Thursday, July 2, 2009

Because I Live ... I Create

Thursday, 7/2/09

Good morning!

So many ideas … so little time. So many mediums … so little time.

I live to create … !!!

These items are some that I’ve posted on my website. The nice thing about them is that you can pick up the finished item … or the individual pieces.

Pick a flower, corner a frame, or grab a background.

Decos, deco boxes, borders, accessories – all free. Just give yourself a minute … and go take a peek!

The webpage to checkout:

Right now, there's items going back as far as September 2008. Half of September has been removed, and soon more will be taken down.

But while it's there, it is free!

Most of my wee mornings hours are at my computer -- just creating away.

I get caught between creating graphics, and creating sculpey's.

For the last two weeks, I put my art program to rest, and just created sculpey's.

My clay colors have dwindled, and it is time to go purchase more.

If the sun comes out today .. I will take some pictures to post.

Until then ... I scrap!

Do you?


Looking to join a scrapping group? C’mon and join me at:

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