Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st: Free PNG graphics/PSP tubes--Deco Elments for Today

Good Tuesday morning to you all,

So frustrating! Had my post already to go, and it would not take it. Unfortunately, I copied and pasted what I had on my webpage, and it said someone else was using it. Yeah! Me! Same person.

Hope you like Deco Elements offered above today. It's free, has png art graphics inside, one jpg quick frame for scrappers, and a psp tube layer for you graphics program owners! Download it free; no information required from you. (I would like to hear when you like a particular kit though. It's good for the soul!)

We were supposed to wake up this morning to an ice-covered world and 3-4" of snow; but it was NOT here. It did start to rain about 3:30 am.

The thing I hate is when you leave for work, and the storm hits AFTER you're at work. Bummer! Our parking lot and sidewalks are NOT well maintained like they were several years ago.

Having osteoporosis of the spine, and a warning from my doctor, to NOT fall again ... well, I do not enjoy taking chances.

If the storm hits later in the morning, I will need to leave early from work.

I hope you all have a safe, easy travel to work this morning, wherever you are.

Enjoy the graphics. February is a new month, and the January graphics are gone. Pick up February's starting today. Return each day to pick up more!

3 new free graphics each day
png kit downloads
psp tube download in today's kit

Tip from my favorite, Woman's World, magazine:

Question: What one food item is 100x more effective than Vitamin C, and 25x more effective than Vitamin E at protecting you from cancer?
Answer: Tea! (Enjoy 1-4 cups daily)

Side note: Coffee drinkers can rejoice, too, as it's also effective! Decaf or decaffinated. (1-3 cups daily) -- I enjoy 2 cups each morning, 4 on weekends. I also enjoy a hot cup of tea throughout the week.

To read why ... and more: pg. 12 and 13 of 2/7/11's Woman's World: NEWS YOU NEED NOW: Easiest-ever Health and Happiness Secrets! (I'm just a fan; not an affiliate.)

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