for 20 seconds easy. I can't repeat the words here, but suffice it to say, they were NOT pretty. I am also now having back problems (which I think are linked to the accident, but thankfully are not on my codes for my WC claim -- so I am in the process of getting that treated by my NEW family doctor. My back has sent me to the URGENTCare room once, and the ER at one of our hospitals here ... last visit; just 2 weeks ago. Thank you Vicadin!)

Unfortunately, I am overly-sensitive to NSAIDS- or non-steriodal drugs -- which helps inflammation. This has prolonged my injury, of course. My new doctor had decided to try a regime of Tylenol-Arthritis (a total of 1300 mg/day), and Advil (1200 mg/day). Advil is an NSAIDS, so we were trying to see how sensitive I was to it. After 800 mg ... (my doses are split into 3 different times of the day), I found myself burping to relieve indigestion. I mean burping, burping, burping. Horrendous. That was followed by acid burning in my throat and upper stomach, and later followed by stomach pain. I stopped the Advil, per my doctors instructions.


Fortunately, I am drug-free so far this morning, but having the drugs in my system yesterday did help the new fall. This morning ... I am a little more sore and painful, but I don't think any new damage has occurred, even though my right wrist did swell a hour or so after my accident.

My friend and I were not the only ones to fall, of course. One lady took the shuttle from the parking lot to the building, got off, and fell, smacking her head on the curb and knocking herself out. The ambulance took her away with a back brace on.

Another co-worker, was at home and went around her car to get in. She fell under the back of the car where the exhaust pipe is and ending up sucking in fumes. Her husband was IN the car waiting for her to get in. She had to roll over -- now wet -- slid to the grass, crawl on the grass, and finally got to her feet. She has a bump on her left leg just under her knee. She's still wearing a wrist/hand brace since she had surgery from a fall at work, and this was NOT a good thing for her.

We went downstairs earlier in the a.m., and rode the elevator back up with the company nurse. Her comment as the doors shut was, "Okay, everyone. Come clean with me. If you fell this morning, and are filing an injury report, don't do it before I eat my breakfast sandwich." She had just come from the cafe with her breakfast. I told her, "Three of us here fell. We will not be filing an injury report; as I'm still fighting over my last injury from June." She said, "I'm so sorry to hear that. Poor girl."

Our nurse is under BWC. When I went down to talk to her about my problems with OWCP (Federal Worker's Comp), she said, "Thank heavens I'm covered under BWC. I tell Federal workers, 'Don't get hurt on the job!'" (Easier said than done, I'm afraid. People get hurt.)

'Nuff said. Enough stories for today, too!

I work today from 6 a.m. til 10 a.m. I will then be on vacation. Our group is going off-site for our Christmas party, and that is why I took 4 hours of annual leave. Most of our group will leave around 11 am, and the party will start at a local restaurant at 11:30 a.m. We'll go home from there.

I am off till 12/29. I will go back back to finish up the month's work for those 3 days of the end of the year and month, and then take off again. We will get to leave an hour early on 12/31, and we have 1/1 off, so I added 1/2 to make a long weekend. 2009 is just around the corner now.

What a fast year it was! What an awful year for me, this year. Hoping next year is much better.

See you soon. And take care!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas: Peace on Earth; Goodwill Toward All

Good morning,

Oh it's almost Christmas. 11 shopping days left, counting today. Christmas is a time for Peace on Earth -- Goodwill Toward ALL! Hopefully, we'll see a little of that spirit this Christmas while we're all out shopping!

I've been busily working on Christmas decorations for my website. If you like this one, pick up a version without the advertisement at my website. You'll find it on Today's Graphics for 12/15 -- so it will be up tomorrow!

To help you find exactly what you're looking for on the website, there is a graphics list page, so be sure to check it out.

How is your shopping going? Done?

Personally, I've bought a very few things so far, so I have much to do. For my out-of-towners, I hope to make some candy today. Some simple fudge, and an old-time recipe called Mashed Potato Candy. It's my grandmother's recipe, and was a tradition in our house most Christmases. The making of it, and the sharing with the neighbors. My middle son was fondest of the tradition.

The nice thing about it, is after you boil 1 or 2 potatoes and mash them (no lumps, please), it's all NO-BAKE from there. Yumm!!!

My newly-married daughter is hosting Christmas this year at their house. I am so excited about it! How wonderful!!!

Now hurry on over to my website, and pick up any items you might want. Free!

See you soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Toddler's Thanksgiving

Good evening,

This is the first time I've posted at night. I went to bed very early today, and the pain in my neck and arm - from my accident back on 6/10 - are kicking up. Woke me up, and just can't get comfortable, so I decided to do a little artwork. Keeping the mind busy helps.

I created this little toddler this morning. There is also an animated version of him on my website at Run over and check him out. He's on Sat. 11/22, and you can use my updated graphics list to help you find items.

My daughter's wedding took place last weekend. It made for a very busy weekend, and I'm glad it is over now.

My daughter is trying her hand at Thanksgiving this year in her new home. Can't wait. She'll give me an item to bring.

My husband cooked a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner today as we went shopping this morning. I think it's the best he's done ever. I wasn't able to eat much as I was still full from lunch earlier, but it will make great leftovers for Sunday.

I took off Friday, and I'm off all this next week for vacation. My husband's started on Thursday. We both go back to work on Dec. 1st.

December will start the countdown to Christmas. I haven't even started deciding on what to do this year or buy.

We still have Black Friday coming up this week, and you can find some handy tips for shopping it on my Life's Tips at my website. Personally, I hate to stand in lines, but you can shop this big day at 12:01 a.m. at the website of many providers this year. And when you pick a checkout line, choose one next to a closed aisle. If it opens up, it's a quick switch to be first in line in the new open checkout.

Have a really good evening.

See you soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sleepy Time Scrapping Buddy

Good morning!

This little girl could be headed to bed ... or she could be just getting up! Since it's morning, I vote for "getting up!"

She's one of my Scrapping Buddies over at my website:

Today, we also featured some items to color. They're black outlines, and you can print them off to carry with you to keep your kids busy when you go out. Sometimes, I just love doing these black and white outlines. Some are very detailed and bold, while others can be very dainty.

The features for today can be found on 11/8/08 at the website.

Today is my daughter's "Girl's Night Out" party. It's at 5:30 p.m., and it should be a great time together. Don't know what I'm going to wear yet.

This is my second day off of the 5 I'm taking right now. I go back to work on Wednesday. Next Friday will be a busy day. I was hoping to take that day off as my daughter's wedding rehearsal is that evening, and the rehearsal dinner, BUT ... we are also having our health fair that day (in the morning for me), and I believe we have an "away meeting", and party that afternoon. I need to round up a baby picture for the festivities. So, it will be a very busy day.

