Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time Stands Still ... in lots of areas for me right now

Good morning,

I am off this week, and I am playing with a different creation angle. This design above is for a future birthday card front. It takes a little more time, play, and thought, but I like it.

This is a closeup of the next card front. I don't have a specific use for it yet, but I love how it feels. While I DO love color, I've always been very drawn to black and white and shades in between, and this one just fits the bill for me. I just love it!

And last ... the completed design for this card front. Don't know how I'm using it yet ... but I will use it! How would you show it off?

My drivers for my sound card are gone on my computer! Darn. I had tried to post a video (for family) on my website yesterday, only to find I had no sound. I thought it was my program, but alas, while doing some research today on my drawing endeavors, I tried to view a video; only to find that again! There was no sound. A quick peek from my husband revealed the problem. And, I lost a monitor two days ago, and my husband replaced it with another one he had stored.

I use dual screens at home and at work. It is so much easier to research while working.

Most of this week's weather has been totally blah! Cloudy, rain off and on, and just plain ugh!!! Makes me NOT want to go out.

I'd love some feedback on my new designs! What do you think?

Have a terrific day!!!


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