Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother's Day Right Around The Corner

Good morning -- this Friday, 5/1/09

This little deco box can be used as a card front, or as part of a bigger scrapping page for mom on her big day. And it is coming up ... it's right around the corner.

This item or it's parts can be found at my website. There are additional items that can be used instead.

Some are very vibrant, so go check them out.

So what big plans do you have for Mother's Day? Does your mother live in town, close to you, or out-of-town? Are you going for a visit? Or are you just sending a card/gift?

I am going to my daughter's house where all 3 moms will be present. It will be a wonderful time together.

Do I mind sharing Mother's Day?

No! While I gave birth to her, her husband's birth mother will also be present, and they honoring her as well. And she's a wonderful lady, and I always enjoy seeing her. And my daughter is blessed to have a step-mother, too. And she is a delightful lady, and I enjoy seeing her.

We three moms are blessed with their company, and our one grandchild here. Her mother-in-law has only the one grandchild here, and her step-mom has more grandchildren, as she has 3 grown daughters of her own. I am sure she will see them all for Mother's Day, too.

When I was young and married, it was always the younger generation running and splitting up holidays to be with this mom, and that mom. We went to my mom's this holiday, and we'd go to that moms on another holiday, when they lived out-of-town.

I think my daughter's way of celebrating is much nicer for everyone. At least, I like it. It's less stressful for my daughter's family and daughter.

To wrap up, plan a card for MOM! You can find these items and more here:

And check out the other days. There's always more.

Pre Happy Mother's Day!


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