Sunday, January 20, 2008

Down in the valley

Good morning,

There is that tune again -- do you know it? "Down in the valley where the green grass grows ...." And I can't remember the rest of it. I know it's a song I sang as we girls skipped jump rope many, many years ago.

It seems it went on to say something about calling the doctor, and the doctor called the nurse .... Oh my! So long ago.

My granddaughter often has a song to share. I am so surprised when I hear them, as they are very often songs from my youth. Really little simple ones that have escaped my remembrance.

Last week, my computer crashed! Many things were lost.

Today, as I was putting together an animation, I discovered that ALL my past animations are now gone. How does that affect the ones I've posted online? Probably gone, too. I had so many I've made over the years ... all gone now. Oh well. Such is life. I guess I will begin again.

And tubes I've collected over the years ... also gone. Any of the tubes that were in my tube folder inside of Jasc's -- gone. Lucky. I did put a few in other folders outside of Jasc, and those I still have.

For the last year or so, I've been making my own tubes. Those I still have. So -- I begin again! Hmmmm.

Tomorrow, I am off! Martin Luther King day. Another day to spend playing at my computer.

Have a great Sunday, and STAY WARM!

See you tomorrow.

Forgotten souls

Good morning,

This is posted for Saturday. I have not posted as much this last week. It's been busy, so what can I say?

I miss the "forgotten souls" of summer that dot our gardens. Pretty, pretty ... so fresh and vibrant. It has been very cold lately. The radio announcer said it is "dangerously" cold.

The water dish for the wild kitties keeps freezing solid. I keep bringing it back in and thawing it out, and putting fresh into it. It feels like it's been a long winter.

My granddaughter was over to spend last night with me. I helped her put on her tights for church this morning. My, those were some THICK tights. But, she looked so cute.

She has long, blonde hair. "Can you give me some curls, mamaw?" she asked. "I'll try", I said. We managed to get a long tendril on each side of her face. She loved it. In the absence of summer's beauty, she shines.

This month is the anniversary of my father's death. It has been many years now. And while he is gone; he is NOT forgotten.

Hope you are having a delightful weekend! Back in a minute!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dream Catcher

Good morning,

Just a little something I made from a kalei that I thought was very pretty. I named it Dream Catcher, due to the middle being a type of star, and we all know we make a wish on the first star we see at night. It seemed like a good place to store what few dreams I have.

Speaking of dreams, my husband was mentioning yesterday morning that he had an unusual dream. He dreamt his ex-wife had invited him to her home, and there she had displayed a tie-tack and cuff links that he once owned. He wanted to take them, but she wouldn't let him have them, even though they had once belonged to him.

Now, I'm sure there are roots here somewhere. This second marriage, which lasted about 1 year or a little less, was less than happy. The divorce even more so. And so it was with the relationship concerning child support as well as visitation. With all the support he paid, and it being the end of the year, I think this was wholly on his mind, and just popped into his dreams.

By the way, he said he managed to corral those jewelry items before the dream ended -- so it was a happy ending.

I don't dream much anymore. Or if I do, I don't remember them. Occasionally, yes. But not often. I am too exhausted at night when I go to sleep. I may not sleep for the full 8 hours, but I do sleep well while I'm there.

The morning is the best time. But, the good times here go so fast, and before I know it, it's time to get ready to go to work and face the real world. Don't we all!?

Hope you have a really great Tuesday. My Monday was the pitts! It's got to be better today!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mad With Joy

Good morning!

Just a little flower power for this morning. Kalei'd, of course.

I really enjoyed making these.

It's Monday again! And back to work. It should be a relatively easy week. I've worked all my overtime hours that I can in this pay period, so no 12-hour days this week.

But. Still plenty of work.

Have a great Monday!

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Early morning house ...

Good afternoon,

This is a little something I posted on my Eons blog. I did it Saturday morning.

Early morning house represents the peace and quiet of the hours before sunrise. I am always awake, and it is my favorite time of the day. The other is the end of the evening, when I lay down and fall to sleep in a heartbeat.

It also has a connection to times past ... with the milk bottles on the front porch. Do you remember getting your milk that way? I do. Of course, we did have a milk box that helped keep it cold.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Back tomorrow.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Good afternoon,

I came here this morning to post, but unfortunately, blogger was having issues. But, I made it back.

This is just a little something I did either today or yesterday. I've done so many, that I can't quite remember.

This weekend has flown by. I did 2 Sculpey creations yesterday. One is a woman, and the other is a baby.

When I take some pictures, I will post them.

Hope your Sunday was fantastic. It is half over now. Or, there is still half to go. Either way, we are in the same place until tomorrow.

Have a great day. Back tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Colorful Kaleis

Good morning,

Well, it's been 6 days since my last post, so this morning, just a little something called Colorful Kaleis.

It's been "one of those weeks". On Monday evening, I came home to find my computer had pretty much crashed. My husband worked on it, and put his "board" into mine, and after several days, I was up and running again.

