Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wild, Wild West Hair Doll 2 and Free Pngs

Good Sunday morning,

This post is featuring my wild, wild west hair doll #2.  Her hair is much fuller and longer this time.  And even though her hair looks pink, it's actually red.

This is her close-up and featured on my art pictures.

This is a free background, should you wish to snag it.

Here are the steps I used in creating her.  I didn't take any pictures of making her face.

In the first picture, you can see her head and the beginning of her making her hair.  I used 4 ply red yarn, and divided each small piece apart of the 4-ply yarn.  I then bundled those with sets of three, so 12 small plys together to make one hair plug.  I tied them together with another small ply and let it blend in with the rest of the hair.

I don't know how many make up her head, but it's approximately 16 to 18 sets of plugs.  I wrapped wire around the middle of the plugs, and inserted the wires into her head at intervals.

Then I baked her.  The yarn does not burn at all or discolor.  I baked her two times to make sure she was done, as she is bigger than my first wild, wild west hair doll.

The second picture shows the front after all her hair was added.  I added some shorter ply plugs along the top of her hair line for bangs.

The third picture just shows the back.

Here's her close-up again, without the art work.  After she was done, I tied her hair the way I wanted it, and then gave her a haircut.  Her painted checks are gloss and pink acrylic mixed together and painted on.

In her hair is a small crown-like item I made from white printing paper.  I glued it into her hair with a little E6000.

I used the same glue to attach the pearl strand around her neck.  Underneath the pearls is a pink gem and a clay heart that I made with a pink and blue bug resting on it.  The heart is red, and has one miniature flower on it.

Her dress is scrap paper I purchased some years ago.  It is sparkly and is in light blue and pinks.  I shaped this into a cone.

The edging is white and light pink yarn that was twisted together and glued along the edge of her cone dress.

She stands about 4 inches high.

The face took me about one hour to make.  The hair took quite a bit longer.

I am very excited about this doll.  She was a lot of fun to make, and I've very pleased with the final results.

Hope you enjoyed this little project of mine today.



Wild, Wild West Hair Doll and free pngs

Good morning,

Had a little computer problem yesterday, so this is being posted Sunday, but it's my Saturday post.

This is my first Wild, Wild West Hair Doll on a base.  She was an experiment in mixing clay with yarn.  I really like how she turned out.

And a few free pngs to snag for your scrapbooking projects are above and below.

Hope your Saturday was wonderful. 

While they predicted thunderstorms today, the day was beautiful and sunny.  We didn't see dark clouds appearing till much later in the evening.  If we got any rain, I must have totally missed it!

Be back shortly with my post for Sunday.



Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Kitty Clay Sculpture and FREE pngs

Good morning,

Continuing on my clay creation progress, plus a few free pngs, today I'm offering another kitty that I did recently. 

Being a fan of pinterest, I saw a copy of this little kitty, and made my own version.  I always make some changes, so it's not exactly the same.  Sometimes, instead of looking at clay creations, I'll look at crochet items and cake toppers and cake decorations to get ideas to try in clay.

Here you see the FREE pngs for you to use in your creating today.  They are all on one layer, but using a graphics program, it's easy to use your selection tool to choose the one you want to use.  Break each one out and save individually, if you want.

Also spaced so they can be printed out and used physically.

It's Friday!!!

I've been on vacation all week, and spent a lot of time creating.

Tomorrow, I'm offering a look at my a new doll face I've created.  Then on Sunday, a second version of the same, yet different doll.  I'm so excited about her, I wanted to post her today, but already had this one ready, so I am holding myself back for now.  I'll get to her soon enough.

Till then ... have a fabulous Friday!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clay sculpture:: my version of Hello Kitty.- And Some FREE Pngs

Good afternoon,

Just a few pngs to offer for your creative needs.

Hope you enjoy them.

This is my version of Hello Kitty.  It is a clay sculpture.

A border for scrapping or card-making.

Flower-purple hue.

Red flower.


Title Tag.

Have a terrific day!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sculpey Cat from Clay and some free png graphics

Good morning!

This is my png post for today.

I saw this little sculpey cat on pinterest, and made my own version.  The tail wraps from the back around to the left side and around.  In the picture, it looks different, mainly because he's all black and white.  It's hard to make out the tail.

He is a sculpey cat from clay, in a cartoon-fashion.

The decorations are items you can use for scrapping, so hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

July Fourth Graphics For Your Hobbies


Good morning!

July Fourth is coming very soon; it's just around the corner.

Since it's been awhile for posting, I thought I'd put together this July Fourth Graphic above called LET FREEDOM RING.

It's in png format, and it's free to use for cards and digital scrapbooking.  You can also print it out and use it for a physical card or scrap.  Enjoy.

Here's another one with a little creature holding his cup of juice, milk, coffee, whatever it is that he is drinking and he's toasting America.

Again, another png, for all your creative needs.

Having been a while since my last post, I went to log-in, and it had me create a new Google+ under Carolyn Hampton.  I already have a Google+ under Cj, so this was not what I really wanted to do, so I just left the other one kind of empty.

Maybe I'll use it later for something else.

Then, I came to blogspot to do today's post, and my electricity flickered, and I lost my computer connection.  If it's not one, it's another.  (This happens way too often, by the way.)

I've been doing some graphics lately, and digital scrapping, but have really been doing a ton of sculpey.  I love Pinterest for ideas, and I've recently done over 130 pieces.

Some have been given away as gifts, but others are still sitting on my desk.

I'll feature some of those over the next couple of days.

Until later, have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the free graphics for today.