Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anniversary project

Good morning,

I'm back with another quick post.  I have NOT been idle.

This top picture is my digital project for my husband.    I showed you this flower pattern in the previous post and offered it as a png.

Here is the first picture I took and edited in my graphics program. I put it on a dark background here, so you could see it better.

I added lots of items to it.  A sculpey owl I made is in the upper left corner.  A sculpey flower is the lower left corner.  There's a butterly at the top, and I left a place for the hole to hang it.  I made the paper flower below the top butterfly.

Added throughout the rest of the project are stick-on butterfly, glued bling gems, in different colors.

It was printed on photo paper, so the colors came out great.  Not as easy to see that here though.

It is attached to a cardstock paper.

The base is two cutout cereal boxes glued together for firmness.  The board was cover 2x with a beautiful pink nightgown that I bought at a thrift store many moons ago.  The back of the picture is smooth, with the front being where I glued the fabric, which is hidden by the picture.

I topped off the finished project with wired pearls.  They are larger than I normally use for my small projects, but were just right for this one.

All in all, it turned out well, and he was pleased with my efforts.  He is very supportive of my art efforts.

Here is the picture again, hanging on my wall.  I did use a sticky dot on the back bottom to hold the picture straight on the wall.

It will hang here for a time, until I have another items to take its place.

I took some closeups of different items, but failed to post them originally, so that will be in my next post.

See you in a minute.


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