Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday's Free Graphics!

Sunday, Sunday ... what a beautiful Sunday!

Good morning!

And ... it's Sunday's free graphics! Well, actually all the days I post are free graphic days.

This first one to the left was done last week, I think, but I just never got it up.

So, wanting to feature it, I've put it up in today's batch of free graphics!

I hope you'll enjoy using it.

And wow! The Fourth of July is just days away now.

Tomorrow ends the month of June, and Tuesday ushers in the new month of July! This year is just speeding by.

This picture to the left is my second free graphic for today and is looking forward to the approaching holidays and YOUR CREATIVES NEEDS.

If you design cards or scrapbook, or need some new designs for your webpage, here are the colors we will be seeing a lot of in the next several days: red, white, and blue! (Actually looks black here.)

To check out an even greater selection from this batch that was made, you'll have to go over to my website at I believe these are featured tomorrow: June 30th! *Just checked; yep! Featured tomorrow.

On my homefront, an update on my accident. Ugh! My right arm is still bothering me much more than it should be. I can do my graphics, but I just get tired so fast, as my whole arm, shoulder, wrist, hand, chest and upper right back (and neck) ache after working awhile. This also happens at work. But, I don't want to quit posting my artwork though. I have to stay in it as it is my passion.

The bills are rolling in now, and I'm waiting to see what WC will cover and won't. If this is any idea of what national heathcare would be like, I sigh a big sigh. Not good.

Here's hoping you enjoy the free graphics. If you visit my website, please do leave me a note. A little is encouragement is always a great thing. It only takes a minute.

Till I see you later ...

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