Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good morning,

Meet Journal-Lane TRAVELER. Traveler is embarking on a daily 2010 journal trip. He's inviting you to join him on this journey.

Answer the questions, either by posting in comments, or take the questions and start your own private journal to leave for your loved ones.

If you're posting in comments, don't tell your deepest, darkest secrets. Those are for your private journal entries.

Just keep it simple ... and sweet. Give it some thought though.

Traveler is posting a question each day for you to ponder and write about.

I just wanted to take a minute, here at HomeSpun Graphics to let you know about his new journey.

The question is posted a day ahead of time, to give you time to think about it. You can post your journey in the comments over at

Have a question you'd like posed? Feel free to leave that, too!

And feel free to grab any graphics, if you'd like to scrapbook your journey. Keep it digitally or physically ... just enjoy your journey. You can find some free ones to add to your stash at my website.

Have a great day.

Question for 1/1/2010: What makes YOU smile?

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/30 Wednesday Theme Challenge

Good morning,

Today's free graphic is one based on themes.

On my website today, there is a poll requesting how you come up with your themes. I hope you'll check it out, and leave your vote. You may checkmark as many as apply.

This creation today is a theme I've read about in numerous blogs. This could either be your cover for your album or it could be your template for the 26 letters of the alphabet.

You would start with A, and choose something that starts with an "a" that relates to you. Me? I'm a big fan of apples, so I could create a page that would say that apples are a big part of my day. If I use this page, I could put an A in the circle ... or spell out APPLE ... or say "Why I love apples."

If I used the creation for my cover, I could put my picture in the circle, and to the upper right, "26 wonderful letters, and what they mean to me."

In the lower purple area, I could put a few pictures for my favorite letters or just one.

How do you choose your themes?

You can find the 3 free graphics a day on my website, and most of these items are on that page. You can find them today. Tomorrow; they will be gone.

For me, I bought a stack of drawers for $20 at Big Lots yesterday. (I finally got my 9-year old granddaughter out of the house for awhile). It is a Sterilite, 7-drawer cart --with wheels!-- that is 14 1/2" x 12 5/8" X 41 1/8" or 36.8 cm x 32.1 cm x 104.5 cm. It's normally $29. I think I will go back and get another today. I can fit 2 of these in my office closet. This should help organize my office pretty good. (Yeah! I'll finally be able to find some things again. I hope I find my craft scissors!!!)

So, I'll be busy organizing today.

Hope you have a terrifc day!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tues. 12/29/09: Style

Good afternoon,

Just a little creation for people who have "style". At some point, I think we all exhibit it.

Use the graphic to pass the compliment.

Busy again today. My granddaughter wanted to go shopping, so after we had lunch, I said, "I'm ready to go when you are."

She asked me if she had time to play a quick minute of Lego Indiana Jones on the x-box. I said, "If you'd like. I just wanted you to know ... that I'm ready to go ... when you are ready to go."

That was about 2 hours ago.

She went from Lego Indiana Jones to Lego Star Wars. And then onto Uno ... and she is currently playing Zuma. Once she sits down, she's like the energizer bunny.

Now. I really don't care if we go out. But. The sun is shining, and the ice has melted. I can go without worrying about slipping on the ice. It's kind of up to her.

I hope you are having a great Tuesday.

My website has a few freebies, if you care to check it out.

Have a great day!


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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mon. 12/28/09: Connected By Love Frame

Good afternoon,

My granddaughter is with me today, and we just finished making our own bracelets. What fun! Working with memory wire was a challenge when finishing up the bracelet, but I just turned the ends back into each side of the bracelet, and that works fine.

We are both now wearing our cute little bracelets.

The creation for today is called CONNECTED BY LOVE.

On my own rendition, I have a wonderful picture featuring my daughter and her daughter as they huddle over her birthday cupcakes back when she turned 8 years old. She's much older now: 9!

I left the picture area blank, so you can fill it in when your own picture.

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you can see my finished creation posted there.

Remember to pick up the free graphics at my website today. Some of the items used in my creations are usually featured. Sometimes, there's additional/other items. Whatever is featured, you can add it to your digital scrapping stash.

I turned my finished creation into a physical creation and added a frame. It is so cute, and I've done it to give to my daughter. Maybe she'll take it to work and put it on her desk!

Have a terrific day! I know I am!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday 12/27 and Saturday 12/26 Free graphics

Good Sunday morning!

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful time of family gathering, and that the gift exchanges went great!

Well ... now Christmas is a full year ahead of us again. I've already marked my calendar for next year. I'm going to start shopping in September of 2010, and have everything ready to go out much earlier this year. That is my goal.

My sister is having an anniversary at the end of this month. I've also marked my calendar with anniversaries and birthdays. You'd think that because I do cards, I'd be better at getting them out. Well. I admit it. I am NOT! But ... I promise to do better this year.

