Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Daily Graphics at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics; New Sculpey's

Good Morning ...

This morning's kit over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, is 3 Little Creepers. Creepers are tiny little madeup fantasy creatures, and they are great for putting on the edge or ends of things. Above is "Toothy" creeper, "Kingy" creeper, and finally, "Singing" creeper. They're doo-dads!

I really wanted to share this little "Goth" creeper, but he's not a digital graphic ... he's a sculpey creation. In this picture, he is standing next to one of my necklaces. I made this necklace several weeks ago, and I've been wearing it several days throughout the week. I love the colors, and it goes great with one of my shirts I wear.

The little "goth" creeper is just a fun little thing I made. Not a necklace, but fun.

Finally, this kit was for yesterday, Saturday.

There are 2 tubes in this kit, meaning I did not create the items, but used photographs I took of the items to tube. They were my Valentine's Day gifts on Monday, and I just loved getting them.

I ran over to my daughter-in-law's blog: and read about their first trip of the new year: LAS VEGAS!

Nice pictures, and a very well-written journal of their visit and stay in this colorful, robust, jumping city. My son and she both love Las Vegas, and would love to move there.

As for myself, I went to Las Vegas on my honeymoon. The thing that enthralled me was driving in, and being able to see the strip before we actually got there. The scenery out there is just beautiful. And I loved seeing the sites leading the way.

The only part that I did not like was crossing all that desert! It is really sparse out there, if you're driving. I wouldn't care to drive it again. I'm sure flying in is absolutely gorgeous.

We did enjoy seeing the dam, Lake Meade, and the Grand Canyon on that trip though!

Take care ... and I hope you enjoy the graphics. Pick them up and use them!

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