Hoping you have a terrific day!

See you soon.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrapping Buddy 2-Sad - Add to your Scrapbooking Items

Good morning!

The election is over, and this little card may be something for you, if you're feeling a little down about the outcome.

Otherwise, you might snag Scrapping Buddy 2-Sad, either on this card, or all alone on my webpage at: You'll find him on the page for 11/05/08.

Scrapping buddy 1, the blue-eyed girl from yesterday is on 11/04/08.

This card would make a good get well card! Just print it out, and write your message on the back, and sign it. Tell others where they can pick up these items, too.

I am off today. I don't go back till Wed 11/12, so I'll have 5 glorious days. I'll do some art work, some cleaning, and hopefully, a little shopping, too.

Tomorrow is our girls' night out, and the boys will be about 2 blocks away, having theirs.

The wedding is next Saturday, and then many of us are gathering for brunch with the newly weds before they head off for Amish country for a few days of just being and enjoying each others company.

Hope everyone is having a really terrific day.

Take care ... and ... I'll ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scrapping Buddies for Scrapbooking and Projects

Good morning,

Ah! The voting is over, and we have a new President. A historic moment for America. What will the next 4 years hold? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Today, this little Scrapping Buddy is available at my website. She is featured dressed in two other outfits and there is a bald blank for you to decorate as you please.

You can find her at:

On the next days, you will see a few more renditions of her.

Scrapping Buddies are little children for you to place on your scrapbooking projects.

They will add some color and interest.

Here are the 3 on a little deco box.

These were fun little things to make, so I hope you'll enjoy using them.

Today is my last day at the office until next Wednesday. Veteran's Day falls on next Tuesday, and so I thought I'd make it a long weekend. So much to do today.

This weekend, we girls just wanna have fun! The ladies close to my daughter will gather together this Saturday night, for a delightful dinner together. My daughter is getting married next weekend, so this is her last weekend for being single.

Of course, we are all grown women. So we will be having very "mild" fun!

The guys are also going out for "Guys Night Out" to celebrate Danny's last single weekend. My daughter is hoping they are also having "mild" fun! Hey. I'm not worried. I know the guys.

Have a terrific day, and run over to my website to pick up your scrapping buddies.

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote this Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good morning!

Tuesday, November 4th ... and a Presidential election. Everyone is voting this year.

Many already have. Here in Columbus, you could vote by absentee ballot right in your own home, or on weekends, you could go to Vet's Memorial and stand in line to vote early.

My daughter and future son-in-law went down to Vets on Saturday, and they said the line was already outside the building. I heard that on Sunday night, they closed their doors at 10 p.m. If you were in line as of 5 p.m., they let you stay to vote. Wow!

I am more than ready for all the hoopla to be over. The phone calls, the mail, the radio and tv commercials, and all the articles published. This is probably going to be one of the biggest elections I can remember.

I am already up, and ready to go. I just need to dress, and make breakfast. We will head out around 6 a.m. while the polls don't open till 6:30 a.m., I believe. We will wait our turn, and cast our vote.

Tonight will be full of how it's going, and tomorrow, hopefully, we will know which man succeeded in becoming our next President.

We will both head out to work after we vote. If need be, I'll use a few credit hours to makeup for my 8 hour day.

This little creation today is in honor of our freedom to choose. Because I love fantasy and unusual little creatures, Diamond Bud came into existence. I like to name my little creations.

Hoping you the best of days today. Go out and vote!

See you soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Phantom Ghost STRIKES my office!

Good morning ... and one last post for today!

Halloween is over, but NOT forgotten. And this year, it was especially fun! I love Halloween!

Halloween brought a new office game this year. Your office may enjoy this -- next year. Just remember to start it early, so it can spread through any LARGE company.

I came into work one morning, and on my desk, I found 2 sheets of paper, and a little Halloween bag of candy.

I blinked and looked around. No one else had one on their desk. I was perplexed.

Two co-workers sat at their desks and watched me, amused. "Some guy dropped it off!" one said.

And then I took a closer look. I looked at the sheet with the ghost (I re-did this ghost for this blogspot), and then read the second sheet with the poem. I smiled, and felt a little giddy inside. "How wonderful!" I exclaimed.

I peered into my bag of goodies. There were about 8 pieces of candy. Some were minature chocolate bars, others were things like little packages of smarties. I shared my candy with those who wanted certain sweets, and it was wonderful.

On the sheet with the poem were instructions.

"You have been selected to participate in a fun little office game of tag! The Phantom Ghost has chosen to visit you to bring you a Halloween treat. Place the Phantom Ghost somewhere on your desk so that everyone can see you have already been visited!

Now ... you need to make 2 copies of this note, and two copies of the Phantom Ghost. Make 2 goodie bags to go with them. Tomorrow, without anyone knowing, "ghost" 2 more people in the office.

Don't break the chain!!! The goal is to have everyone "visited" by the end of October.

Happy Halloween!!!"

On my way home that night, I stopped. I was able to get 3 bags, and I bought all my Halloween candy at that time. I filled the 3 little baggies with their sweets.

The next morning, I printed out copies of the phantom ghost, the poem, and the instructions. I hid everything in a sack and began walking around in other departments. It was just after 6 a.m., so there weren't many people in the office. But I could've hit others while they were on break. It only takes a second.

I tried to place the bags/sheets on desks in areas where no one was visible yet. The first one: a total success.

The second: I thought it was empty, only to turn around and see a woman smiling from her cube behind me. I put a finger to my lips, and said, "Shhhh! Don't tell."

She smiled and nodded.

The last desk, after I had laid my items on the desk, a head popped up over the last wall. I saw the interest in his eyes, and quietly said, "Please don't tell them I was here. It's a surprise."

He smiled and looked with great interest at what I was doing. His smiled widened, and he replied, "Of course not!"

When I was done, I wished I had more goody bags and sheets to hand out. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun playing. The "spirit of giving/sharing" was with me the rest of the day. Of course, after a person is hit in one department, it is NOT quite the surprise it is with the first one that is hit; but the new person hit is extremely pleased to finally be a receiver. I hope they enjoyed the part of the giver ... as much as I did.

I know Halloween is past this year. But what a wonderful game to put into another holiday ... or start again next year.

It really made my day!

See you soon.

Halloween Card - 10/31/08

Good morning, once again!

This little creation of my Halloween Card for 10/31/08 became my screen saver at work.

But, it's also great for adding to your scrapbooking pages of the pictures you took this Halloween -- featuring YOUR kids.

