Friday, February 15, 2008

FREE Art Kit Paks

Good morning!

Do you like art to do your scrapbooking or just to use as tubes for Paint Shop Pro? Do you like FREE?

Well. I do, too! For now, you can get free tubes and tubed items for your artwork.

Behold! Art Kit Pak 1 has 5 items in it. To the left is a flower-like border, with a smaller flower inside. They are separate, but can also be united to be one item.

A larger flower is down on the right hand side.

The top right is a flower and comes in a larger size. The little flower at the bottom left hand side is small, but also comes in a larger size.

I just love making these art accessories. If you would like a free set sent to you, you can visit me at and look for cj623's profile. You can send me an "im" where I will happily pass you the items for free. You may use them freely, any way you wish, as long as you don't say you created them.

You may use the item in any creations you create, and that creation is yours.

Check back tomorrow for Art Kit Pak 2!

Have a great day!

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