Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun, Free Graphics For the Frugal Scrapper--Get Digital

Good morning,

My weekly post for all you frugal scrappers out there that want fun, free graphics-- digitally! Whoa! That's a real mouth-ful.

Scrapping digital is easy. Everything is on your computer, and right at hand. You can use items over and over; they never run out! And it's just plain FUN! You can see each title of the kit. Some are NOT named, but the date tells you which kit it is.

This was the last of the series on the Butterfly kit which ran several day. Each day had it's own name.

Another butterfly motivated kit, with lots to use all together.

And I threw a lacey heart, I know, I know ... it's black, but it has some red in it. And it's pretty!

When you look at each of most of the kits I've talked about today, you can see you have quite a lot to choose from.

Easy As Pie Daily Graphics will probably start publishing 2 to 3 times a week instead of daily. But when it's published, you will find at least 3 free graphics in each kit. If you're downloading the kits, you can pick them all at one time.

Back in a minute ... with today's kit!

3 new free graphics each day; new postings -- 2 to 3x a week, but all there
free png graphics, and psp tube graphics each day

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