This year, I'm designing one anniversary set for all anniversaries. If I do others, I will save each one for a future year!

Same with birthdays. I haven't done those yet, but will get to work on it right away. I will have to have several kinds for those: female versions, male versions, and children's versions.

In the anniversary set for this year (featured above), you can see the card in the left hand corner. The first 2 top frames are the front and the back of the card. I cut out the edge of the flower on the front. The 2 bottom frames are the inside. I will cut out the edge of that flower also.

On the inside blue green frame, there is a little house at the bottom. I put this there for my name, address, and cell phone number. I also added this feature to my stationary, which is featured in the bottom right hand side of this frame.

I don't know about you, but I keep all my cards. I imagine a lot of folks do. In this way, all they have to do is find their cards, pick one up, and my contact info is ALWAYS on the stationary and card. It is so maddening when I'm trying to send out my cards, locating the current address. Or when I'm making a phone call, trying to find the number. But, this year, I've put all the addresses for the anniversary in my file for the anniversaries. And I'll do the same with all the birthday cards.

I want to make it as easy as possible for my close friends and relatives to get ahold of me.

Why not add a stick-on address label to the inside of your future cards, and hand write your contact phone number with it? If everyone did it ... it would be one little thing that makes our lives much easier.

The upper right hand corner shows the envelope: front and small picture is the back of the envelope. The blue green sides fold toward the back so the back is framed by the blue green and the dark rose-purple flap. It's quite pretty when you see the finished product.

I am very happy with this card set.

Yesterday, I got a little behind. I had everything done, and this was the creation I had planned for yesterday.

Really, it could be used for a quick note, say, "Love you" ... "Thinking of you" ... or ... "Have Fun" ... and then a sig below the owl box.

Stick an address sticker on it's back, and jot down your phone #. It's small enough to tuck into your purse or wallet for quick location of contacting you.

Or use it as as a gift tag (do the same with the address and phone # info), if you're sending a gift.

I hope you enjoy these offerings today.

Remember to check out my website where you can find "some" of the graphics from these creations. They will be up today.

I hope you enjoy this quiet aftermath of Christmas, but are ready for the big New Year that is just days away.

For me. Today, my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter ... my son and his love ... will be over for our Christmas exchange. I've bought some huge submarine sandwiches which we'll cut up into smaller pieces, and enjoy some chips and doritos with it. I'll also make some chicken since my daughter may not enjoy deli meats while "pg". I will have another something small for my granddaughter today; a gift which she can use while she's here.

She's out of school this next week, and I'm on vacation. She'll find a use for this ... while she staying with me (her parents are not off this next week).

I am hoping to take her to the movies one of her days here. I talked with my middle son, and asked if he thought AVATAR was appropriate. He said, "It has a few bad words "-- nothing I'm sure she hasn't heard before -- "but yes! I think it would be a fantastic movie for her!" He loved it. He says it's going to set the trend for future effects much like STAR WARS did, for my generation. I can't wait. (I will also check with her mom.)

Have a terrific day!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

12/25/09: Merry Christmas!

Good morning!

It is finally ... Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you.

This is my final Christmas card for this year. But I won't despair. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are just a week away!

I hope that special "something" you wanted was under your tree today.

And don't forget to pat yourself on the back, and feel wonderful, for all the gifts you managed to buy, make, and put together, to make someone elses Christmas extra special. After all, the season is about "giving" and "receiving".

For me, Christmas is a reminder of Christ, our Savior. He GAVE His life for us, and we only have to RECEIVE His gift. Looking at my own life, I can only say "thank you" for that gift, as I could never be perfect enough ... to live up to what person I should be. As my granddaughter used to say to me, when caught doing something she shouldn't: "But I wanna be good."

I hope my granddaughter's Christmas is wonderful at her dads. I had Christmas with her before she left. She is due to come home, I think tomorrow, and her mom and new dad will celebrate Christmas with her. I'm sure they are missing her this year.

I get the pleasure of her company about 3 days next week while I'm still on vacation. I am looking forward to that, and thinking of things we can do together. I have some ideas. She fills my heart with love and joy ... and I'm in awe watching her grow up. I am so lucky to have her, and all my family in my life.

Before I go, I just have to share something that made me chuckle this morning. I hope it gives you at least a smile.

I was reading my magazine, only to read how you no longer need a stamp to post your letter. You don't have to run out and buy them. Lo and behold .. we can now go to the mail monster dot com and type our letter there. THEY will mail it out for us, with first class postage, and it will be mailed within 24 hours!

The catch? Local advertisers get to put their ads in your letters.

Hey! That's funny to me! Where there is a will; there is a way. There is nothing new under the sun, but packaging it can get pretty creative!!!

Have a blessed day!

Merry Christmas.