I still had my psp, but had lost my email folders and my Cosmic Blobs. After tinkering, my hubby got the email folders back, and my receipt for my program. He emailed them, and they were generous enough to make my purchase link alive again -- for free. That was for my deluxe version. The Lab Rat edition, I didn't try to get back as I didn't use it after buying the deluxe version.

My work week was hectic with mostly 12-hour days since we lost 2 people, and they started up overtime again. I've worked all I can work this week, and cannot work any next week. We are allowed so many hours, and after that, you're done till the next pay period.

I introduced my granddaughter and myself to "sculpey III" clay modeling. I love it! She is only 7 years old, and found it to be a little much for now. I'm sure she will try again.

I did 3 models last weekend, and took one to work to sit on my desk. Everyone loved it. While it's my first efforts, I know I can master this art, and can't wait to try my hand again this weekend. I need to head to the store and pickup some more clay and accessories. I bought a clay-baking oven, and love it.

We had two beautiful days this last week, breaking a 100-year old record one day. The unexpected warm weather will be a memory by next week, as I see they are predicting snow again. It was still wonderful to experience it though.

All the kids are back in school now from their holiday break. Life is becoming normal again. I will have off on Martin Luther King Day this month, and then President's Day in February. Then there are no breaks until Memorial Day -- so a long spell of just working.

Hope everyone has recovered from the holidays.

Have a great Saturday. Back tomorrow!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Good morning,

I am back with another cb originated, kalei'd flower, framed.

I love how Cosmic Blobs makes an item just pop!

Being a member at Eons, (and now a co-moderator of Computer Generated Art), I have lots of places to post more of my artwork. We also have some very talented people in the group.

I also have a blog over there, and it's great fun to see all the Eon's blogs.

I made some very good friends there.

If you are 50+, Eons is a great place to "hang your hat". (eons(dot)com). There are so many categories of interests, and lots of places to join. You can visit, share, post your work or business, give and receive gifts, blog, learn, develop new friends, or just "hang out". It's free to join, so why not come on over?

Have a really terrific Sunday! See you tomorrow.

(Will post our first sculpeys when I get them off my camera!)

Pretty Framed Fantasy Flowers

Good morning,

This post creation is for Saturday, which I missed. Busy day!

The flowers originated as cosmic blobs, and then after bringing it into PSP, I kalei'd them.

After grocery shopping yesterday, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics to get a clay-baking oven. Normally about $62, but on sale till the end of Saturday. Wow!

I could just go crazy with all the clay accessories and scrapping items they carry. Some of the largest inventory I've ever seen. Amazing stuff!

Taylor came later that afternoon. I bought her a new movie: Madagascar. That evening, we did our first little sculpey's. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I will have to work awhile with this. But I can see a new hobby on the horizon.

We made erasers. Taylor's started out much larger, but by the time she finished, it was teeney, tiny! Why? I don't know. But we baked it. I will post some pictures showing our first efforts.

We had Taylor's favorite for dinner: mamaw's famous spaghetti. Mom doesn't make it, she says. Maybe she wants mine to stay the favorite.

Taylor will be gone by 9 am this morning; off to church with mom and Danny. She is going to be a sleepy little gal today, as she got to bed pretty late.

Hope your Saturday was terrific! Back in a moment!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Lavendar and Blue

Good morning,

A kalei creation in lavendar and blue, with a touch of hot pink. Something light and fun for Friday.

Today, I say farewell to a co-worker. Dee is moving on to a new department. For her, it is a promotion. I wish her the best.

I work from 6 to 11 am today, and then will attend Dee's farewell luncheon at Red Lobster. It is a 1-hour lunch, and from there, I've taken the rest of the day off, as have others attending.

The weather is frigid in Columbus. Snow is still on the ground with occasional snowflakes falling on and off. They don't appear to be accumulating on the ground much, and that's fine with me.

It is Friday, and a cause for joy among workers. So make it a good, productive day!

Back tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kid's schoolhouse

Good morning!

Many kids started back to school yesterday. Others start today, and a very few, like my granddaughter, go back on Monday.

So I created this kid's schoolhouse. The idea came from a kalei, as usual.

I'm back at work. Yesterday was my first day, and I got a lot of work done. Today should be even better.

I woke up to snow yesterday. We had about 4 inches on our deck. It was beautiful, but the wild kitties food was covered in snow and their water was ice. I swept off the snow around the bowls and leading to it, and fixed it fresh for them.

This morning, it is snowing again. The winds were frigid yesterday, making it quite cold out.

Have a really great Thursday. Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome -- 2008; It's a new year!

Good morning, and Happy New Year!

This is a little kalei creation. Something for fun.

I hope everyone had a very nice New Year's Eve.

Taylor came, and we welcomed in the New Year with real bubbly for us adults, and fake bubbly for her. I gave her three $1 gold coins as a gift. You know, the kind that you get as change when you buy stamps at the stamp machine. She was delighted.

And here's a little gif I did. It's hosted at Photo Bucket. Did this one for my Eons group. It was something quick I worked on last night after ringing in the new year. I finished it up this morning. (The idea came from a cartoon I saw in a popular woman's magazine.)

Hope your New Year's Eve was terrific! Here's to a great 2008! See you tomorrow.