Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anniversary Project Up Close

Continued from my previous post: Here is a picture of my little sculpey owl.  He was originally made to make into a pin.

Carelessly, I dropped him, and his right wing broke off.  I could not find the piece that fell in my office where I do my art.  Someday, it will turn up.  I had a little blended color from the original project, so I made a new wing, baked it, and glue it on; then glossed it. 

The eyes are movable eyes, the kind that move when you shake them.  I glue those on after my projects are baked and cooled.

Here is my little sculpey flower I made.  I made two of these, and never used them, so I thought I'd add it here.  You can see the wired pearls in this closeup.

And last, but not least ... the butterfly was bought at Michaels or Joanne's.  They come in a set of two, and I hadn't used either, so dedicated this one for this project.  The flower was made from kleenex/tissue paper.  I used an ink pad to get the darker rose color on the edges.

That's pretty much it.  I didn't show you the butterflies or bling gems.  They are standard fare that you pick up for scrapping projects.

I plan to make more of this type of project, but in small sizes.  Perhaps for a birthday or other gift.  This particular project is about 8.5 x 11 just for the photo.  The base extends out beyond that, so it is a fairly large project for me, but perfect for hanging on a wall to show it off.

Saving with thrift store items, such as the nightgown I purchased are cheap and fun to use on projects like this.  This was a huge-gal gown, and it has ruffles and lace on it, which I also plan to use.  Its wonderful.  (I didn't know how big this nightgown was until I got it home, and tried it on.  OH MY!  It fell right off!)

Hope you enjoyed these projects.

Have a terrific Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday, I hope to post the two gifts I sent out yesterday.

Bye for now.

Keep crafting!


Anniversary project

Good morning,

I'm back with another quick post.  I have NOT been idle.

This top picture is my digital project for my husband.    I showed you this flower pattern in the previous post and offered it as a png.

Here is the first picture I took and edited in my graphics program. I put it on a dark background here, so you could see it better.

I added lots of items to it.  A sculpey owl I made is in the upper left corner.  A sculpey flower is the lower left corner.  There's a butterly at the top, and I left a place for the hole to hang it.  I made the paper flower below the top butterfly.

Added throughout the rest of the project are stick-on butterfly, glued bling gems, in different colors.

It was printed on photo paper, so the colors came out great.  Not as easy to see that here though.

It is attached to a cardstock paper.

The base is two cutout cereal boxes glued together for firmness.  The board was cover 2x with a beautiful pink nightgown that I bought at a thrift store many moons ago.  The back of the picture is smooth, with the front being where I glued the fabric, which is hidden by the picture.

I topped off the finished project with wired pearls.  They are larger than I normally use for my small projects, but were just right for this one.

All in all, it turned out well, and he was pleased with my efforts.  He is very supportive of my art efforts.

Here is the picture again, hanging on my wall.  I did use a sticky dot on the back bottom to hold the picture straight on the wall.

It will hang here for a time, until I have another items to take its place.

I took some closeups of different items, but failed to post them originally, so that will be in my next post.

See you in a minute.


Sunday Color Me Flowers Fun!

Good morning!

It's Sunday morning, and its been awhile since my last post.  I'm still been creating though.

The picture this morning is one I call give me flowers or color me flowers.  The picture above is a jpg, and it is a flower design I created yesterday.

The big flower was reduced 50% and then 50% more to get the small flowers.  On the two small flowers, I added to layer effects to get the changes.  I love playing with layers.

The above picture shows the flower big!  This is a png, and free for you to snag.  Isn't it pretty?  Can you find a spot for it your scrapbooking projects?

Another png, this time, making a border out of the big flower which has been reduced.  This shows the versatility of using these pngs.  You can take them and make additional items with them.

My husband and I just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, so next I'll post the wall card I made for him.  It is now hanging on our wall in the kitchen/dining room.  We celebrated a quiet day.  For dinner, we ordered in some Chinese food, which was delicious.  We spent the evening watching Netflix movies.  All in all; a very good day.

I also sent out 2 packages yesterday.  One to my mother-in-law, and one to a friend I correspond with and make little gifts for.  She's a widow, and a very kind lady.

I will be taking down my website at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics dot com.

My husband lost his job at the end of March after 12 years with his company.  His company fought his unemployment request.

He found a job with a temporary service, so he worked for four days, and then trained on a Sunday for another week-long job, which he just finished.  He's starting a permanent placement by the temp service tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, they did not tell him where to go, and he tried to reach them on Saturday.

He will get ready tomorrow for work, and call them until he finds out where he's going.  He has a general idea, but they didn't give him the details.  He may be a little late, but it is due to the temp agency.

Our income has dropped, so things are a little tight right now; hence letting my website go.

I'll just keep blogging along, which thanks to blogspot, is free.

Take care, and I'll be back with several posts to show you some of the items I've been creating.