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(There's something extra today; so don't miss it!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12/24/09: Christmas Eve Day Scrap

Good morning,

This is really much bigger, but this was the large size.

Basically, it's just playtime while I'm on vacation. It was fun.

(The cuckoo clock was not made by me. It was a picture from many years ago, and I tubed it. It was recolorized.)

You can find a few of the items today at my website.

Many people will get off early today due to it being Christmas Eve Day. I know at my work, they only work 1/2 a day. And for the people that go in at 6 a.m., that means they get to go home at 10 a.m. Really short day ... and my kind of day.

My husband is getting off early, but I don't know how early.

Tonight will be the main setup under the tree in everyones house. Oh the fun ... the fun!

When my kids were young, the out-of-town gifts were placed under the tree. Day by day, there were more and more gifts. On Christmas Eve, each child was allowed to choose one of the out-of-town gifts ... and open it. This became a tradition in our house.

Do you have any traditions? Do you open your gifts on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Maybe you go caroling.

I did that as a young girl. We didn't do it every year, but occasionally we'd get a bee up our bonnet and go. It was always great fun. We'd use the song sheets that came with Mitch (?'s) Christmas Album. Miller, I think, his last name was? Does anyone remember that?

My dear granddaughter will be home either Christmas Day in the evening ... or maybe it's Saturday; the day after. The gifts received at her dad's house will be left at dad's house. Maybe mom will let her bring home one or two FAVORITE gifts. But, she'll have more when she gets home.

Hoping you all a very Merry Christmas Eve.

Take care.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/23/09: Merry Christmas Gif

Good morning ... for a second time!

I wanted to make a gif this morning, and used these little creatures to do it.

I created them, and the gif this morning, so I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to snag it, if you wish, but don't take credit for it. Anyone is free to come here and grab it.

I'm on vacation, and will get a chance to start my graphics for tomorrow.

I am having a wonderful holiday. Everything is caught up.

My husband and I are giving the gift of money to each other this year. We will then take a little time and go shopping ... to buy what it is that WE want.

Have a very MERRY day!


3 new free graphics each day

12/23/09: Lots of Free Graphics Today

Good morning!

Ok blogger! I'm having to play with the html all the time. It doesn't want to put paragraphs in, and it's pretty much always been that way. But this morning ... it's doing some crazy, crazy stuff. Anyone else have that problem???

I've been busy, busy this morning, putting together my graphics.

This first creation falls in the "fantasy" category, as this little traveler is GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! That's my rendition, at least for today, of his space ship. But he thinks it's cool ... and he knows how to drive it. And ... he knows his way home! You can pick up some of the graphics from this creation at my website today. They will be gone tomorrow!

This next creation is called HOME, HEART AND HAPPINESS. Again, something from my "fantasy-type" mind.

But. I think it's pretty.

Hope you can find a use for it. Feel free to snag these. They were all created by ME.

I love the end of the year because it's family time. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just about 6 weeks between them ... it's a cause for families to congregate, celebrate, and just enjoy!

I hope each one of you this wish: May your homes be filled with heart and happiness. Not just at this time, but all year long.

This last creation is called IN A LAND CALLED VACATION!

Why? Because I AM ON VACATION. I have never taken more than one weeks' vacation over the last 10 years. This year, I took more.

Sometimes, we just need to refresh ourselves. Life is so stressful, and sometimes, a week just doesn't feel like enough!

Again ... fantasy stuff here, but I love doing cartoony fantasy.

Don't forget to check out my website today to grab the freebies. They are replaced every 24 hours. Ok. I'm not perfect. Sometimes I get behind. Sometimes my mind and creative muse takes a vacation, and I just get stymied.

I've also done a gif for today, but it will go in a post of it's own.

I hope your shopping is done and your cards and gifts are out.

Enjoy today! Rejoice!!!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/22/09 Tuesday free graphics - thank you

Good morning,

I can still say that even though it's almost noon.

I just had so much fun today creating.

A few of these elements can be found on my website for today. I think there are 4 or 5 posted to snag.

I made this into a thank you card, since I'll need cards after the holidays. If you like it, snag it.

The colors are a great grouping.

Also on my website, you can see how many different elements I created today. There are over 50 elements. They are posted as a group; not really big enough to snag and use, but just to give you an idea of how many can be created each day.

I am on vacation. I'm loving my time off.

I finally have my Christmas gifts out. Another year down.

I hope my granddaughter is having a great time at her dad's this week. She will be home again next Saturday.

Take care. Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

12/21/09: Two days of free graphics

Good morning!

I ... am on vacation! Yeah!

I had more time this morning, and I love the outcomes when I have more time.

Take this deco box, if you like, and use it to decorate a scrapping project. I just loves these colors together!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. My website and blog took second place to getting my Christmas shopping done! And, so it is!