The little witch is Witchie Witch, and of course, I'm sure you recognize the "Ghostie" from the previous post ... he was the one waving!

This was a fun little creation.

How was your Halloween? Did you get lots of "trick or treaters"?

Ours was last night between 6 and 8 p.m. One of my friends, Tiffany, said at work: "Friday night is a bad night for Halloween. If you have kids playing sports, they are often on Friday night. Then you have to pick and choose WHICH you want to participate in." Since my kids are long ago grown and gone, I hadn't thought of this dilemma.

We had treaters in our neighborhood. I am sure they had great fun.

An advertising idea: "If you have a scrapping website or graphics website, what a cute idea to make lots of these little cards to give out with your candy ... featuring your own site." While Halloween is over, and you don't have the kiddies coming directly to your door ... you could still do this kind of thing for all holidays! I do it, too, when I'm leaving a tip at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving is coming ... and then Christmas, and, not to be forgotten: New Year's Eve and Day!

Need to pick up some free decorations? Head on over to: and see what you can put in your goodie basket. They're free!

Have a really great day!

See you soon.

Note: At work yesterday, they featured a Haunted House in our basement. The price of a ticket was only $1/ea. I'd never gone before, so everyone let me be first in our group.

Waiting outside the door, I kept peering through the peep windows, and everyone kept saying, "Stop peeking!" I finally did, and while I was standing there, there was a very loud THUD on the door. I about jumped out of my skin. It was someone covered in a long black cape and hood.

Shortly thereafter, they let us in. They led us into a very dark room. Black lights, and a graveyard scene with lots of dark, dark mannequins placed throughout. There was a fog machine, so it was all VERY EERIE!!! Gravestones were placed here and there.

"Wow!, " I said. "This is very nice." I had turned slightly back around to address my co-workers. Suddenly, something grabbed me from behind! Those were NOT mannequins dressed up, but very REAL people. I jumped and yelled as everyone expected. It was all great fun! (They did a fantastic job!!! Well worth a $1.00!) And to finish the whole experience off as they ushered us out the door, you got to pick a treat from their basket! How SWEET!

A Ghostie Wave Animation

Good morning!

Okay. I admit it. My ghostie wave is a little late. Instead of saying hello for Halloween ... let's say he's saying "Good-bye! See you NEXT year!"

This little ghost is featured on my website, as well as this animation.

You can pick up other goodies by going to:

Now. Stay tuned for the "late" Halloween card.

Hope your Halloween was great!

And "bye-bye" ... till next year, Halloween!

See you in a minute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having a very good ART Tuesday

Good morning,

This morning is a very good morning!

I made this brightly colored deco box, which can be added to any scrapbooking projects freely. There is a blank on my website to change the word Tuesday to Day or Birthday. The blank lets you choose what to put in the light blue box.

If you wish to pick it up, just go to

Why is today such a "cheery" Tuesday? Because I have an MRI scheduled this morning at 10 am. My fall on 6/10 has left me with a bum right arm, which becomes more painful as the days go by. Please, please, please ... let this test show the problem so I can get it fixed!!!

Yesterday, my dear hubby had a brain scan. An MRI of his brain and the consult will be either Wednesday or Thursday. They believe he had a stroke about a month ago. While he appears to be "ok" in every way, he still needs to have it checked out.

Two years ago, they wanted to do an angioplasty on him: balloon surgery. In his heart. He said no way, but is now rethinking that. He has very high blood pressure as well, and if the new meds don't improve it when he goes for those tests next week; they will hospitalize him. He will most assuredly have the surgery THIS TIME. He is rethinking his condition, thank heavens.

I certainly wish to have him around a while longer. We've only been married 8 1/2 years, and together for 10. I am NOT ready for him to follow his brother home.

My condition is NOT life-threatening, but just plain painful. It has been 4 1/2 months. Sleeping was easier before this last weekend, but during it and since, I have so much trouble finding a comfortable position. If I lay on my back, my right shoulder blade hurts. If I lay on my left side, my whole right arm and shoulder hurts. Laying on my stomach causes discomfort. You would think laying on the painful arm on my right side would hurt more, but it is the only way I can get some relief. If Ihave too many pillows, my neck hurts. I am just plain tired of pain.

Once the test is done, I will need to wait to see how they plan to fix me. Surgery? Maybe. Rehab; most definitely.

So ... I am looking forward to today.

I will be sitting at my desk at 6 am this morning. I will work till 9 am, and then take some sick leave to head to the imaging place. I don't think it will take that long, but I'm trying to decide whether to head back to work, or just take the rest of the day off. I guess I'll decide before I leave for the appointment.

Hoping everyone health ... and that you, too, have a very "cheery" Tuesday.

See you soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sugar and Spice Deco Box

Good morning,

It is a little later in the day ... after my last post. My husband called me and is enjoying his day with his son who lives in Wisconsin. They were driving to get his son a haircut ... which is usually what they did when he first arrived at our house for a visit. Dad loves to see a new haircut on his son.

My husband also got to talk to his daughter on the phone last night. She's now 17. This little "Sugar and Spice" deco box was created with Vilene in mind.

The memorial service is due to start in about an hour. Everyone sent their hellos.

On my part, some updated news on me. On June 10th of this year, I took a "face fall" on the floor at work. Talk about an "ouch"! While all the superficial injuries are just a memory, one lingered that has plagued me greatly. My right shoulder sustained an injury. It just will not heal. I recently learned that it may be a partial or full rotator cuff tear, but only an MRI will determine the extent of the injury and the avenue to recovery.

Being that it is Worker's Comp; I have been struggling to learn the process for getting treatment. Seems the doctor I went to see didn't have much idea of what to do either. Not necessarily the doctor, but his office staff. This left me totally perplexed since he admitted that they are WC certified. Hmmmm? "How do you get authorization for treatment, then? I know that 3 requests have been submitted, and all have been rejected for stupid reasons."

Federal Worker's Comp has to go through ACS (Advisory and Consulting Services), which our staff nurse at my office, told me about. It' been 4 months since the accident, and believe me. I am struggling with this right arm pain. It radiates down my arm into my hand and fingers. It radiates out from my shoulder joint to my mid-section (along the collarbone in the front and along the shoulder blade in the back). It also shoots upward into my neck; mostly on the right side. The pain is almost constant: from a low ache to full blown throbbing, burning pain. There is also knife-sharp pain in certain areas in my outside upper right arm, and around the shoulder joint itself. It has recently caused my back to lock up, which calls for a day or two at home in bed resting and on muscle relaxers. Ice has become a great friend for dulling the pain.

I fnally seem to be on the right track for treatment. I was able to get the info that my doctor's office would need to get my MRI. By phone. I accomplished that yesterday at work.

