Monday, November 30, 2009

Mon. 11/30/09 - Baby Comes Home Free Graphic

Good morning,

Since I'm going to be a "grandma" again, in about 6 months, my mind wanders to the "new" baby coming. So, today, I did this little creation.

Great fun!

We had our lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. The food and the company were all excellent.

After the meal and some visiting, half of the adults sat at the kitchen table, and the rest of us sat in the living room with my granddaughter. She was playing with her DS.

My middle son had called on Thanksgiving Day, and since we were altogether, I decided I would call him so all of us could speak to him.

I found John in my contact list, and hit send. A voice answered on the other end, but it sounded a whole lot different than I usually hear when he answers.

"Hi," I said. "This is your mom."

Quiet, and then the reply, "My mom died a few years ago."

I'm bewildered. I am alive and kicking, but that voice sounds a little strange. Maybe I got the wrong number.

"Is this John?", I asked.

"Yes, this is John," came the answer.

"It's so noisy here I can barely hear you ... let me move. Is my John there?"

I thought he replied that he was in the kitchen. So I said, "Oh! John and Hillary are in the kitchen! Could I please talk to him?" (Since my son and his wife very often entertain, I thought maybe they were having a party or had had some friends over. I added her name to my conversation in the hopes I did NOT have the wrong number.)

By now, the party on the phone had gotten the idea of what was happening. There was laughing. The answer said, "I am in the kitchen! LOOK UP!"

I was not getting this. I am very confused at this point, and I'm very sure I got a wrong number now."

Again my phone re-emphasized with many voices ... "LOOK UP IN THE KITCHEN!"

I did, and everyone that was still at the dining room table were standing and facing me. I saw my ex-husband on his cell phone. It still was a little cloudy coming together for me, so my daughter said, "You called dad."

Totally embarrassed now, I said, "Oh. I'm so sorry. I thought I was calling John Kelley."

Everyone was laughing now.

My ex and I have been divorced and both remarried 10 years this next year. We are both very happy in our new marriages, even though we were together, and raised 3 wonderful children over 30 years in marriage to each other.

We DO NOT call each other on the phone, or really even chat unless we are at a family gathering together. I like his wife a lot, and always enjoy talking with her. And my current husband enjoys chatting with my ex -- when we are together. My ex has never been in my phone contacts on my phone. (His wife is there, as well ... now.)

Last weekend, I had kept my granddaughter, and my ex and his wife came by to pick her up after our Saturday night and Sunday morning together. My daughter had programmed his number and her stepmom's into my phone, just in case I needed to reach them; and she had done the same to their phones. I knew this at the time, but quickly forgot it.

So when I went to make the phone call, I always only had ONE John on my phone, and so when I came to his name, just automatically pushed send.

It gave everyone a good laugh.

Once the embarrassment and laughter ended, I called my son, John. I told him the story, and he thought it was too funny! He laughed over it, as well.

All in all ... it was a very nice day. Thank you, Jillian and Dan. (Hope you feel better soon, Dan.)

Have a terrific Monday.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sun. 11/29/09-Black is Back

Good morning!

Just a little card that is black ... I'm.... back! The character is just a little fantasy-type creature. You could color the circles, if you wish, and put a picture or title in the unusual little box.

On Monday, we'll go back to some colored items.

If you check my website for the 3 free graphics, you'll find one cute little colored owl. I really like the items I put up there today. And they will only be there for 24 hours!

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving today at my daughters. I'm all set with my own contribution there.

This little creature is not a sea monster, but he is a sea creature. I ran across a cute little joke in my Woman's World that I'll share here:

Q: What do sea monsters eat?

A: Fish and SHIPS!

That made me smile when I read it, and I hope it does the same for you.

I am currently being treated for a low vitamin D level in my body. I need this vitamin due to osteoporsis in my spine, and osteopenia in my hips. I take a Fosamex supplement every Sunday morning (yep! today was the day, ugh!), and I need the vitamin to help absorb the calcium in my body.

I am also lactose intolerant, so I have trouble with milk, but can eat low-fat cheese (mozzarella sticks), and eat some ice creams, and occasionally will have some low-fat chocolate milk.

My stepmom never understood why I could drink chocolate, but not white. Back then, they did not know much about lactose intolerance. I read some years back, that adding chocolate to the milk made it possible to drink some milk. Why? I'm not sure, but it helps.

