Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scrappers SCRAP!

Good morning~

Scrap to your hearts delight! Here's a little scrappin' box to use in your scrap pages. Very bold with it's red and oranges.

When I scrap a page, I love to add some unique items. Using accessories can add a lot of charm to your pages.

And being as I created these scrap bits, and there are hundreds to choose from, your pages will be fresh and unique.

I love the barely visible kalei (kaleidoscope) background on this one.

This particular scrap book would be good for a title and even a name in the lower right hand area surrounded by the little orange deco.

So, if you like it ... go on and take it. It's free to use, as are all my creations, for any purpose. But personally, they make wonderful scrap book accessories.

I have a trick to try right now. I know it works from my website, as I've shown others while I'm at work how to use these free scrap decos.

Almost everyone has EXCEL on their computer. Open it. Now find the graphic you want to use. Right click and choose copy. Go to a cell in excel and right click, choose paste.

Now, if you left click on the graphic, you can resize it -- up ... or down. Check your page preview to see how it looks, and voila! You have a graphic ready to print to a paper of your choosing. You can highlight the graphics to print them or fill a page and print them all.

I have hundreds to choose from at my website.

Even better if you have a graphics editing program, as you can take out the backgrounds to make transparencies or remove things you don't like. Change colors. Whatever! They are all free for your use.

Scrappers scrap! So get scrappin'! New ways to accessorize without spending more money. Just your price of paper ... and ink, and you're into some lovely scrap book pages.

I hope you enjoy them. For more, just go to:
http://www.easyaspiedailygraphics.com and you'll find a great selection each day. Eventually, the site will be full, and I will have to take down some of the free selections. When they're gone, they're gone.

I hope to put the ones I take down onto a disk, which you can order. But that's way in the future. For now ... just take 'em.

Have a great day! See you real soon!

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