Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cards: Make It Yourself--Free Graphics

Good morning,

I've been busily making cards this last weekend. I made about 6-8 cards, and I'm always making more.

Today, at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics, I have this card's items available. See picture above for the card front. Print onto the cardstock of your choice, leaving room for the back of the card, and decorate as you wish. I love the colors of this card.

This little deco decorates the center of the card -- or you can leave it off and use it on the inside. This shows the deco in it's larger size, but it comes two sizes. The larger size and the small size.

I now have nineteen (19) days of graphics up: at least 3 new graphics each day. Head on over to pick them up.

We had several beautiful days in a row: yahoo! This week, they predicted rain for every day but Thursday. We were blessed, because it started yesterday, but we managed to squeeze in one more fairly pretty day - except for the powerful breeze.

Hope this is a good week for you.

Personally, my husband has a son in the hospital. He's 32. He is on dialysis, but his liver is failing. My husband will take this week to go visit him in his final days. He'll leave mid week, and come back mid week next week. It is ... a sad time.

Til later.



3 new free graphics each day

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