This morning, I'm wrapping everything, and I'll be getting it out today. I hope it still gets there in time.

On my website, you will find this deco box again, but on a different background.

This second offering is done in 3 stages on my website. You can print all 3 out, and then put it together for dimension. Add it to some creation you're putting together.

As for shopping, the prices were great this year. Due to the recession, I know everyone is cutting back. I managed to get all my Christmas items for about 50% of the cost I normally spend. There is a good side to the recession, I guess.

I also did a homemade gift this year for family and a few friends. I put some 253 graphics on a cd, and designed a cover. Putting the whole thing together took about 4-5 hours. But actually burning the CD was much faster.

I made a few extra copies. The graphics all came from November and December of this year. I'll have to see how people like them. If they do, I'll do it again next year.

Hope you have a productive day ... no matter what you're up to. After today, I can relax. Except for cleaning my little office. That will take a few days, but I'll feel so much better when it's done. And, I'll finally be able to find things again.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

12/19/09 I Just Love Christmas-Card and Free Graphic

Good Saturday morning!

It is very early this morning, and I happened to look outside ... oh my! We have our first REAL snow on the ground.

It always looks so pretty when it's first fallen, and no one has had a chance to disturb this blanket of sparkling crystals.

And yesterday, I told you I'd have another cute card, and I really like this one.

I've named this little girl "Emma", for my future granddaughter.

On Thursday night, my daughter and her husband, took my 9-year old granddaughter to an ultrasound screening of the new baby she is carrying. It appears to be a girl, and they will name her Emma Grace. I love that name.

The test was shown on a screen that my daughter says was about twice as big as the flat screen we have in our living room. It is 48". So, it was a big screen. They could see little Emma with her left arm covering her face. She dropped her arm a few times and stretched, but that arm always went right back over her face.

The technician tried to kind of poke her to get her to move so they could see her better. They've decided her personality may have a stubborn streak, as she eventually turned her face to her mother's spine and buried her head into the placenta wall.

My granddaughter did see the open spot on the top of her head and said, "Oh! That's so gross!" My daughter explained that Emma is not done growing. She will have a soft spot, like all babies. Emma is due to arrive on May 27th! (This is my daughter-in-laws birthday, so that would be grand!)

And an extra special addition to this ultrasound is ... they made it into a video! I can hardly wait to see it.

My granddaughter went to her paternal grandparents last night, where her dad will pick her up and take her to their house in Tennessee for Christmas. The heartbreak of divorce is divided time with your own child/ren during the holiday seasons. We always try to sound upbeat about her visits and going ... it is so hard. I had Christmas with her last Sunday.

I made lots of my little Christmas tree sculpey's yesterday when I was finally worn out after playing with making graphics all day. They are so cute. I did not take pictures of the first trees I made and gave out on my work cards. Each one was so different. This time, I made 8 and they are the same, as they will go out of town. But, then I made 5 more, and they are all different.

I will print out my cards today, affix the Christmas trees, and put them in bubble wrapped packages for non-gift receipients, and in the boxes with gifts for the gift receivers.

Well. Today will be busy.

Have a great day! I will!


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Friday, December 18, 2009

12/18/09 Flower Deco Free Graphic

Good afternoon!

I had this ready to go yesterday, but internet access was down this morning, when I went to post.

I was able to get my website posted later this morning, and then just got busy.

This was my first morning off for my Christmas vacation. I was thrilled. But, I still had to run back to the office at my regular time this morning.

I was wrapping things up yesterday, and took a 15-minute break with a friend. While we were out, I began feeling really bad. I tried sitting down, but that made it worse. I got back up. My friend finally noticed, and asked me if I was okay.

I'm wondering if I'm having a heart attack. I think I need to see the nurse. (We have one at work.) The nurse decided to call the squad, which is also where I work, and they came over to check out my heart. I laid down immediately when I got to her office, and was feeling much better by then. Now I had 2 friends and my supervisor in the room with me, the nurse, and about 3 paramedics. Embarrassing.

It turned out to be what I ate for lunch: some spicy soup and some curly fries. Darn. I love that soup.

The squad told me I still did the right thing to come to the nurse and that she called. It "could have been" a heart attack. Other symptoms to watch for: sweating, trouble breathing, pain that moves, and weakness of muscles. The symptoms I had were: a heavy, deep squeezing type pain in the center of my chest, and pain spreading up into my throat. I developed some pain and tingling in my right hand, and while I wasn't having trouble breathing, I had to bend over at times and breathe deeply. I was trying to relieve some of the pain which was more intense than I cared for.

Of course, all this DRAMA caused me not to think properly as I was leaving shortly for my vacation, and I just plain forgot some crucial things that HAD TO BE DONE. I didn't remember till I got home. And I was tired! I did not want to go back, so I opted to just shoot over this morning, do what had to be done, and come home.

