Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flower Nymph

Sunday, 4/26/09 ... and a terrific day!

Sleeping last night was wonderful. Windows open, and even the deck door was open, letting the cool night air flow throughout the house. It felt wonderful this morning.

The day is warmer now, but I've been busily creating at my computer.

Today's offering, this little flower nymph. She was so fun to make.

I love the background. I had made it several days ago, and after creating today, I put these two together. They just kind of "fit".

If you like her, you can find her, the frame, and the background at:

I'm still looking for members for my Scrapper's Daily group, so if you're a scrapper; and looking for some scrapping items/challenges; try us out here:

Have a beautiful Sunday!

I scrapped all day! (Creating is scrapping, in my book!)

PS -- An update on my health position -- from 6/10/08: I finally managed to get my doctor of record changed. I wrote a letter, and after about 4-6 weeks, got notification that it was approved. This doctor is an orthopedist, and I've already seen him.

After taking new x-rays of my shoulder, he found that surgery is necessary on my right shoulder. After 10 months, it has NOT healed, and according to him, it won't. Every time I stress it, I have additional pain for awhile.

Of course, they put in for the surgery request, and I had to wait 5 business days this time for approval/denial. It was denied. I called ACS and asked why, and they said that the doctor's office submitted the wrong codes. But actually, I received a return call from my claims examiner yesterday, on my cell phone's voice mail, stating that surgery is denied based on my codes: shoulder strain/contusion. According to her; these diagnosis codes do not allow for surgery at all. The diagnosis in no way allows for this type of treatment, and if I can prove how this is related to my original injury, then I can submit that.

Have you ever heard such ridiculousness???

Me either!

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