Saturday, August 16, 2008

Put On Your Happy Face

Good morning,

A little blue creature this morning. I'm sure you've all had those days where you feel blue, but you have to put on your happy face anyway.

Well. That's how I feel today.

Yesterday, my husband learned that his brother, Fred, is dying of lung cancer. He was admitted to the hospital, with what he thought was a little cold or maybe pneumonia. He had been putting off seeking treatment.

He has many malignant tumors throughout his chest/underarm area. The doctors say he has maybe four weeks.

His mom couldn't get a flight yesterday, so she is leaving today. She will take a bus to Chicago, and fly into Oklahoma from there. My husband will take a week of unplanned vacation in about 3 weeks. He wants to go down and spend some time with Fred. I hope he is still here then, and lucid enough to visit.

I told my husband that you can't always wait for these visits. My grandfather died of lung cancer. The weekend we were going down to visit him was too late. He died before we left.

Fred has never smoked. Why lung cancer? Who knows. Only God knows these things.

So while everyone is feeling blue ... everyone is trying to put on their happy face to keep Fred's spirits up. The cancer is too far spread and inoperable. Fred is 1 1/2 years younger than my husband. My husband is the oldest of 9 children.

My husband has been seeing "his dad" for the past two weeks. His dad died about 2 years ago. He felt something was wrong. He even called his mom, since he thought maybe it was her. This isn't the first time he's known something was wrong. Many years ago, a younger sister of his died, and he knew it before he was told. He seems to have a "sense" for these things.

So remember. Our time is short. Make the most of your today's.

I hope your today is wonderful.

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