Later yesterday, I peeled 4 electrodes off my mid section.

I was instructed to see my doctor as I may need meds for stomach acid. I told them I really didn't want more meds ... as the meds are also hard on my stomach. They laughed and said that it was so, but it was better than developing a hole in my esophagus and coughing up blood. That, they confided, is real pain.

I just really need this vacation, and I'm so glad it's finally here. It will be over way too soon, but I hope having 17 straight days off ... helps.

Enjoy the above deco, and if you like it, you may snag it. There's more on my website ... available today.

I have Jan and Feb 2010 calendars up also. They are weekly-type calendars, and then I also have a full calendar for each that you pencil in the date. They will be up for several months. And, of course, I'm still working on March-December.

Check back here tomorrow for a very cute Christmas card.

Take care.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17/09 Red Folks-Free Graphics

Good Thursday Morning!

Ah! By now, you know I like to make some pretty "unusual" graphics. Today's set is just that.

These red folks could be used in a number of projects. On this particular creation, I could've put several titles.

Home For The Holidays
Celebrating Christmas Together
Happy Anniversary
You Two Were Made For Each Other
Brother and Sister

You get the idea.

The individual items can be picked up at my website ... today only, as always. If you like 'em, grab 'em.

Today ends my last day at work for the year 2009. As of tomorrow, I am off till Jan 4, 2010. This will be the longest vacation I've taken in my work history. For now, I won't think about the workload that will be waiting when I return.

Our weather has been marvelous for December ... and winter. While we are getting down into the 30's, we've had sunshine, and when there is no wind, it has been absolutely delightful. I hope the entire winter is so beautiful. No high wind storms this year, although we did have some high winds gusting to 55 mph a few weeks ago. But that was ONLY FOR ONE DAY, and it just wasn't that bad, although many people were still without power for a little while. But nothing like the hugh hurricane-force winds of last year. Thank God!

Have a really terrific day today.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wed. 12/16/09 Thank You!

Good morning!

With this holiday season will come gifts! Yeah!!!!

And with gifts, should come a thank you -- in response. It's nice to be appreciated for your time shopping and giving. And, as my mother taught me, it's just good manners.

Therefore, I designed this thank you card.

I've been on a red kick lately, therefore, the card is in reds.

It's also a great color for the season.

But, I've also done a small card in different colors.

So I hope one of them fit the bill for your needs, and that you'll feel free to snag them.

The reds can be picked up on my website today. Today, there are more than just the 3 graphics for you to grab.

My daughter had a court date yesterday due to her ex. Through texting, I heard that all went very well for her. She and her new husband were very happy with the outcome.

She also told me she thought I would be very happy with the results.

Texting is a great tool, but limited to actual being able to chat, so I don't know all the details. She was in a rush to pick up her daughter, and it was late, so I didn't want her to have to worry about calling.

I hope to hear more today. But ... that will all be private. I just wanted to "mark" her victory.

I hope everyone has a very blessed day!

Take care, and make it happy!


3 new free graphics each day

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mon and Tues: Free graphics

Good morning,

I was not able to post yesterday. I just ran out of time.

So, today, I took graphics from my website that are offered today, as well as the flower deco in the bottom right hand corner (which was offered yesterday), and combined everything to make a post for today.

I did not put any titles or words on it because it's meant to be blank, so you can use it.

Shortly, it will time for me to rush off to work. I have been trying to sleep a little more each morning, as I've been fighting "falling asleep" later in the day. I've never had that happen before, but it happened last Friday, and again yesterday. I figure my body may be sleep deprived, so I'm trying to force myself to sleep a little more. Don't know how it will work out.

Had a headache yesterday, and woke up with a massive headache this morning. I didn't have any caffeine yesterday, and had not made coffee yet this morning. After drinking a cup, my headache vanished. Also maybe another reason for the "sleepies".

A title I thought of for this creation: Merry Christmas in the lower left hand area where the lines are. And then up where the kalei creature is: From my world ... to yours, I'm wishing you a ....

Three more days left for me to work this week; and then my REAL vacation starts. The few days before a vacation always go sooooo slow! But, it will get here.

Take care. Have a productive day. And I hope you'll use this creation somehow.

3 free new graphics each day

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday 12/13/09 Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas

Good morning,

It's almost here! So here's another little offering for you.

If you still need a Christmas card or gift tags, this would work. Go on and snag it.

Don't forget to grab the snags on my website today.

Have a great day.

3 new free graphics a day

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sat 12/12/09 Sammy The Cat-Inspiration to Finished Creation

Good morning,

I really enjoy creating when I have more time in the mornings.

Today, I thought I'd share how many of my creations come into being.

This is in honor of Sammy (my cat), who walked out my door just five weeks ago now. I had him for about 5 years.

