Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Morning FREE graphics

Good morning,

Today's graphics, pictured above is a gift tag, has all the elements above for you to create with. They are in jpgs.

These graphics were offered on Thursday. I made it into a card for Ramon, my husband's son, who passed away on Tuesday at 2:30 pm. My husband so wanted to get there to see Ramon before he died. The doctor thought he had a week, and had he had the full week, they would have been reunited.

But God has His own ways ... and it was NOT meant to be. The funeral is on Monday. I wish the survivors peace. Ramon's struggles are over, and he can rest in peace now.

While my husband is visiting with his family outside our state, I was visiting with my girls yesterday. My little 10 1/2 month old, almost 11 months now, is practicing standing and clapping. She is so adorable, and loves to see me when I visit.

My older granddaughter is still a delight to me. The four of us went for a long, long walk yesterday because the sun was shining, and it was a fairly beautiful day. There was a cool breeze, but we had a wonderful time walking, as my granddaughters rode. One on her bike, and one in her stroller.

One beautiful day is all we're supposed to get this week: yesterday. Before it was rain, and following it is rain. We have had MORE THAN ENOUGH rain this spring!

If you're heading off to church today ... have a great time. I know my daughter's family is going.

And I will spend Easter with my daughter and her wonderful family this year! And my husband will be spending time with his family! (Have fun, sweetie!)

Hope you have a beautiful day, everyone!

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