Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New things-New Perspective: Direction changing!

Good afternoon,

It's been awhile ... I know. I have not kept up with my website, and don't even know at this point whether I will continue with it.

Between work, and all the things I enjoy doing, it gets all kind of over-whelming, and I don't even know how many people really even look at it or use it.

Today's blog is featuring some new things I'm doing. The above frame is very pretty, I think. To see just a few of the items that went into this creation, see the next picture.

This pictures features just a few of the 36 items I created as individual items that I then put together to complete a finished creation, such as the first picture.

Since I've started zentangling, I'm looking at my artwork in a totally new way. I like the road I'm traveling right now. It's a totally new perspective on my idea of creating ... and I'm loving it.

I used another version of this creation in a framework for a 50th wedding anniversary picture I just did for a family member. It's basically the first picture, but a little MORE ... and one done with a black background, and another with a white background.

There's been nothing new posted in over a month at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. Still thinking about the direction I am going.

Until I know more ... I'll be posting here at the blog, and sharing some of my journey. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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