Sammy never came back. What happened to him, I'll probably never know.

My husband doesn't like cats, but even he had to say, "For a cat ... he's pretty great!" (He's a dog lover.)

This is kind of a mini tutorial just showing you the progression of Sammy The Cat!

Sammy The Cat started from the first picture at the very top, left. This little creature was in a kaleidoscope I did. I copied just that portion of the kalei, and pasted him into a new image. I then started a separate image, using this for comparison, and started shaping what I wanted from it.

You can see each step. I worked my way down to his neck, and found another kalei I liked for the collar around Sammy's neck. And because it's Christmas, I thought I'd make him holding a card that he needs to get in the mail.

When I create, I usually create in this manner. Sammy The Cat is on my website today. He's much bigger! Since my website was created to feature 3 new free graphics each day, he will only be up today. By early morning tomorrow ... he and the other 2 creations will be history. Snag my daily creations as they happen.

I'm rather pleased with Sammy The Cat. I hope you'll grab him, and put him in some wonderful creation of your own.

I have a very busy weekend ahead, and a busy week next week. As of Friday, 12/18, I am off till January 4th, 2010. I hope to get a lot of creating done during that time, as well as get my tiny home office organized.

And, of course, I still need to get my cards out ... for work and home ... as well as finish Christmas shopping.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow.


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fri. 12/11/09 Magical Holidays Graphic

Good morning!

This will be a fast post, as I'm running late this morning.

These two flowers in the creation here are on my website, and you're free to pick them up today. Tomorrow, they will be gone.

It is Friday ... and that is awesome.

Make it a good and productive one!

3 new free graphics each day

Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10/09 Happy Birthday! To my husband, Ray!

Good morning,

It's a great day for my hubby ... as it's his birthday! Unfortunately, he does not have the day off. (Sorry, sweetie.)

It's hard to believe that you're 58 today!

This is the card I made for him. I started out with something different (see those on my website), but decided to go a different route.

My husband's job keeps him on the road, so I'm hoping today won't bring rain or snow. I haven't checked the weather yet ... but I know that it's supposed to keep getting colder (duh! ... it is winter!)

I especially liked this flower deco, and in honor of Ray's birthday, thought I'd post a few extras here today.

If you like them, go on and grab them.

That's why I make them.

Scrapbooking can be so expensive nowadays, and I love making my own creations. But, I'd love for you to use them for any projects you might be working on.

I'd love to see what you do with them, but if not; that's okay, too! Just enjoy.

I made a matching envelope, and of course, there is an inside to the card; not posted.

And the last little flower deco.

So. What did I get my husband?

I gave him what he requested ... money. Money is one of those things we never dislike, hide away, or turn down. We don't usually recycle it as a gift to someone else. We use it! For whatever we want at the moment.

Today, in my reading, I found out you can get a special, "time-limited", temporary phone number from You choose the time limit, and link it to the phone you want messages delivered to. Wow! And ... the phone number you link it to is safe, as they won't sell it to telemarketers! Hmmmm. New things always coming out that make our lives easier.

I do hope you have a terrific day! Stay warm! And safe.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12/9/09 Wednesday Free Graphics

Good morning!

Today’s offering is something I call “My Christmas Wish … Is…”.

I put the items far enough apart so you can cut them out individually and use them, if you wish.

On my website, you can find 3 other scrapping decos.

I love steak, but it is red meat. My doctor wants me to eat less red meat, and more fish.

And now I’ve read that fish/seafood is actually more filling, and helps eliminate cravings. My article I'm reading says that eating 3 oz. of salmon, tuna, mackerel or trout (aim for 3 times a week) for lunch reduces afternoon snacking … and that it helps you eat 11% fewer calories at dinner. The strong flavor of fish satisfies your taste buds, and the proteins in fish take longer to digest. Result: eat less.

Ok. I like fish a lot.

Have a really great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8/09 Tuesday Free Graphics

Good morning!

This morning, I’ve created a deco box for today.

Deco boxes can contain a picture inside the blank space or a title or small amounts of journaling. On this one, there is space around the bottom and along the left side to add other decorations.

In my reading today, I found that bile, from your gallbladder, helps you break down fat faster. So. Bile is a good thing, and we want more of it released.

Also, magnesium helps relieve water retention.

Fresh mint leaves contain what is needed to do both of these things! It supposedly can help your body drop a pound a week.

Suggested uses for mint leaves: use it in your tea, in salads, and in desserts. What other uses can you think of to use mint leaves?

Have a really great Tuesday!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7/09 Monday Free Graphics

Good morning!

Oh! It’s back to work, Monday!

But first I have a pretty flower picture for you. I took this little deco, made a frame out of sculpey clay, and pasted this picture in it. I then turned it into a magnet for my daughter’s refrigerator door. It goes with a card I made for her.

