Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well-Wishing Art

Good morning,

Today, I've made this art deco box. Perfect for a card or for your scrapping projects.

My daughter is getting married very soon. A couple's party is just 2 weeks away.

Every parent wishes health, wealth, and especially happiness to their children. It is hard to find a perfect match ... and even harder to keep it.

I hope you have a great Tuesday.

If you like the box, take it and use it.

See you soon.

Note: Several weeks ago, I told you about my husband's brother being extremely ill. While he does have lung cancer, he also came in with pneumonia. And they discovered something worse after running a full battery of test: bone cancer. It's in stage 4, and while they will treat it, what time he has left will be challenging. He is currently in hospice, and will have treatment on an "out-patient" basis. It is a prayerfull time.

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