Tuesday, June 25, 2013

July Fourth Graphics For Your Hobbies


Good morning!

July Fourth is coming very soon; it's just around the corner.

Since it's been awhile for posting, I thought I'd put together this July Fourth Graphic above called LET FREEDOM RING.

It's in png format, and it's free to use for cards and digital scrapbooking.  You can also print it out and use it for a physical card or scrap.  Enjoy.

Here's another one with a little creature holding his cup of juice, milk, coffee, whatever it is that he is drinking and he's toasting America.

Again, another png, for all your creative needs.

Having been a while since my last post, I went to log-in, and it had me create a new Google+ under Carolyn Hampton.  I already have a Google+ under Cj, so this was not what I really wanted to do, so I just left the other one kind of empty.

Maybe I'll use it later for something else.

Then, I came to blogspot to do today's post, and my electricity flickered, and I lost my computer connection.  If it's not one, it's another.  (This happens way too often, by the way.)

I've been doing some graphics lately, and digital scrapping, but have really been doing a ton of sculpey.  I love Pinterest for ideas, and I've recently done over 130 pieces.

Some have been given away as gifts, but others are still sitting on my desk.

I'll feature some of those over the next couple of days.

Until later, have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the free graphics for today.


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