You can pick up the flower, the flower border, and the heart on my website today. They will be replaced by new graphics tomorrow, so rush on over to pick these up today.

I love fruit, and one of my favorites is apples! And now, a reason to eat one EVERY DAY!

Good news when I read that eating one apple a day, 15-minutes before a meal, helps you take in nearly 200 fewer calories less! Better news: that one apple before a meal can help you lose 20 pounds in one year! And … another benefit worth considering is their soluble fiber, which is a slow-digesting nutrient, and will help keep my blood sugar steady, and help me feel full which will keep me from snacking! How wonderful!

I thought about this, and I know it takes about 20 minutes for your body to register full, so I saw how this could work. The article did state though, that it was the APPLE that worked, and not other foods.

Have a really great Monday!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday 12/6/09 Baby, It's Cold Outside Free Graphic

Good morning.

We have 4 Sunday's left this year, and only 2 more after today ... before Christmas. Hope you're getting closer to wrapping up all your plans before this big, eventful holiday season.

I made this mitten set free graphic. I love the colors.

If you have a scrapping need, go on and snag it!

Sunday mornings are a hassle now ... I have to get up and take my Fosamex, and I hate taking pills. I have to drink a full glass of water with it, and stay vertical for 30 minutes. This pill is hard to take as it wants to dissolve immediately in your mouth, which I abhor. Gel tabs are much easier. No food or coffee until the 30 minutes is past, which ... it is now!

My coffee is on ... and I'm grabbing a cup. Right now!!!

I did do a little Christmas shopping yesterday. Bought two beautiful "girly" things, one for my mother-in-law, and one for my daughter. I bought another gift for my granddaughter and another of the same thing for my niece.

We also picked up 2 movies -- for us, which we watched yesterday. A really relaxing day. I only did my art work from the wee hours of the morning until about 9:30 a.m. Got to get cracking today. Did no sculpey yesterday, but admired my Christmas trees before they go on cards.

We watched Pelham 123, which was very goood, and then The Killing Room. The Killing Room was very scary! And we DVR'd War of the Worlds, which we watched Friday night. Fantastic movie, and it scared me to death!

If you like the creation today, head over to my website. You can find 2 of the items in simplier form, and a deco flower for your scrap stash.

Shopping online! Have you ever done it? I have, and may do it again this year. According to the article I've been sharing, you research popular items and prices at placed like Amazon ... and you are an "open-minded" trendsetter. You like the ease of it, the tools, and the reviews. You also like new products and experiences!

That brings this particular article to a close!

Have a wonderful Sunday. Check out my website for the freebies ... and now for my coffee. Yummm!


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

12/5/09 Saturday Free Graphic: A blank Christmas card

Good morning!

It's the weekend again.

This is the Christmas card I designed for my own family this year. It's just the front.

If you've been following my website, you picked up the elf yesterday. The snowman in the upper left-hand corner was on a few days earlier. They are gone now, but the wreath, and the candy cane are up today.

Tomorrow, you can get a different flower border.

I made a sculpey clay Christmas tree to paste onto the lower left side of my card. I made my original card during the week, and spent most of yesterday just doing the little clay trees. I hope to take a picture of them to put up before putting them on their cards. Each tree is different.

If you don't have a clay tree, you can put your Christmas Greeting in the tree spot.

The elf and left gift is not on my blank card, but a shadow where they go. They are printed out separately, and a glue dot was used to attach them over the shadow ... to make them stand out as well as the Christmas tree.

I also made a Glad You're Back card for someone that's been in the hospital, and a thank you card for my daughter for Thanksgiving. I hope to post pictures of those as well.

The cards will be placed in boxes containing gifts, when mailing them out. This will keep the sculpey creations from being smashed or broken.

Do you like to get your Christmas shopping done early? If so, according to the article I've been sharing, you're a shrewd intuitive-type person with a strategy. You don't shop when the crowds shop ... and you're very focused on your mission. You know just what your loved ones want, and you're practical. (I must have a little of this in me, as I love to shop at off times, when I know the crowds are off working. The only time I really "wander" while shopping is when I'm at Michael's or some craft store; otherwise, I'm focused on just what I want, and go after that.)

Enjoy this cold Saturday.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Fri, 12/4/09 Let's Get Shopping Free Graphic

Good Friday morning to everybody!

It's a great Friday for me. I am off today from work. And I've just put in for my vacation time this month. I will be off from the 18th, and won't go back till January 4th! A whopping 17 days!!! That's the most I've ever taken off at one time since I went back to work fulltime. Ten years!!!

This little "Let's Get Shopping" creation is made up of items you can pick up today, over at my website. The box, and the elf are there, along with a deco square, which looks kind of like a crocheted square. It matches the background of the deco box.