Last night, on my answering machine, I actually got a call from the place that's been scheduled to do my MRI. Yeah! I tried to call this morning to get it scheduled, but they don't appear to be open on weekends, so first thing Monday, I will call and try to get in as quick as possible. I can't wait to end the pain I've endured over the last 4 months.

Hope you are having a great day!

Peace Be With You, Fred

Good morning,

My husband is in Wisconsin for the weekend. He's home with his family, while I am here with my granddaughter.

My husband's brother, Fred, passed away last Tuesday. His battle with lung cancer, as well as a stage 4 rare bone cancer, is over. He was diagnosised about 2 months ago.

Fred had not been feeling well most of this last year. He thought he was fighting a cold, and eventually, he suspected pneumonia. He checked into the hospital, and found out he did have pneumonia. The first few days, they found the lung cancer. A few days after that, with more tests, they discovered the bone cancer, which he had been carrying around for a while, and it was already at stage 4. Chondrosarcoma.

They started treatment right away on his pneumonia, and when that was relieved, they started chemo on the lung cancer. With the bone cancer, it looked dreadful as to the outcome. Even though I'm sad about Fred's death; it was a blessing for him, and spared him pain and suffering.

Fred was slightly younger than my husband. Ray and his brother were close, at times. Fred led a colorful life. He will be missed by his family and friends. I am sorry I could not attend his memorial service, but my own injuries have prevented me from taking the long car trip right now.

To everyone in Wisconsin gathered together to remember Fred ... I am with you in spirit. I will remember the visits we had from him, and the few good times I personally remember. Fred was a rover, and he popped in and out of our lives rarely, but kept in touch with my husband by phone.

You will be missed, Fred. We will always remember you.

Take care all. And have a great day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scrap Book a Recipe Card

Good morning to you all!

This recipe card was made today, since I attended my daughter's couples party. She had that instead of a shower before her wedding. We had a lovely time.

Her matron-of-honor, Chessa, brought a dip that was so yummy. And that's when I decided to use my accessory decorations for scrap booking to put together this card.

It is delicious, and while she served it as a dip, I thought it would be delicious poured over a fresh cut-up fruit dish or you could substitute canned fruit ... since fresh fruit may not be as available during the fall and winter. Except maybe apples and oranges.

Oh. There is still plenty of fruit in the stores, but somehow, it just doesn't taste as good as it did in the summer. And the prices are sure to go up since it will be trucked in from a distance.

There is always canned fruit ... so try this recipe, and see if it's something you'd like to take to your Thanksgiving gathering. Or use it as a dip, which is the way it originally was presented.

My accessories are free for you to use. Just go to and pick up whatever fancies you. Then scrap, scrap, scrap away!

Tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday. So happy birthday, Christian.

And in honor of Halloween month, there is a Halloween layout coming for October 8th. You can pick up the whole card ... and add to it. Or you can pick up just the stationary layout. You can also pick up the word Halloween ... 2008 ... a bat ... and a ghost! Go check it out.

As always. Have a marvelous day. Even if it's only Tuesday!

See you later!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrap Book Decorations - Just For You

Good morning,

I've been busy adding decorations to my website.

Here is just a sample of what you can see there. There's hundreds of decorations to choose from.

So, if you like to scrapbook cards or pages or just want some decorations to pick up for your website ... come on over and check these out.

All decorations are free to use.

The items shown here today will be on the page for 9/27. The items are actually bigger, but if you past them into Excel, you can resize them to any size you wish.

It's lots of fun.

Next weekend is my daughter's couples party. I will be providing about 3 batches of potato salad which I hope to start this week. That's a lot of potatoes. I'm also taking a veggie tray with dip, and some ice. Her wedding date is closing in.

This weekend is my future son-in-laws birthday (tomorrow). The couple is in Ky. this weekend for a big party planned by his folks.

My granddaughter is spending the weekend with her dad and his family while they're in town. Her paternal grandfather is having a big party, planned by his family, for him this weekend. He has not been well, and recently had a leg amputated. I wish them well.

The weather in Columbus has been beautiful. Cool days, some sunny, and others overcast, but still beautiful. I love fall. Some of our trees are already changing their colors. We have not had much rain the last part of our summer, while June had more rain than it usually does.

Wishing you all well. And remember. If you like scrapbook accessories -- free ones -- go grab some at

See you again soon. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well-Wishing Art

Good morning,

Today, I've made this art deco box. Perfect for a card or for your scrapping projects.

My daughter is getting married very soon. A couple's party is just 2 weeks away.

Every parent wishes health, wealth, and especially happiness to their children. It is hard to find a perfect match ... and even harder to keep it.

I hope you have a great Tuesday.

If you like the box, take it and use it.

See you soon.

Note: Several weeks ago, I told you about my husband's brother being extremely ill. While he does have lung cancer, he also came in with pneumonia. And they discovered something worse after running a full battery of test: bone cancer. It's in stage 4, and while they will treat it, what time he has left will be challenging. He is currently in hospice, and will have treatment on an "out-patient" basis. It is a prayerfull time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Create FUN Art!

Good afternoon,

Doing a website every day is very time consuming, so I don't get here as often as I'd like. But ... if you like the artwork you see here, hurry on over to my place at: and pick up the accessories and offers. They're free!

For Sunday, I am featuring this set. You get the whole example, the frame separately, and the girl separately. And much more.

This girl was created from a shapes set. It is from the 8-0920 set. It has a total of 64 jpgs so far, but a total of 86 shapes to choose from. I will add to it during the month and it will be free for the asking ... if you send me an email asking for it. I'll put it in a zip file, and send it to you -- all free. After all, creating should be fun, and I bet you'd love to "create FUN Art". (Just put 8-0920 shapes in the subject line.) You can email me cjhamptonatinboxdotcom.

Our weather in Columbus is absolutely beautiful. It isn't fall yet, but we are celebrating fall weather. Those who love summer hate to see the cooler days, but we have plenty of sunshine.

Last Sunday, we experienced Hurricane Ike's fierceness ... even in Ohio. The storm started about 4. No rain -- just unbelievable winds around 75 or higher almost constantly. It blew every different direction, and I hope to never see this kind of wind storm again. Of course, many in Columbus are without power. Most in my department at work got their power back by Wednesday. One is still without power ... and is hoping to be one of the final ones back in the real world by tomorrow.

We were so blessed. Our power kept going out, but it came back on after 3-5 seconds. Just enough to have to reset the cable on the tv ... but such a little matter compared to all those totally without power.

We lost our cable on Monday. My husband was off, and he ended up watching movies. We rewatched THE GREEN MILE Monday night. It was good ... as always.

