Monday, February 18, 2008

Exploring Thru Art - Art Kit Pak 3

Good morning,

This creation to the right is one I did for my Eons group posting.

I liked it a lot, so thought I'd post it here as well.

The object is, of course, a kalei.

I was going to post it yesterday, but after posting my first offering, was not able to connect again to my blog. The fun of the internet!!!

I often keep pictures from magazines around for ideas. Colors I like together. Some cute animal. Pictures my granddaughter drew. I have so many that it can cause quite a clutter.

I've heard some say that the way to reduce clutter of these types of things is to put them all together on a refigerator door or wall, and take a picture. You can store the pictures on your computer or put them on a CD.

Today, I read another one in a popular woman's magazine. Put them on a coffee mug or on a mouse pad by uploading the images to Now. That sounds like a plan.

The is another art kit pak. It's numbered #3, as the one yesterday was. Somehow when I started these, I did 2 sets naming them both 3. Fortunately, one 3 pak had 8 items and was included in the title to save, and the other ad 11. So, I lost none of the paks, but it makes it hard to know which one is which except that I know one is 8 and the other is 11 items.

Even though the one posted yesterday says 3, it is # 2b. This one is 3.

Today is President's Day, so I have a day off. Lots to do today that I didn't do yesterday. My poor husband is off to work today as usual.

The weekend was granddaughter-free. I missed her smiling face, but I'm sure she'll be back next weekend.

Hope your weekend was great.

Have a good Monday. See you soon.

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