My individual graphics are only up for about a 24-hour period each morning. I usually publish before 5 a.m. as I'm off to work by 5:30 a.m. Hurry on over to get today's 3 new free graphics ... while they're up!

When it comes to holiday shopping, do you find yourself proscrastinating to get the job done? According to the article I've been sharing (it's from Woman's World, 12/7/09, page 45, WHAT DOES YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING STYLE REVEAL ABOUT YOU?), you just might be an abstract thinker!

You wait till the last minute. Your Christmas list is UP in the air! You are happier waiting and stumbling upon last minute perfect gifts. (I did wait till Christmas Eve one year, but it did not make me happier, so I am not a procrastinator ... at least when it comes to Christmas shopping.)

I have a few gifts already done. I hope to work on my Christmas cards this weekend. In fact, tomorrow, you'll have a blank one posted here ... and I'll tell you how I used mine.

Today, I hope to get lots of scupley clay Christmas trees done. (Hint.)

Have a really terrific Friday. (Oh yes. We did not get the snow yesterday. It was cold and windy, but no snow!)

Happy shopping!


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thurs. 12/3/09-Fiona: The girl on My Christmas List

Good morning,

Today is MY Friday. Yeah!

On my website today, I have a creation called My Christmas List. I made it for my granddaughter, and took it over last Sunday. Believe it or not, as I walked in the door ... she was doing just that: making her Christmas list!

Rain was in our weather yesterday. And it is getting colder. I wonder if we will get the snow they are predicting for today.

Yesterday marked 3 weeks that my housecat, Sammy, disappeared. It was on a Tuesday, and he was limping at the time. I really didn't want to let him out, but he was begging to go.

The longest Sammy has ever been gone is 3 days. Normally, he comes home every day.

It's not unusual for him to come home limping. I figured he'd just gotten into something he shouldn't have been ... again. After a few days, he's always fine again.

I don't remember exactly when Sammy came into our lives, but I'd venture a guess that it was about 5 years ago. When I leave the house or come home, my eyes are searching, searching to see some appearing, but I don't think he'll be coming home. I will probably never know what happened to him, and that is the worst part. Whatever it was, I hope it was either good ... or fast.

Christmas shopping personalities? Yesterday, I mentioned that I am an idea-generator shopper. But maybe you are a challenge-seeker!

Challenge-seekers love everything about this holiday: the crowds and the sales and being in the "thick" of it all! It's a combination of sport and art! For the challenge-seekers, it's all about the experience; not the task. You go for the perfect gift, and you have the patience to find it!

Tomorrow, procrastinators.

Have a great Thursday!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wed. 12/2/09--Sweet Treats - Free Graphic

Good morning!

Cane canes are a wonderful part of the holiday season.

When my kids were young, we always hung them on our tree. We all enjoyed taking one or two during the holidays and enjoying it's minty sweetness.

This could be used in a card creation as the center of the card, or in some other clever way you what to use it.

On my website, you'll find 3 different snowman card centers. They will only be up for 24 hours, so check them out today.

The weather is expected to get chillier today, with some rain. Tomorrow they expecting it to be cold enough for the rain to turn to snowflakes, and by Friday, maybe actually snow. Maybe.

I was reading about how your Christmas shopping style reveals your personality.

I'm a list maker, which means I'm supposedly an idea-generator. Hmmm. List makers let their lists evolve over time. We are good with change.

Frankly, I've always hated change. But, I've learned in the business world, that things are always changing, and you have to learn to go with the flow.

I love to make spreadsheets, which is a kind of list. In the work I do, I've found that spreadsheets are essential. I've always noticed that the people in my business that are organized and know what they've done, and are doing, do so because of spreadsheets. At work, we use a large spreadsheet that I created to help us do our job better.

Tomorrow, we'll talked about the challenge-seeker!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tues. 12/01/09 Note Free Graphic

Good morning! And it's the first day of December!!!

A litte note creation to use when dropping a friend a note.
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, and it's almost over. And so, as every year, the countdown begins ... to Christmas, and then to New Year's.

Such a little time ... to get a lot done.

There are 3 new free graphics on my website this morning, and they will be up there till tomorrow. Grab 'em while they're there.

I went back to work yesterday. Had tons of work, and we were short-handed yesterday. So much to do to close out the month of November still.

I forgot to mention, but last Friday, my husband came into my tiny home office, and asked, "How do you feel about snow?"

I quickly turned and lifted the blinds on the window next to my chair, and voila! It was snowing. The flakes were big ... and really wet looking. They were not around a long time, and didn't stick. It wasn't cold enough for that, but that was our first snow around my house.

It was much cooler yesterday, and promises to be the same today. We had light showers throughout Sunday night, so it was wet when I left yesterday morning. By tomorrow, and through Friday, we are expecting rain.

It will soon be time to break out the winter coats. Ugh!

Have a really great Tuesday.

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