Today, we went shopping at Walmart. We bought our groceries, and my husband decided to pick up the new TRANSFORMERS 2 as my granddaughter is coming for a little visit tomorrow. She enjoyed the first one, as we did, so we thought we'd pick up the new one. We got home, and he put it in, only to find it contained TRANSFORMERS 1 ... not 2. He took it back to Walmart, and they said that "once a movie is opened, you may not return it." It didn't matter that the package said that it was 2 ... we were stuck with it.

Now this is just plain absurd. I hope every copy of their advertised movies saying it's TRANSFORMERS 2 contains 1 ... and that everyone goes back trying to rectify the situation. This is false advertising. Something about copyright laws ... according to Walmart. But I know you can buy an exercise tape on line, open it, try it, and return it if you don't like it. So what's with Walmart? It's the last movie I'll purchase there. Have you experienced this there?

If you've followed my blog, you all know I had an accident on June 10th. Would you believe it took till 9/2 to get my diagnosis codes from Worker's Compensation? Oh yes! And then it listed the right ankle instead of the left ankle. I called to talk to my "case worker" only to find that she no longer handled claims #'s >>> to >>> and she gave a number to call for your new case worker. This process landed me back into HER mailbox ... telling me again ... that she no longer handled my claim #.

I finally saw 2 doctors. The first was an arm, wrist, hand doctor, and after x-raying my right arm, found nothing wrong. But, he knew I was in pain, and set me up to see another doctor that same day. This doctor suspects I have a partial or fully torn rotator cuff, and said I needed an MRI. He wrote a letter stating such to my doctor at US HealthWorks, to the first doctor that referred me to him, and I guess WC. I was supposed to get a copy of that letter, but I guess I'm going to have to call for it ... as it's not arrived, after 17 days.

I keep getting forms declaring NOT APPROVED from WC for one reason or another. They don't even put on the new forms what they are NOT APPROVING. I am totally sick of WC. More and more doctors are getting away from handling these claims as they spend so much time in nonsense paperwork that it interferes with treating patients. WC appears to be a big ripoff. I don't see why companies still pay into it. I think this is one insurance that should be extinct! Think I'm mad? I am.

Well. I didn't really mean to write so much. I will leave you with this. Create FUN art! Enjoy what you do ... and share it!

Hope you have a great weekend! Take care ... and I hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scrappers SCRAP!

Good morning~

Scrap to your hearts delight! Here's a little scrappin' box to use in your scrap pages. Very bold with it's red and oranges.

When I scrap a page, I love to add some unique items. Using accessories can add a lot of charm to your pages.

And being as I created these scrap bits, and there are hundreds to choose from, your pages will be fresh and unique.

I love the barely visible kalei (kaleidoscope) background on this one.

This particular scrap book would be good for a title and even a name in the lower right hand area surrounded by the little orange deco.

So, if you like it ... go on and take it. It's free to use, as are all my creations, for any purpose. But personally, they make wonderful scrap book accessories.

I have a trick to try right now. I know it works from my website, as I've shown others while I'm at work how to use these free scrap decos.

Almost everyone has EXCEL on their computer. Open it. Now find the graphic you want to use. Right click and choose copy. Go to a cell in excel and right click, choose paste.

Now, if you left click on the graphic, you can resize it -- up ... or down. Check your page preview to see how it looks, and voila! You have a graphic ready to print to a paper of your choosing. You can highlight the graphics to print them or fill a page and print them all.

I have hundreds to choose from at my website.

Even better if you have a graphics editing program, as you can take out the backgrounds to make transparencies or remove things you don't like. Change colors. Whatever! They are all free for your use.

Scrappers scrap! So get scrappin'! New ways to accessorize without spending more money. Just your price of paper ... and ink, and you're into some lovely scrap book pages.

I hope you enjoy them. For more, just go to: and you'll find a great selection each day. Eventually, the site will be full, and I will have to take down some of the free selections. When they're gone, they're gone.

I hope to put the ones I take down onto a disk, which you can order. But that's way in the future. For now ... just take 'em.

Have a great day! See you real soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrappers scrap, drawers draw, and bloggers blog!

Good morning scrappers, drawers, and bloggers!

I love to scrap, draw, and blog! And that's why I'm here.

I love to create scrap accessories to use in my own scrapbooking. Accesories are made for cards, envelopes, picture pages, and whatever else I can think of.

Every morning, I sit at my computer; poised to draw today's graphics.

Today, I thought I'd blog about words. Have you ever thought about words?

I was driving to work one morning last week, and saw a sign that said, "Now here". Somehow, in my mind, it played a trick on me, and what I read was "No where." And then I saw what it really said, and thought, "Isn't that funny? I wonder how many other words or phrases are like that?"

Those phrases stuck in my mind when I was creating these kaleis yesterday morning. I didn't really have anywhere to use them, but decided to just put them on this creation. I don't really know what significance these words have to me, but they feel like they are branded on my brain right now.

Maybe it's somehow connected to an accident I had back on June 10th. I was no where in getting my injuries fixed, and this last week, I am "now here" ... at least when it comes to a diagnosis. But again, I feel like I'm back to "nowhere".

I hope you are having a great weekend. It is a beautiful, cool and sunny day in Columbus.

Take care ... and I'll see you soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Put On Your Happy Face

Good morning,

A little blue creature this morning. I'm sure you've all had those days where you feel blue, but you have to put on your happy face anyway.

Well. That's how I feel today.

Yesterday, my husband learned that his brother, Fred, is dying of lung cancer. He was admitted to the hospital, with what he thought was a little cold or maybe pneumonia. He had been putting off seeking treatment.

He has many malignant tumors throughout his chest/underarm area. The doctors say he has maybe four weeks.

His mom couldn't get a flight yesterday, so she is leaving today. She will take a bus to Chicago, and fly into Oklahoma from there. My husband will take a week of unplanned vacation in about 3 weeks. He wants to go down and spend some time with Fred. I hope he is still here then, and lucid enough to visit.

I told my husband that you can't always wait for these visits. My grandfather died of lung cancer. The weekend we were going down to visit him was too late. He died before we left.

Fred has never smoked. Why lung cancer? Who knows. Only God knows these things.

So while everyone is feeling blue ... everyone is trying to put on their happy face to keep Fred's spirits up. The cancer is too far spread and inoperable. Fred is 1 1/2 years younger than my husband. My husband is the oldest of 9 children.

My husband has been seeing "his dad" for the past two weeks. His dad died about 2 years ago. He felt something was wrong. He even called his mom, since he thought maybe it was her. This isn't the first time he's known something was wrong. Many years ago, a younger sister of his died, and he knew it before he was told. He seems to have a "sense" for these things.

