Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bye-Bye April -- the last day to grab the free April Graphics

Good morning,

And so ends April, 2011. Today is the last day, and all graphics are UP ... so grab 'em now!

The creation above is made of 2 graphics offered today. There are 3 graphics, and actually a few more than 3. There are several gradients, the face border, and a flower frame.

We've had rain most of this month. It was pretty yesterday, so I was able to get out a walk with a co-worker during lunch and a break. It is her birthday today -- so Happy Birthday, Tiff! (Sorry, but this is your LAST year to celebrate your thirties!!! :) ) No need to worry. From personal experience, I can tell your the forties are wonderful still.

Hope everyone enjoyed April! And I hope you've picked up the graphics you want this month.

Tomorrow starts a brand new month!

Toodles ...
3 new free graphics each day

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