Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Art Kit Pak 5

Good morning -- again!

Another set of art kit paks. The circle around the center item is the size of each item when received. This is the last of the red series for now.

This morning, I was reading on msn about the 10 worst states for employment. Michigan was at the top of the list, with Ohio being 7th on the list. I figured Ohio would be on it, since I experienced difficulty finding a new job several years ago. Wow! What an unpleasant experience.

They also listed the 15 tops states for finding a job. South Dakota was at the top. Most of the states listed were northern states where the weather is cold. The exceptions were Hawaii and New Mexico.

I really hope to never be out of work again until I retire. It's a devastating feeling. No wonder so many people are losing their homes.

Hope you have a great day! See you tomorrow.

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