So remember. Our time is short. Make the most of your today's.

I hope your today is wonderful.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scrappers Accessories

Good morning!

This morning, I thought I'd share 2 accessories from my website with you.

When you have a picture you wish to display, you often wish to add some accessories to the page. And that's where my website comes in.

I recently found a really easy way for scrappers without a graphic editing program to snag those they wish.

You simply right click on the graphics, open Excel, and right click to paste it into a cell. Viola!

From here, you can left click on it and move it around or resize it; larger ... or smaller.

Using the drawing tools in Excel, you can put color or patterns behind the graphic as well. Draw a box and simply fill with the color you wish to be behind it. Any box added AFTER the original graphic will be in FRONT of it. To have it behind, just right click, choose grouping, and send to the back.

And there you have it! Think of the possibilities!!!

By the way. I know it's been awhile since my last post. I tried to post several other times, but whenever I tried to login, it would state that the url was unfound. I could get to my blog, but I just couldn't post. I tried several times on several different days. Glad to see the problem is fixed.

If you enjoy the graphics you see here; run on over to and pick up the ones you like. I don't know an easier way to spiff up your pages. And they're free!

Have a great Friday. I only work from 6 am to 8:30 am this morning, and then I'm done for Friday ... so I know my Friday is going to be great!

Take care ... and see ya real soon!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Final art for June 2008

Good morning -- and goodbye ... to the month of June!

Six months down, and six to go in 2008. Time flies!

It's Monday morning again, and it's back to the day job. I am thankful for a "day job". If you've ever been "out of work", I'm sure you know the feeling. But even so, you feel like you're in a rut sometimes.

This morning, I sat at my computer looking at my creations. My mind was a total blank. What to do with it? What to do?

I'm sure we all experience that. And so, this is what I came up with.

So have a great Monday. Take it easy going into work.

And, I'll see you again soon!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday's Free Graphics!

Sunday, Sunday ... what a beautiful Sunday!

Good morning!

And ... it's Sunday's free graphics! Well, actually all the days I post are free graphic days.

This first one to the left was done last week, I think, but I just never got it up.

So, wanting to feature it, I've put it up in today's batch of free graphics!

I hope you'll enjoy using it.

And wow! The Fourth of July is just days away now.

Tomorrow ends the month of June, and Tuesday ushers in the new month of July! This year is just speeding by.

This picture to the left is my second free graphic for today and is looking forward to the approaching holidays and YOUR CREATIVES NEEDS.

If you design cards or scrapbook, or need some new designs for your webpage, here are the colors we will be seeing a lot of in the next several days: red, white, and blue! (Actually looks black here.)

To check out an even greater selection from this batch that was made, you'll have to go over to my website at I believe these are featured tomorrow: June 30th! *Just checked; yep! Featured tomorrow.

On my homefront, an update on my accident. Ugh! My right arm is still bothering me much more than it should be. I can do my graphics, but I just get tired so fast, as my whole arm, shoulder, wrist, hand, chest and upper right back (and neck) ache after working awhile. This also happens at work. But, I don't want to quit posting my artwork though. I have to stay in it as it is my passion.

The bills are rolling in now, and I'm waiting to see what WC will cover and won't. If this is any idea of what national heathcare would be like, I sigh a big sigh. Not good.

Here's hoping you enjoy the free graphics. If you visit my website, please do leave me a note. A little is encouragement is always a great thing. It only takes a minute.

Till I see you later ...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Friday morning,

Playing with colors and colored lines is fun. That's how this creation came about.

It was done yesterday morning.

Along with kaleis, I also am playing a lot with patterns. The border at the top was taken from using my kaleis to create some borders.

I will take the lines and colors and do interesting effects to them. On one project, I may have 18-20 layers of different creations. I may have one set of nothing but kaleis. Another set will be patterns from which borders or frames can be made. Another set may just be additional things I've tried with some of the previous sets of different creations. It is so much fun to see all the different items I can come up with.

In the world of accidents (if you read my last post), I am still improving from my fall. And finding new pains as well.

I saw the doctor on Monday, and then again on Wed. I go back on Monday.

I asked people at work about my fall. I was so involved in the actual event, and shaken up, that I hadn't even remembered the exact location of the fall. I fell a few feet away from where I thought I had. People walked me through what they observed. Everyone agreed where I had fallen. The flooring under the carpet is uneven in spots. It's not obvious, but it is there. My division boss mentioned it yesterday when he came to our area. He asked me how I was, and said that he needed to have someone come in and check out and fix the flooring.

While my arm is getting a little better daily, my left lower back is sore today. That is totally a new pain. One co-worker who observed the fall said, "When you fell, you were just so twisted up." I know I had to have help getting up.

I am, of course, looking forward to being totally pain-free again, and having this all behind me. That, and all the hassles that go with it.

The weather has been so beautiful this week. Mostly in the 70's. Even cool at times.

I am still sleeping a lot, which is a good thing, as sleeping promotes the healing process. I have not had time to work as much on my artwork. My website is so far behind now, that I may just have to pick up from a more current time, and try to add the days missed as I am able.

Anyway, I am trying to get back into the groove. It is hard right now.

I do hope you have a good Friday!

And, I will see you again soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

You are very SPECIAL

Good morning!

It's Father's Day today, so Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. I hope you have an enjoyable, yet relaxing day!

The card front created here could be for anyone that you consider "special" in your life.

As you know, I have a website where I offer free art accessories to all that care to use them.

Unfortunately, I am way behind on it, as well as posting on this blog.

When I took my vacation, I fell behind. And then, I started trying to catch up, doing days at a time to get back to the present day. And then "IT" happened.

I took a fall at work, and trying to keep up became harder.

When I was young, I was so graceful. I was a "dancer" -- mostly teaching dance as exercise and doing partner dancing during the "disco era". It was great fun.

But as I'm aging, my balance must not be as good or something, because this is the second fall I've had in about a year.

This time, I fell right on my face. Last Tuesday. Wow! What a big shocker that was. My main concern was "did I still have my teeth?" And, yes. I did.

Of course, they bit into my lower lip and into my inside mouth which caused some bleeding, but it didn't last. And being at work, I went through the necessary actions that are expected. Hospital, dentist, etc. That was all on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I saw a doctor for followup. X-rays revealed no broken jaw and shoulder and arm fine as well. X-rays at the dentist revealed I did not break my teeth or injury the roots.

I was left with a swollen left ankle, which lasted through Thursday, and my right arm deltoid muscle is extremely painful still. It felt better yesterday than it does today. Dressing, undressing, and driving a car with a stick shift have not helped. (I've only driven 3x since my accident. And not for the last 3 days.)

