Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peace Be With You, Fred

Good morning,

My husband is in Wisconsin for the weekend. He's home with his family, while I am here with my granddaughter.

My husband's brother, Fred, passed away last Tuesday. His battle with lung cancer, as well as a stage 4 rare bone cancer, is over. He was diagnosised about 2 months ago.

Fred had not been feeling well most of this last year. He thought he was fighting a cold, and eventually, he suspected pneumonia. He checked into the hospital, and found out he did have pneumonia. The first few days, they found the lung cancer. A few days after that, with more tests, they discovered the bone cancer, which he had been carrying around for a while, and it was already at stage 4. Chondrosarcoma.

They started treatment right away on his pneumonia, and when that was relieved, they started chemo on the lung cancer. With the bone cancer, it looked dreadful as to the outcome. Even though I'm sad about Fred's death; it was a blessing for him, and spared him pain and suffering.

Fred was slightly younger than my husband. Ray and his brother were close, at times. Fred led a colorful life. He will be missed by his family and friends. I am sorry I could not attend his memorial service, but my own injuries have prevented me from taking the long car trip right now.

To everyone in Wisconsin gathered together to remember Fred ... I am with you in spirit. I will remember the visits we had from him, and the few good times I personally remember. Fred was a rover, and he popped in and out of our lives rarely, but kept in touch with my husband by phone.

You will be missed, Fred. We will always remember you.

Take care all. And have a great day.

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