Sunday, February 13, 2011

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And a final good Sunday morning to you all,

Ok. I'm caught back up on my posts.

This first, above, is featured on today's website ... and it's adorable. The bee and the sexy heart are from years gone by, but they are fun to trot out and feature again. And, it's a chance to pick them up as pngs! Or psp tubes! And they are free!

Here's my lounging bee again, and he's featured also in quick art!. This kit had 3 quick art frames to just grab and use. No muss; no fuss. Ready to go art!

Since lounging bee is featured as a png/psp in a previous day's kit, he's not in this kit except in the quick art (#2). But the heartman is featured as a png and psp in this quick art kit.

Lots of new additions this week.

My granddaughter stayed last weekend, and this weekend, she's enjoying having a friend over to spend Friday night with her.

My youngest granddaughter, picked up her bottle off the kitchen table and tried to put it in her mouth when I was visiting on Friday. It was the first time, and it was wonderful to be there to observe her.

I am still doing Weight Watchers, and the weight is coming down very slowly. I've only lost 4.2 pounds, and it's been a month; but I've lost lots of inches, and I'm feeling great. This is a very livable eating plan for me. I will stick with it.

At work, I was moved from my current desk to a new desk across the aisle and slightly back from my old desk. I am now out of the draft of it; and out of the 3 degree temperature drop from other desks around me. You see, the air conditioning is still on all winter. I've been in this desk for 2 years, and it runs all year round.

My temperature at my desk is 68.8 degrees with a steady draft. It is always blowing, and causes my feather pen to move. It hits me directly headon, and flows down my body to even my thighs under my desk. I was frigidly cold.

For the first 2 years, it wasn't so bad, but when I came back at the beginning of the year, they had somehow redirectly the air flow. Not only was I cold, but everyone in our little department was complaining, and no one could understand how I was sitting where I was. No one elects to stand very long at my desk! And they always comment on it.

My daughter turned a year older this week. My sister did the same a week before my daughter.

In Columbus this last week, I saw gas prices rise. In the past they were at $2.89 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and they'd start to climb on Thursday, making their way up to over $3 by Saturday. But I noticed this past Monday or Tuesday, that they are starting their week over the $3 mark now, and the prices are up again this weekend. Drat!

On the other hand, last night on tv, I watched a commercial to get new rugs installed for only $0.79 (a square ft, I think) on new carpeting from Rite Rug. They touted the lowest prices in 75 or 79 years; and I have to agree with them. Never heard them advertise that low.

On Tuesday, I came home to find my husband home early, but no car. As I got out of the car, he said, "Stop! You need to take me to the doctor!"

Seems he had an accident, and his car is totaled. We spent almost 3 and 1/2 hours downtown at Grant Hospital while he got checked out. He's fine, but they wanted him to take a couple of days off as he was bound to be more sore.

He went back to work on Friday, and now he's driving a rental. Don't know yet whether his company is buying him a newer car to drive or whether he'll have to get one to drive and get reimbursed. Stay tuned.

This last week was one of the busiest weeks I've had in many years. That is why I had such trouble getting my graphics done each day and up. I had so much to get done this weekend. Hope I don't ever have another week like last week.

And because I got to bed late on Tuesday night, after being at the hospital, I over-slept 2 days in a row, trying to get caught up. Yikes!

Work has been busier, with new plans to go completely as paperless as we can, and my move this week to my new desk. By the way; I do love my new location. While it is still cold in our department, the draft is much less. I can live with this. You just have to dress in layers.

I'm praying for a quick spring. I am so done with snow, cold, ice, and wind! I am ready for some sunshine, flowers, and warm air! Aren't you?

Hope you all have a terrific week ahead of you (and me, too)!

Run over and pick up my graphics. Let me know if you enjoy them.

Happy Sunday!
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