The doctor I saw on Wednesday released me to go back to work, although I didn't go on Wednesday afternoon. I went home and went to bed and slept for most of the afternoon. I was in a lot of pain still.

I drove to work on Thursday. Big mistake. By 12:30, my neck was stiff, so I left, came home, and back to bed to sleep.

Friday, I took a sick day. I was driven to my followup doctor's appointment Friday morning, but upon arriving, discovered that their power was out due to the previous night's storm, and was told to come back Monday morning at 8. That's tomorrow.

I will need to return to work tomorrow also, and am hoping that my arm has improved even more by then. I am right-handed, and it is still painful to use my arm.

So. Life should return to normal, with me watching every darn step I'm taking. I must have tripped or stubbed my toe, or something. One minute, I was up; the next I was kissing the carpet. I don't recommend trying it.

One thing is for sure. I was lucky. I didn't really hurt anything, and will be fully better soon. Pride? Haven't even considered it. When I hit the floor, people told me it sounded like someone dropped a full box of xerox paper. It feels like they dropped it on my shoulder and arm!

Anyway. Have a great day! And know ... all of you are special. Special to more people than I'm sure you'd know.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Special Boy -- Or Girl

Good morning!

I've been over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics getting my graphics ready for today. Today, I am featuring Art Words.

This creation to the left is, of course, for some special little boy. Makes a great school award, sports award, or to use to design a card for that special little man in your life.

Of course, if you have special boys in your life; it only makes sense that you have special girls in your life as well.

So, there is one for special little girls over at EAPDG.

As always, they are free to pick up and use for your personal or commercial projects.

There is also one in today's collection featuring My Me Time! You'll have to go visit to see them.

I am also featuring a special "thank you page", if you leave a question or comment. It is not the same thing as signing my guestbook though. I am trying to get a little interaction going on.

If you know others that like free graphics -- send them over.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! The weather is absolutely beautiful in Columbus, Ohio.

See you soon!
Free graphics each day for your personal and professional use.

Friday, May 23, 2008

One Can NEVER Have ...

Good morning,

It's Friday. We can NEVER have too many Fridays!!!

And like this card says to the left, we can also never have too many cards OR friends!

Today is the first day of my 10-day vacation, and it feels great to be off!

Everyone is looking forward to this big Memorial Weekend, I know.

Knowing you all have lots of friends, family members, acquaintances, and more ... I know you are always on the look out for free cards to share.

In the designing section of my website:, I am featuring some cards today. Just several. Run over and take a look. Like it? Go on and pick it up. It's free ... as is this one above is. (For future reference, go to the design list and look for May 23, 2008.)

And while you're at it -- tell someone else!

Now go out there and have a great day! And holiday weekend!

See you soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recharging Over The Holiday with Art

Good morning to you!

Two posts for today, as I missed the last few days. My website takes a great deal of time to prepare each day.

There are tons of graphics there since it has been up 48 days now. If you need accessories for your art creations, you can find plenty over at my new place. Go through them. Pick and choose the ones you like, and then freely use them.

If you like them, let me know by signing my guest book. A little feedback is food for the soul, you know.

The place?

You can find some of the accessories used in the first picture over there.

This second picture was one I did several days ago, and meant to post. Never got here, so I'm posting both today.

Again, you can find a lot over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

Today may be Thursday, but today is my Friday. I am taking the next 10 days as vacation. I feel a need to rest, and just have some more fun with my art endeavors.

I've purchased a Cricut Expression as well as the Design Studio, and while I got to play with it a little on Sunday, I need much more time. I really want to play with the software to see what all I can do with it.

And, of course, I wouldn't mind doing a little more sculpeys.

I'm running on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep this morning, so it's bound to be a wild day. I get off at 3, so I should be fine.

Looking forward to Memorial Day, and the weather that promises to be just beautiful.

Take care. And see you soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gas Prices and Work

Good Sunday Morning to you all!

Gas prices rose this week to almost $4/gallon. Something has got to change.

Sometimes, I wish I could be like this snail. Work from home, and not have to worry about all the stress from rising prices. Times are ludicrous!

I have heard that in the very distant future, it could actually cost us $10/gallon. I guess we won't need the roads updated, and the car dealers can quit selling new cars, because only the rich will use either of them.

At work, I hear people talking about investing in another form of transportation: scooters for back roads, motorcyles, etc.

My little red Honda Civic EX used to only need $15-$20 a week to a week and a half to get to work and back. Now, I draw the limit at putting $30 in it, although $30 no longer fills it completely.

Hey! I heard a really good tip at one of my Eons groups, and thought I'd pass it along to you. Ever pull out aluminum foil or saran wrap and have the entire roll fall out? All the time! Well, look on the side of the outside box: see two little tabs to push in which locks your rolls inside their boxes! When I read this tip, I had to run check it out. Sure 'nuf! It's there. Amazing!

Last weekend, I bought a Cricut Expressions and the Design Studio. Talk about a lot of new things to learn. Today, I hope to really get into some of it!

Enjoy the graphic today, and if you'd like to pick up some more, head on over to my site at for lots more. They're free to use!

Have a great Sunday.

See you soon!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free Art for all your artistic needs!

Good afternoon,

Free Art, Free Art ... get your Free Art at

I just love doing graphics. And you'll see that by visiting my site. Pick it up! It's free art!

Every day, there are 3 free daily graphics. And the extras! Well, you'll have to check it out yourself.

This is free art for all to use: personal, commercial, schools, blogs, whatever you wish.

Lots of exciting accessories for you "to design your own" artwork!

Okay ... see you at my site!


See you soon!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Frames and Accessories

Good afternoon,

It has been awhile since I've posted. I am busily working on my daily graphics site:

So, if you like what you see here, you might want to try my site, as you can pick up all the free graphics.

I just love framing my granddaughter. Isn't she just gorgeous? Oh yes! She definitely is.

This was taken yesterday as a matter of fact. She came to spend Friday evening and night with me. And she loves to pose for my camera. Even more, she likes to take pictures. And she does a very good job at it.

I loved this picture so much, I just wanted to do something special with it. So -- I framed it. On my website, there are different frames for today, so if you need something like this for a loved one or friend, hurry on over.

This is one the accessories I featured today in my extras.

It is very colorful. It's strikingly rich!

There are a total of 12 extras like this, and they are also all free for grabbing.

Now, I would appreciate it if you'd leave a note in my guest book if you like these items. Feedback is always appreciated. If you own a site, you know how it is.

Secondly, I'd be happy to trade links with you, especially if you are in an art-related field. Everyone loves free graphics.

