Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Kitty Clay Sculpture and FREE pngs

Good morning,

Continuing on my clay creation progress, plus a few free pngs, today I'm offering another kitty that I did recently. 

Being a fan of pinterest, I saw a copy of this little kitty, and made my own version.  I always make some changes, so it's not exactly the same.  Sometimes, instead of looking at clay creations, I'll look at crochet items and cake toppers and cake decorations to get ideas to try in clay.

Here you see the FREE pngs for you to use in your creating today.  They are all on one layer, but using a graphics program, it's easy to use your selection tool to choose the one you want to use.  Break each one out and save individually, if you want.

Also spaced so they can be printed out and used physically.

It's Friday!!!

I've been on vacation all week, and spent a lot of time creating.

Tomorrow, I'm offering a look at my a new doll face I've created.  Then on Sunday, a second version of the same, yet different doll.  I'm so excited about her, I wanted to post her today, but already had this one ready, so I am holding myself back for now.  I'll get to her soon enough.

Till then ... have a fabulous Friday!


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