Doctors can test your vitamin D level with a simple blood test. I've been getting LOTS of those lately, and at one visit, got 2! Doctors want to see your vitamin D level over 30. Before I started taking 50,000 units gel tabs by prescription, my level was at 7. My doctor had ordered 6 pills, but the pharmacy only provided 4.

She reordered another round of these, due to the fact that I was now at mark 22. Again, the instructions on the bottle say, "Take 1 cap once weekly for 6 weeks as directed." Again, the quantity says 4. Hmmmm. I noticed that on it says 0.33 refills of 6 until 11/16/10. Those other 2 must be in that 0.33 refills. In which case, I missed the last 2 on my last round. (Maybe I can take both bottles, and get the 2 I missed along with this newest one. It hasn't expired yet.)

Must be some kind of thing where they can only dispense 4 at a time, which is a month's worth.

The point of all this. I'm looking for vitamin d rich foods. I read in my woman's magazine, which is full of newsworthy items, that food sources with at least 100 IU per 8 oz serving are: salmon, mackerel, fortified OJ and enriched milks. (I'll forgo the milk, but I like fish and oj.) But a serving of salmon and mackerel are usually 4 oz. Do I need 2 servings to get the 100 IU's? I need to ask my doctor.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sat. 11/28/09 Black Art-Flower and Frame Set

Good morning!

I love black and white outlines. I feel they are so dramatic in their looks.

This frame and the flower are both on my website individually (not placed together), so that you can use either use the frame ... or just the flower ... wherever you like.

Unusual flower, but very striking. I like it.

Sometimes I do like the unusual.

Hope you all got a lot of your holiday shopping done yesterday.

My daughter, her hubby, and daughter stopped at my house yesterday, on the way back from Dan's parents for Thanksgiving. We will have our Thanksgiving dinner at her house tomorrow, Sunday, 1 pm. I am taking the stuffing, gravy, and a pumpkin pie.

My sweet and gorgeous daughter will provide a ham (no turkey this year), a pecan pie, cool whip, and and green bean casserole.

My son and his beautiful and petite companion, Kathy, will bring bread. They find the most delicious breads for our holiday meals and always bring them. They are so tasty. They are really into bread!

My daughter's dad and his striking wife will bring mashed potatoes.

My other son is in Boston, and he and his lovely wife only get home about once every 2 years. He was here last year for my daughter's wedding, so he will not be here this year. Hopefully, we'll see him next year. But! He did call me for Thanksgiving. Hmmmm! I haven't returned his call yet. I'll get to that today.

As for my hubby and me, we celebrated Thanksgiving by going to Home Style Buffet. It's unbelievable HOW MANY people do that! We see whole families there at large tables. All the fun, and NONE of the work!

Personally, we choose a buffet for this meal as my children usually have a lot of obligations with family members elsewhere. I remember the pull and tug of just my folks and my husbands folks, and with divorce being so prominent today, our children now have many more tugs to deal with. I won't add to that dilemma.

My kids know I love them, and that I'm thinking of them. They are always welcome at my home, and my one daughter comes often. (I saw her 3x in less than 7 days this week, which I loved.) My daughter has a key to my house, and knows she can stop by anytime.

The weekend is just gearing up, and I go back to work on Monday, while my husband still has Monday left on his vacation from last week.

I plan to take about a week ... in Dec. The week of Christmas. Gee. I've got to put in for my leave ... and I may take a little more time off, as well.

I am currently ahead on my graphics for my website (and blog), so posting each day will be much easier. I will get a few more days done today. Make it an easy week for next week.

Enjoy the weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with another graphic.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fri. 11/27/09 Little Notes

Good morning,

My second post is for this Black Friday!

This is a big shopping day for many people. The merchants look forward to this day as well!

This little note could be used many different ways.

Use it as a thank you note, or a shopping list.

You can find the topper to this note at my website, and design a larger version for yourself.

Personally, I will not be out and about with other bustling shoppers. Crowds can be very suffocating for me. Instead, I will take a few days in December and do my shopping while others are working.

Do you have any shopping traditions that you follow?

When my kids were young, my husband and I always took a day off from work together, left the kids with a sitter or went while they were still in school, and made a day of it. Almost all our shopping was done on this one day.

I'd have a list of everyone I was buying for, and write down what I bought for each as I purchased items.