It was a beautiful weekend. It is almost over now, and back to work tomorrow. But I've enjoyed mine immensely.

I was fortunate that my daughter came early yesterday, and she and Taylor spent the day with me. We had a wonderful visit. Being engaged and all, she is always very busy anymore.

And, of course, having Taylor here for any amount of time is always a delight.

Have a great Sunday.

And a great new week.

Till next time.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Welcome

Good Saturday morning, and a Happy Spring Welcome to All~

Ahhh! The spring weather has been fantastic so far! I hope we get to enjoy a long spring this year.

The only drawback is allergies!

While I don't have bad allergies, opening the windows and deck screen door does help to usher in whatever pollen comes from beautiful blooming plants and flowers. Itching, watering eyes, and a plugged up, drippy nose and sore throat follow. How can such beautiful weather be so personally plaguing? As I said, my allergies are minor, while my daughter suffers greatly during this time.

This little flower creation was a lot of fun. To see her animated, go to Today, she's featured on the today's graphics (or will be when I get it up). After today, you can find her in the daily graphics for 4/26/08.

Enjoy this marvelous weather ... and have a terrific Saturday!

See you soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love FREE Graphics!

Good morning!

The lady in this picture is June. That's her name. And she says, "I love FREE graphics!" Who doesn't?

And free graphics is what my new website is all about! I love creating them, and I don't want them to go to waste -- so feel free to use them.

I've been a "doodler" since I was a kid. Doodle, doodle, doodle!

It used to be mainly on scraps of paper, and sometimes I still do that.

But today, I doodle in my Paint Shop Pro Program and use my Cosmic Blobs also. I guess it's a habit that will never die.

Hoping you are enjoying your spring days. In Columbus, spring days don't last long. We often go from extreme to extreme. We are expecting some rain today and tomorrow, if it pans out that way. The ground, at least, has absorbed a lot of the rain we've had so far, so hopefully, a little more will not be much of a problem.

Have a great day. And if you need FREE graphics, check out:

See you soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Post-It Note

Good morning,

No secret here that I like to design stationary. All kinds. And today, I'm posting a "post-it" note.

These also would make great little cards to carry to write "thank you" messages on -- say, when leaving a tip at a restaurant. And with my website on it, it's free advertising, too!

If a co-worker or friend needs you to write something down for them; again -- free advertising.

And if you looking for some free graphics -- to maybe design one of your own, don't forget to check out my website at There are some really pretty designs over there.

I took a vacation day yesterday, so I had a full day of creating new items. I find it very relaxing and invigorating, so it was a wonderful day off.

But, it's Tuesday morning, and with this beautiful weather we're having now, it's not too hard heading back to the office this morning.

Have a beautiful day!

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free Art for Your Artistic Needs

Good morning, everybody!

I'm Ginny, and I'm here to tell you about free art for your artistic needs!

Free art for every project you have going. Hey! It can't get any better than that, now can it?

I know when I make my next card for mommy, I'm going to use some free art from It's cute, and I like cute. I'm cute, too!

Have a nice day! I'm grabbin' some free art!

See you later!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Introducing Free Graphics for All Needs

Good morning!

Introducing my new website to pick up free graphics for all your designing needs. Hope you'll check it out. Find it here:

The forsythia is blooming in Columbus. Now all we have to do is survive 3 more snows!

This morning, it is raining. Raining hard at the moment. It comes and goes. We already have more rain than we need, so the ground is having a hard time soaking it up.

The MSN icon for the weather shows that it may turn into snow, although I don't think it will get cold enough. They are showing rain for all weekend with possible snow for Monday. If we get those snows, we'll only have one left to endure. Hopefully.

The one thing about the nature of weather is that you can never count on anything.

Note: My C-box is set to expire on the 15th. If that happens, I guess I'll be looking for a new widget.

At work, we are changing locations. We are only moving over the wall to the next area, but I am in a new desk area as are 3 of my buddies. This morning is moving day for me. Most of us began our move yesterday. I will need to get finished by 12:30 pm as I am leaving for the day at that time. Hustle, hustle!

By Monday, we expect we'll be set to roll again with our computers and telephone lines joining us at our new desks. I guess most of us are getting to do our "spring cleaning" at this time.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I do hope you'll check out my new site at: You'll pick up lots of free graphics to use personally or commercially!


See you soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

That Spring Feeling!

Good afternoon!

Ahhhh ... that spring feeling is in the air today. It has been so warm, we don't need jackets. Just a tease before hoisting more rain on us! Oh well.

I'll enjoy it while I can!

This is a card front I did for today. Actually, it is in the "designing examples" at my new website as well as all the little flowers, so if you'd like to pick those flowers up, go on over there and get them.

Alas. I am having trouble with my email for my password, so not only do I not get any email (even when testing it), no password is able to be forwarded to enter the back room. For now, I've posted a notice that I will need time to get this resolved with Homestead.

It doesn't seem to recognize my email account at all for now.

I bought a pastry machine today for my sculpey hobby. It's been a busy day, and I need a nap. I'm afraid if I lay down, I might not get back up.

It also looks like the tickets I bought on Skybus ... are a bust. I'm sure you heard they went out of business ... as of yesterday. I will have to contact my credit card company, as I just paid for those tickets last month! Ugh! We will NOT be going now.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday --and that it is beautiful where you are.

Till later.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Art at EasyAsPieDailyGraphics

Good evening all!

Here is a delightful little frame I did the last fews days. Don't you know someone or something that would look just right inside this frame?

If so, please feel free to use it!

By the way. Hurry right over to my new website. See below. I am offering 3 free graphics a day for all to use personally or commercially.

While the graphics remain my own, you may put them into any of your creations, and that whole creation is yours. And tell others! Let them know they can pick up these FREE graphics. What's free today will drop into the back room tomorrow.

Alas, you may still pick them up for free though. Well, almost free. To try and track my traffic, I am asking for your name and email address to access the back room. Also asking how you found me. If the autoresponder is working correctly, you should receive your password to enter the back room. Give it time to build up. Three free graphics a day will fill that back room pretty fast!

Graphics (jpgs) should be used in an art program -- such as Paint Shop Pro (I used vs 9) -- to delete any background and create with it from there. Oh, just save the jpg to your computer folder that you set it for it, and use them anywhere!

Since my new website just went up, the first 3 graphics will only be upfront for a few hours. If you wait, you have to pay that minimal price of information to get them. So hurry up! Go there now:

Tell everyone! And thanks!

See you soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spray of kaleis

Good morning!

Another post called spray of kaleis. These are several I did this morning. Pretty!

See you soon.