We left early. Most of our shopping was done together. We'd break for a nice lunch together and then start again. Before we finished, we'd split up, and shop for each other.

Making a day of it always lessened the tension and worry about getting it done. It was very enjoyable.

I've been doing a little shopping during September and October, so I have a few items. And, of course, there is "online shopping", which I've done in the past.

I prefer to give gifts that are enjoyed, and then gone, usually. Most people are pretty good at getting the things they really want themselves, but a nice fruit/gift basket is something great at this time of year.

If someone you love has a hobby, you can steer your gift giving in that direction. And, of course, gift cards always work!

Baking is also a favorite activity at this time of year. One of my most favorite gifts at Christmas, when I was a little girl, was the box of homemade candy that we received from my grandmother each year. Mashed potato candy, divinity, fudge ... it was just too wonderful!

I was forunate to get several recipes from my grandmother before she died. One was her mashed potato candy recipe. It was a tradition in our household. One potato can make a pretty big batch of candy.

I made some last year, and took it to work. I've found that it's best not to tell what it's made from, as most people scrunch up their noses. But if they get brave enough to taste it, they are very surprised. It doesn't taste like potatoes. And it can be very addicting.

Have a great shopping day today! Don't forget the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. As for gift tags, why not make your own this year!

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Thurs. 11/26/09: Count Your Blessings Frame

Good morning,

Posting 2 blogspots today. This one was for Thanksgiving, but can be used anytime.

Any time of the year is a good time to Count Your Blessings.

This frame is uncolored, of course, except for the title.

A good use for it would be to print one for everyday in 2010, and label each day. Use it to count a blessing for each day.

Counting your blessings helps you feel and be happier and healthier.

There are many things to be thankful for: family, friends, health or whatever health you still have, a job, little things others do for you ... and you for them.

Other things we don't always think about are things like an accident that almost happened or happened around you, but you were spared. For you ... or for loved ones.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, your family, the good food, and the memories that were created!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tues. 11/24/09 New Free Graphic

Good morning,

At my website, I just have this larger flower in outline form. For the blog post, I colored it and put it in this deco box.

This was kind of an experiment with my line art, and coloring it in.

With Black Friday being just days away, I read a tip in one of my woman's magazines regarding sales, and I'd like to share it with you.

When a store offers discounts, it doesn't mean that that discount is available at ALL of it's stores.

If you've ever received an online discount, I'm sure you're aware that it's usually only available "online".

According to this tip (in Woman's World 11/30/09, pg 4), "...21% of major retailers offer discounts on merchandise in stores where sales are S - L - O - W ...". So check for those discounts in "sleepy malls" or less populated towns. You can snag as much as 50% off many prices.

This is my last day to work before the big Thanksgiving holiday. Yes!

Make it a great day! I will!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Mon. 11/23/09 Free Graphics

Good morning!

The Thanksgiving week is beginning. Work this morning, and again, tomorrow morning; and then, I am off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday evening, my granddaughter will come to spend the night. She is off on Wednesday, but both her mom and dad have to work ... so she is coming here. She'll spend the night, and share Wednesday with us.

My daughter is celebrating Thanksgiving at her house on Sunday with us, her dad and his wife, and her oldest brother and companion.

They will spend Thanksgiving with Dan's parents in Kentucky.

My daughter is expecting around the middle to end of May, and having a pretty rough time carrying this baby. They took a "home test" for gender, which I didn't know you could do now. It looks like it could be a girl ... which is fantastic! Whatever grandchild arrives, it will be loved. I hope my daughter's nausea passes quickly.

Taylor played with sculpey yesterday, as they stopped by for a quick visit. She made a necklace for her language teacher (Chinese!!!), and a little Christmas tree. The tree is very sweet. She did not get them completely done yet, so will finish up when she comes back.

Today's free graphic is a pretty little flower. If you can use her in any of your projects, feel free to grab her. And, of course, there are 3 new free graphics at my website. They are posted for only 24 hours.

Have a terrific Monday!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sun. 11/22/09 Free Graphic of the Day

Good morning!

It's been awhile since I've posted again.

If you like this little graphic, feel free to right click and copy it. Use it in a scrapping project or save for a future one.

We are looking at a terrific week coming up.

I only work on Monday and Tuesday, and then I am off till the following Monday. Yahoo!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner ... followed by Black Friday. I'm sure you have your plans all mapped out.

Have a great day!

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